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What is E-commerce?

You know you need to buy a lot of things for your birthday, but you don’t have the time to travel to a shopping mall. Your E-commerce business shopping website is the only thing that can save you at that point. It is a lifesaver again when your guests come over for dinner, and you don’t have any food. Your order and you get it on time. There are so many places we order clothes and food now that we order them from Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Jabong, Flipkart, or any other site. We order groceries from Reliance Smart and food from Zomato, Swiggy, or Food Panda.

E-commerce is a business where everything is done through the internet. Because Digital Marketing is the only thing that can help an E-commerce business grow, it comes into the picture. This is why. The rapid growth of smartphones and the internet makes it easy to sell and buy goods.

Why is Digital Marketing Essential for an E-commerce Business?

E-commerce uses digital marketing to make a lot of money because it helps businesses get new customers and build their brands. Content and word of mouth aren’t enough for people who buy things anymore. They make sure to read reviews about a product on every site where it’s available. According to a recent study, 37 million social media visits led to about 529,000 orders. Facebook is one of the best ways to get more people to visit your website, which leads to more sales. On average, about 85% of all orders come from Facebook.

E-commerce website for my business are having difficulty getting customers’ attention because they get distracted so quickly. This is where digital marketing comes in and helps them get through those kinds of problems. Digital marketing is all about using the proper marketing channels for E-commerce businesses to make it easier.

Best digital marketing practices for my ecommerce business

It is hard for e-commerce sites, even though we live in a time where everything is done through the internet. Competition is fierce because there are so many places to buy things. It’s not like going to the mall. Many people can now check prices and compare your products with those of other businesses quickly, thanks to Google. Before they even get to your site, people can decide what they want to buy. With a vast digital world growing every day, few digital marketing practices can help you get a piece of the $2.8 trillion in online sales that happen each year for your ecommerce business.

1) Boost Product Visualisation

There is a lot of information out there that people now think they should be able to get at any point in time. Not only that, but they’ve become a lot more visual. Using great product visualisation lets you quickly and easily show off your products so people can look at the details without reading about them.

It’s essential to use tools that let people zoom in on your product, spin the thing around, and get more information when they roll their mouse over it. If 3D technology is available, use it to make people more excited about shopping and have a better experience. 

2) Add a video to your account

As long as you have something to show off, show it in action. Not every product needs a video. Video gives people more confidence when they buy things, according to HubSpot. If you can show how well your product slices and dice, people will be able to figure out what it does and why it’s essential.

3) Use Artificial Intelligence to help you (AI)

AI can make a big difference in your e-commerce sales. It can gather information and predict how a customer will act based on their past behaviour. Metrics like conversion rates, bounce rates, and engagement rates can help you determine how well your site works and how people use it.

You can use data to figure out how to make your site better and get more people to convert and stay. When your customers have a good time, they are more likely to come back, recommend your products, and write good reviews.

Algorithms figure out what products people who have been to your site before might want to buy, making it easier to shop. Products are shown at the front and centre. AI can also help you improve your back-end logistics so that your customers have a good experience from the time they buy something to when they get it.

4) Cutting-Edge Product Filtering

The more products you have, the more advanced product filtering you need to do. Your inventory plan is too complicated for anyone to understand, so they don’t have the time to look through your site and search for things based on that. It’s not enough for you to let them go shopping on their terms and quickly find what they need. 

As a result of the fact that 42% of major e-commerce sites don’t use advanced filtering. You could benefit by having the kind of site that makes it easy for customers to find what they need. There are more things you can do to make it easier to shop.

5) Automate with Chatbots

If this is AI, then it needs its plan. First, chatbots may be the person who makes or breaks your customer experience. Shopping is easier when you can answer questions right now, making it more accessible. You can solve problems right away, so they can go to the shopping cart. These bots make it easy to talk to customers in a very human way and, in turn, give them a personalised experience that can significantly impact whether they buy something.

Chatbots aren’t just excellent customer service reps. They can also help you learn new things. They can also be excellent salespeople, and they can help people. They offer up-selling options right away, letting people know when a discount or deal is out there. Some chatbots know a thing or two about inventory, and they can keep an eye on the best-selling items so that you never run out of stock.

6) Flexible Delivery

A great way to make people abandon their carts is to limit the delivery options. Forty-five percent of people who buy things online have left their coaches because the delivery options don’t work for them. People want to pay and know that their items will arrive quickly. They might also want to know that if they don’t need their order right away, they can pay less for delivery if they wish to.

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In other words, this doesn’t mean you have to join the drone delivery trend. It just means that you need to think about how you can make speed and efficiency your top priorities while also keeping the price in mind.

7) Reduce Cart Abandonment

There is a good chance that a customer will abandon their cart when they get to check out, and the delivery options don’t work out for them. More than 69% of the time, this is because of extra costs like shipping. Other reasons for people to leave the site were complicated checkout processes, setting up an account, and slow loading and crashes.

One of the best ways to deal with people abandoning their shopping carts is to set up an email recovery strategy. When someone leaves a shopping cart, you can send a series of emails to get them to finish their purchases. According to the Sales Cycle, close to half of the emails are opened, and almost one-third end in a sale.

8) Personalise, Personalise, Personalise

Value is made when you think about what people will want. In a world where AI can make everything easier, personalisation is essential. By getting to know your customers, you can better predict what they want and where. All of this information makes it easier for them to shop.

Many personalisations should be made to make people feel at home. This is also a way to improve delivery based on where your customers are and how close they are to your warehouses, which can help you. Personalisation and localisation can also help you make the most of the different seasons. You can show customers in the south one set of items and those in the north a better group for their current weather.

9) Use Re-targeting

Any e-commerce site needs to use re-targeting. It lets you keep an eye on customers when they’re online and let them know about your products and services, so you can keep them interested. During their visit, you can show them what they’re missing with a link to where they can finish their order.

10) Make the Checkout process better

People get frustrated when they have to go through many steps to buy something. How many steps and pages do you need to get someone to pay? Making you check out simple will reduce cart abandonment because it will be easier for your customers to do business with you. As long as you can do it all on one page, that’s great for your customers when they’re shopping! People should be able to go back if they change their minds or make a mistake, making it easier for them. Having a prominent progress bar will help.

11) Encourage Social Purchases

Finally, use social media to make people want to buy things. Instead of getting people to go to your site, let them buy your products from their feeds. On Facebook and Instagram, you can use this option.


E-commerce marketing strategies are essential for getting more people to your site and making more sales. To get more of that hard-to-get market share, use these 11 tips. With the established importance of digital marketing for your e-commerce business, finding a perfect digital marketing company is one of the other important aspects to consider. 

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