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Hiring an e-commerce marketing agency is the best decision you can ever make as a business owner. However, choosing the right agency to bring results takes time and effort. 

It takes enormous investment and commitment to go for a marketing agency. Every e-commerce agency in the market does an impressive job of keeping its promises and helping your business increase revenue and sales. 

So, how do you pick the best e-commerce marketing agency for your business?

You need to understand what you’re looking for; otherwise, you might invest in the wrong agency and bear heavy losses. 

Hence, we have ten tips that can make selecting the best e-commerce marketing agency easy and stress-free for you. Today’s article will show you exactly what to look for and how to be calculative to pick an agency that delivers the best outcome.

By the end of this article, you’ll get a better idea of determining whether a marketing agency is for you or not with the potential and ability to bring you long-term success for your business and brand. 

1. Analyse their skills

Marketing is a skill-based job, and e-commerce marketing requires specific technical skills to get things done effectively.

The e-commerce marketing agency must have a good knowledge of the platform that you operate in. They must understand how to run campaigns and backend integrations and be capable of handling the good and bad days in a business. 

Hence, checking if they have experience working with e-commerce brands is essential. The more familiar they are with your platform, the better they can exploit newer marketing opportunities. 

Also, check if they have teams to help you create a better user experience for your customers and website visitors. 

2. Past work and testimonials

Asking for a marketing agency’s past work samples, results they got for previous clients, and client testimonials are non-negotiable before settling for them. 

An e-commerce marketing agency must have a past-work portfolio to showcase its previous work with e-commerce clients. It would be better if they displayed the portfolio and testimonials on the home page of their website—it shows that they aren’t hiding or lying about their claims.

This way, you can quickly look at their past work and make an informed decision based on your preferences and marketing requirements. Look for their technical skills, creative skills, customer support reviews, and recent successful projects. Make sure you ask away as many questions as you want before signing up for a marketing agency. 

A well-experienced agency will understand your need and end goal and deliver an effective marketing service. 

3. Determine your goal

It is the third tip but the most crucial one on this list. This primary factor will help you determine the best marketing agency for your business. 

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Be it any agency; you need to know your end goal clearly, even before reaching out to them with your marketing needs. It is essential to know your WHY before hiring a marketing agency. 

A clear understanding of whether you’re looking to achieve a short-term or long-term goal will help you pick a better e-commerce marketing agency.

Please go through the agency’s website and distinguish how their services can help you attain your goal. Do they provide the specific service that you’re looking for? Can they meet your end goal (long-term or short-term goal)? 

Asking yourself or the agency these questions can help you better understand what you’re getting into. 

4. Affordability

Another essential factor to consider is checking affordability. Determine beforehand whether or not your business can afford an e-commerce marketing agency. Scroll through their pricing page or ask them personally about their pricing method. 

Make a firm decision if you’re ready to spend the money it takes to hire a marketing agency. And, if you need more money to hire an agency, go through other options and choose the one that fits your budget. 

Determine if you have the budget to invest a certain amount and wait for results after that. Are you ready to onboard an agency to work with? If yes, do you have the patience to invest money and wait for the promised results?

5. What’s your industry and niche?

Figure out your niche and industry—whether you’re operating in a small niche or fighting against some huge e-commerce industries.

This question will help you find an agency that can use a specific marketing approach for your niche and industry. A small e-commerce niche requires a different marketing approach than an established big e-commerce business. 

The perfect example is SEO practices. 

If you’re a small niche, then it is easy for an agency to rank you or your content on the first page of Google by choosing specific long-tail keywords. Similar practices can help your website rank better and stand out. 

However, something other than this practice might work for a competitive keyword or a large e-commerce industry. A good agency can help you with tips to rank your website better and gain a competitive advantage in your niche and industry. 

If you’re in the e-commerce business, you must be aware that e-commerce follows trends in marketing, technology, social media, etc. 

Hence, it is vital to choose an e-commerce marketing agency that is updated with all the current e-commerce trends and knows how to follow them.

Here are two e-commerce marketing trends that are in these days:

6.1. 3D technology: 

Before going ahead with an e-commerce agency, ask if they can help you with advanced technology like 3D imagery and help you gain a competitive advantage. Today, online shopping is more about providing the best user experience to your users or visitors. Consider this factor if you’re into selling furniture or any such high-end item. 

6.2. Single product stores: 

If you want to rule in your e-commerce niche, then setting up a single product store is the one for you. You can create a successful global business with one product rather than focusing on 100 different products. Therefore, if you’re a single-product business or willing to start one, go for agencies specialising in marketing single-product stores. 

7. Social media marketing 

Many e-commerce businesses choose to be on social media and be successful rather than on social media if they have good brand recognition.

Small businesses and brands leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to build brand awareness and recognition. Whereas brands like Apple, Puma, and Nike don’t usually need much effort as they are already renowned in their niches. 

However, it is advisable to be active on social media platforms as 87% of online shoppers make their purchase decision based on the social media presence & activity of a brand. 

Social media is a great organic and accessible way of marketing your products. Plus, create a buzz by adding creativity to your videos and images. 

Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a marketing agency that’s familiar with the latest social media trends, strategy, and what works and doesn’t work on media and can help grow your brand awareness.

8. Client success stories & case studies 

It is inevitably the most crucial factor to consider while picking the right agency. 

After all, what’s more, powerful than a solid client success case study, right?

The best marketing agency will undoubtedly have a strong track record of helping brands achieve success and profit with their marketing strategies alone. That’s what you must look for primarily in an e-commerce marketing agency. 

Any agency you choose must have the experience and results to back up its claims before you invest your valuable time and resources. You have the exclusive right to ask for a previous case study that proves the agency’s claims are correct. 

Look for successful long-term results they bought for their clients rather than one or two extraordinary ones.

Analyse the case studies and ask questions about how they can help you achieve the same, what strategies they would use for your business, how they would execute the entire process, what tools and software they use to bring results, and so on. 

9. Innovation

A good e-commerce marketing agency will continuously try to use the best technology and ideas to support your business. They must use their best practices and creative side to bring innovative results for you. 

A marketing agency should help your business stand out from the rest with its tools and tried-and-tested methods. If you are looking for help with creative work for your business, look for an agency with experience in this field. 

10. References 

The last but best way of finding an e-commerce marketing agency is through referrals. You can ask your past clients or business buddies to recommend an agency that best fits your business.

It will save you from all the work and allow you to make a quick decision without going through the entire process. 

After taking note of all the above ten tips, it’s time to implement them and find the marketing agency for your business. Make sure you are confident and believe that the marketing agency you chose can help you accomplish your goals. 

Bring these tips into action, do your research, compare the available options and ensure that you find an agency that will help you take your business to another level. 


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