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Python is an open-source programming language that is used for various applications like data analytics, game development, language development for artificial intelligence, data visualisation, and many more. Python is also an adaptable language that is very efficient and powerful. 90% of the applications that use python are very successful. Big giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon use python to develop their websites and other applications. 

The trends in information technology have shown exponential growth in the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and web development. 

Python can be used for web development because of the following reasons

Python can be used for web development because of the following reasons:

1. Easy development and debugging

Python is one of the easiest programming languages and it is very convenient to use. For example, to print “hello world”, languages like C++ require complicated actions with multiple steps. We have to include the header file (iostream), the void function, and the output (cout) function. But with python, we can simply use the ‘print’ statement to get the output. Python is as simple as that. Since the size of the program is considerably reduced, it is easy to debug and modify. 

 2. Dynamically typed language

The term dynamically typed language indicates that python program codes are executed line by line. As compared to other statically typed languages like C, and C++, the spotting of errors is much easier in python. When there is an error in line 4, python will not execute the remaining lines and will stop at line 4. But in C, the entire code is run, and then a series of errors are thrown, thus making it difficult to spot the error and debug it. 

 3. Easy to access         

Python programs are available everywhere and it comes up with versatile frameworks that help in the easy development of web applications. It is also easy to build a prototype model (sample model) and then work on the actual model. Django is a popular python framework that allows web developers to skip the initial tedious steps of installation and platform tour, and skip directly to the actual development stage. 

1. Django

Django is a python based framework that is used to develop web applications and API fastly. It is one of the most common frameworks that is used as it is completely free and open source. It allows easy development of apps and other complex codes quickly. It was designed by experienced developers thus it is simple and fastest to use. It is also an extremely secure framework and developers can work on this with confidence and assurance. Do you know that over 12000 projects have been developed with the help of the Django framework!  

2. Grok

Grok is an open-source python-based framework developed by Zope Toolkits. It was designed to make things easier for new people stepping into the tech world. It also helps to develop an application quickly following the agile paradigm.

3. Flask

Flask is a microframework written in python as it does not require particular tools or libraries for its functionality. The main purpose of the creation of flask is to develop a strong web application base. Without a base, no website or web application works. Flask is used extensively in major companies like Pinterest and LinkedIn and it can also be for small companies as it is less complicated.

4. Web2py

Web2py has developed 14 years ago and licensed by GNU LGPLv3. Web2py is relatively popular as it is used extensively for creating forms. Creating forms for any website require complicated SQL and HTML codes. But by using Web2py, one can easily create forms as it provides a template upon which the user can build his form. It was originally designed to be a teaching tool and hence it is used only for simple applications.

5. Cherrypy

Cherrypy is an object-oriented python-based framework that is used to develop web pages. It is designed to be user-friendly and to work with any python supported module. This framework works by adapting the existing features of the HTTP protocol. But it is not used to build complicated pages as used by technical giant companies as it is a relatively smaller framework. Hence it can be used for low-level applications.  

In the early ’80s when the internet was born, there were relatively few websites developed as the computer was uncommon. But with the industrial revolution, technology has grown to a great extent that it is a must for every company that is existing to have its website portraying its services and success stories to reach out to many people, and eventually grow. One must adapt to the changing trends to stay in a good position in society.

1. Web assembly

Even after developing an application, it is mandatory to monitor that it performs well. If the application is full of glitches and errors, it will not be user-friendly and people will not revert to your company’s service and product. That’s where web assembly comes into the picture. The main objective of it is to enable high-performance applications on web pages and it aims to support all the languages (python, java, javascript, ruby, pearl, etc.) on all operating systems. In short, the code written in any language is converted into its corresponding byte code and then run on browsers, thus being very versatile and easy to use.

 2. Voice search for web apps and websites

Voice search is now predominantly available in Amazon (Alexa) and Google voice assistant. But every web application can develop its voice search for comfort and ease of usage. Even a visually challenged person can use voice search. Thus the development of voice search is very helpful and is trending currently. Instead of typing the content, we can simply use voice search to discover new things. This uses the speech recognition algorithm.

3. Single-page apps

Single page apps (SPA) are a new invention that occurred in web pages as it does not follow the traditional search, load, and result method. In a normal web page, when information is searched, it redirects you to another page, which when opened (loaded), displays results. In a SPA, the content is dynamically updated with the new content that comes from the web server. It is extremely user-friendly and provides an interactive user experience. Some of the most common examples of SPA include Gmail, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and PayPal. 

4. Cloud monitoring

Cloud monitoring is the complete checking process in any IT company. It involves observation, review, and then management of the entire workflow. On a website, cloud monitoring allows the tracking of several processes and also regulates traffic. We don’t want a website to crash just because a few thousand people are using it at once. This is prevented by cloud monitoring. Also, it is used for safety purposes. By regular monitoring, we can easily detect breaches/illegal access to the website, thus preventing cybercrime.

5. The user interface for motion design

Motion design UI is used to create smooth transitions and animations. With the development of smartphones, everything is changing. Right from the smooth transition, while sliding to other app pages to satisfactory animations, everything is user-friendly. In web development, the user interface is used to communicate a sequence or indicate the next step. For example, while using the website of any shopping site, we can simply scroll down and the various products will be displayed in sequence. While viewing a product, we can simply click the arrow to see the next image. While confirming the order, the further steps come immediately with a smooth transition. This is not possible without the help of motion design UI.


Python is the most commonly used language due to its simplicity, ease to debug, and open-source environment. It has been reported that in the year 2020, there were over 9 million python developers and the numbers are increasing to a great extent. Python supports several frameworks and those are extremely versatile. Even companies like Google, meta use python as their primary programming language. Python is used in a variety of applications like web development, data analysis and visualisation, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, IoT, and many more. Web development is on trend and there are several services offered by web development companies. There are several ways to develop a website by using python, some of which are cloud monitoring, motion sensing UI, web assembly, single-page apps, and web assembly.

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