What are the Services Offered by the Best Content Marketing Platforms?

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Content marketing is on-trend because of the different attractive features to grow your business. Content marketing services are marketing services that offer various forms of content marketing to the audience. It involves creating content and promoting it through various strategies.

Without content, people will not know about your business, and hence content marketing is a critical stage to any business to ensure that their products and services reach the public. Content marketing is an effective method to make your brand more credible by creating brand awareness. By visualising, the audience will understand your business, eventually trusting it. This marketing technique proves to be 75% more effective than the traditional methods, and the efforts are comparatively less.

Can you imagine when people used to print notices and distribute them to the masses to gain leads? But now, times have changed! Everyone is smart enough to use computers and digitalisation to grow their business and generate more leads. The costs and the effort are reduced, and the reach is more! Even though several platforms offer content marketing services, some features are common to almost all. Listed below are some of the features of content marketing.

1. Business understanding

No matter what be the expertise of the content marketing firm, they need a thorough understanding of your business to provide you with the desired service. They must understand your business and suggest a suitable form of content marketing. They must understand your needs and plan accordingly. Some businesses might require full-stack development, whereas some might suffice with search engine optimisation.

 2. Strategic research

After gaining deep insight into your business, the next step would be to perform strategic research to obtain the desired results. For any content, keywords are crucial; hence there must be proper keyword research so that your content can reach many people.

While researching keywords, several parameters are considered, like search volume, cost per click, and user intent. Search volume refers to the number of times a keyword is searched per month. For example, if the word ‘cryptocurrency’ is searched by 5000 people in a month, that 5000 is called the search volume.

Cost per click is a proven method that drives traffic to your website. Before creating content, it must be among the topics that get more cost per click; in that way, you can make your business popular easily. User intent is also an essential parameter that one must consider while researching. There is no point in working on topics that are not preferred/liked by many.

3. Content creation

Once the research is performed, the next step is to create the content. Based on the requirements of your business, content marketing firms can produce the content in one or many ways. Content creation can be in many forms like blogs, videos, infographics, articles, carousels, and many more. A dedicated team will work on the content creation and graphics. After drafting the content, they might reach you to check those to ensure that the topics are within the standards of your needs.

4. Optimisation of the content

No content is marked complete without proofreading and editing. Dedicated editors work on the content to ensure that the content is error-free and optimised based on the SEO standards. An excellent optimised content will score well with the audience and rank well in the search engine results, both ways generating more leads. It is also essential to put suitable captions and tags for social media posts to reach more people.

5. Promotion of the content

No content is known to the people as such. There must be a promotion of the content so that people can be aware of the existing content. To reach many people, content promotion is vital, and you can promote by using social media like Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and sometimes even Gmail! As the content reaches more people, the traffic will be driven towards your business! There can also be some paid promotions like pay per click or promotions with the help of influencers and celebrities.

Now that we are familiar with the process and features of content marketing, let us look at the services that a content marketing platform offers. Based on the needs of your business, you can choose the ones that best suit yours.

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Both SEO and SEM are techniques that aim to rank your website better so that it stays on top of the search results. Top results mean more views, hence more leads!

SEO and SEM, though they sound similar, they are not the same! SEO focuses on website optimisation using organic search results, whereas SEM aims to optimise the website using organic and paid results.

2. Social media marketing

With over 65% of the world’s population using social media, marketing in social media is one of the best ways to reach more people and improve branding. With quality content promoted, your business can also gain people’s trust, thus improving your business’s credit score. Social media marketing is also beneficial in other ways. For example, most media platforms pay you for your content after reaching a certain number of followers. That’s a twin advantage!

3. Paid partnerships

Though paid partnership sounds a bit expensive, it can be a better way to promote your business. Most of the content marketing platforms offer you this fantastic feature. Many brands have gained popularity and reach through this method. You can do the partnership with individuals with many followers, or the partnership can do it with other business firms! You must pay the individual or business firm so that they can promote your content on their web page or social media, thus opening up your business to their people/ leads.

4. Emails, Blogs, Infographics and designs

No content marketing firm can complete the marketing process without the actual content. The content, which is the heart of any service/ product marketing, can be created and promoted in several ways. The classic example of content creation is the blog. Blogs are detailed pieces of content that provide the reader with all sorts of information like the details of different products that your business sells and much other informative stuff. It has been estimated that over 60% of internet users read blogs!

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Emails are generally underrated marketing methods. Email marketing is super beneficial to freshers as it is cheap and still reaches more people. The graphics are equally important as the content as it conveys the message immediately through attractive forms like animation or other pretty designs. Everyone likes reading straightforward, precise content instead of monotonous texts. That’s what an infographic provides! The complicated statistics are presented in graphs or charts, which makes the information much more understandable and appealing to the users.

5. Integrated marketing

Integrated marketing, as the name implies, is a method that integrates or combines all the marketing techniques, and your content marketing platform/ firm can offer this as well! It is no wonder that varied forms of content are appreciated over the single usual form.

For example, if you post the same type of post on your social media, it is less likely to be revisited because people assume that your scope is limited. But if you post various topics in various forms, people will find your account attractive and tend to be hooked up with it for a more extended period. Hence you must use all the marketing techniques and bring out the best for your business. For example, you might write a blog and promote it through social media posts and videos. That is what integrated marketing is all about.


Content marketing is essential for every business as it improves branding and credibility, thus building a solid relationship with the customer. It also helps increase reachability and discovery (using SEO standardisations). It also helps to generate more leads by diverting the traffic towards your business.

The basic idea behind any content marketing service is to understand your business, perform strategic research, create content, and promote optimised content.

Content marketing platforms can offer several services like search engine optimisation and search engine marketing, social media marketing, paid partnerships, various content creation, and integrated marketing techniques. Choose the one that suits your business needs. Happy expanding!

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