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The world is gradually shifting towards digitalisation and it is becoming mandatory for any company to own a website. A website is a page that showcases the company’s products, services, achievements, contact details, and many more as you want to show. With skilled developers, website development is a blooming process and is very welcoming nowadays. It is also important to choose a good web development companies that caters to all your needs. The websites must look professional, clean, and crisp.

Website development is the mother of all digital marketing strategies hence the website must be user-friendly, even for a person with zero technical knowledge. The websites should also be mobile-friendly, as many people use smartphones. It would be an added advantage if the website offers multi-linguist. Google is extremely popular everywhere because it offers all the languages, right from international to local. It is expected to have interactive content so that the users can have a hassle-free experience.

4 Major Processes Of Website Development

1. Knowing the client’s requirements

This one, though sounds cliche, is one of the most important steps that a web development company does before committing a project. The company knows the clients’ needs and might even suggest changes that might help to grow the business. Every client is unique, so is their requirement. The web development company ensures that it listens to the client perfectly and also clarifies the queries if any.

2.  Ideate

Having heard from the client, it is important to ideate and plan accordingly. The client’s suggestions, along with the technical expertise must be visualised and planned. Do you know, crafting a plan comprises 60% of the entire work?

3. Design

After planning, it is necessary to implement the plan as a working model. The rough draft of the website must be designed and sent back to the client. After which, the company should incorporate changes as demanded by the client. Ideally, the company must be working on the website, until the clients are satisfied because, for every business, people are important.

4. Validation and Launch

After the development of the actual website, it must be tested under various systems. The website must work perfectly irrespective of the operating system (windows or apple) and must also look appealing while viewed on smaller screens like tabs and smartphones. The website must also give a quick right response, if not, it is deemed to be designed again. After the final development, the website can be launched.

Several solutions can be provided by a website development company, based on the client’s demands. A good website can change your business as it presents the business to the people in the most pleasing, appealing way. Can you imagine a life without Wikipedia? Or can you imagine a life without google? No. These are some of the trademark websites that have changed our lives. Even though it is difficult to compete with these giants, it is not impossible to have a website that competes with the business competitors to provide an edge.

Let us now look into the various services that are usually offered by website development companies…

1. E-commerce applications

Even before the pandemic, online shopping was welcomed by a majority of people. People found shopping online easy because they needn’t stand/walk while shopping all day. It saves lots of energy. Also while shopping online, we get to look into various brands. We are not limited by a single brand, as in stores. There are lots of choices offered.

But with the pandemic, everything changed! People are now preferring online shopping for safety purposes. With the availability of various payment methods, online shopping is extremely user-friendly. Due to this shift towards e-commerce, companies are looking forward to making their websites stand out by providing ease of usage and a variety of options.

A good e-commerce website is always evolving and the changes are made periodically and the updates are provided to give a better user experience. The websites can be developed from scratch or if the business already has a website, then the web development company can work on the existing model to incorporate new features like cloud integration, ERP management, etc.

2.Content management systems (CMS)

To grow a business, there is a lot of marketing required, which implies there is a lot of content to be written in the form of blogs, social media posts, carousel, polls, and many more. All this content needs to be managed in a clear single space as we don’t want to look into unorganised content that is flooded everywhere over the website.

This is where the content management system (CMS) service comes into the picture. Though there are standard services like WordPress, personalised CMS is much preferred as every business likes their content to be organised differently. No two companies can show the same type of content.
Companies opt for CMS to increase the website speed, get updated to new technologies, and also manage the maintenance costs. Having a proper CMS means making proper utilisation of the content!

3.Full-stack development

Full-stack development technically means the development of the websites on both the client’s side (front end) and the server-side (back end). The responsibilities of a full-stack developer are to develop and debug the front end, back end, and database using advanced programming and technologies.

Full-stack development is used by businesses that require full-cycle management, that is, to estimate, plan, deliver, analyse and optimise. It can be used irrespective of the size of the business but it is more profitable for a well-established/developing business. Stack here pimples the various technologies that can be developed, which are of the following five types: Mean stack, Mern stack, Django stack, Rails stack, and Lamp stack. Each type of stack uses a different programming language for development.

4.Support and maintenance system for websites

It has become mandatory for any website to be monitored to prevent cyber attacks. Any website can come up with a glitch at any point. Hence it is also essential that there exists a maintenance system that might look into the errors and rectify them immediately. This can be done in three stages: monitoring, remediation, and management.

While developing a website, the web development company provides these services. With continuous monitoring, any catastrophic error can be avoided and the intensity could be reduced. In the remediation stage, senior managers or other technically strong people look into the model and work on it, in case of any issues. In the management stage, the whole process of website development is managed here. No work is marked complete without feedback from the client. This team works daily to provide better management of the websites and web apps.

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5. Web application development

Even though many people think websites and web apps are the same, they are not. Web apps are applications that run directly on the internet without the need for a download. Most of the clients require web apps only as they are more friendly and the requirements of the clients can be easily incorporated into them. They are typically designed to integrate the features of websites and mobile apps. Mobile apps are specific to android or apple, and the websites are static (incorporating instant changes can be difficult), web apps are designed to utilise the advantage of both these. Web apps are extremely dynamic and the suggestion changes instantly based on the current search. For example, while watching movies on Amazon Prime, the next suggestion will be based on the movie that you have previously watched. This is a classic example of web apps. They sound fun, don’t they?

The closure words

Web development is essential for every business and there are numerous factors to be considered while choosing a company for developing the website for your business. The web that is developed must be easy to use, and versatile. The needs of the clients must be well catered to.

There are four major processes while developing a website, which are, knowing the requirements of the clients, ideating, designing, validating, and launching. Based on the needs of the business, there can be a variety of services offered by a web development company. The most popular ones are the development of e-commerce websites and full-stack development.

Any business that requires an end to end management, can opt for full-stack development. Content management systems can be used to organise the different content on a single website page. In case of any glitches or technical errors, there is a dedicated team that works on the support and maintenance of the website.

With the evolving world, there is a new development called web apps, which combines the merits of both websites and mobile applications. Most of the time, a client may prefer a web app over a conventional website.

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