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Types Of Content Marketing - 5 Types Explained


Key Takeaways

Diverse Content Formats are Essential: Embracing a variety of content types, especially videos and AI-enhanced content, is crucial for engaging different audience segments and enhancing SEO efforts.

Personalization is Key: Leveraging data to create personalized content, particularly in video marketing, can significantly improve engagement, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates.

Integration of AI and Human Expertise: Successfully combining AI technology with human creativity and SEO insights is becoming increasingly important in content creation. This blend not only optimizes content for search engines but also ensures it resonates well with the target audience, maintaining authenticity and enhancing overall content quality.

Personalized Video Content: Personalized videos, tailored based on customer data, have emerged as a powerful marketing tool, offering a highly customized approach to engage audiences. Brands like Nike have created over 100,000 personalized animated videos for their members, demonstrating the effectiveness of personalized content in enhancing customer satisfaction and sales​.

Content marketing is one of the most common and popular types of marketing that is used in recent times. It involves creation of blogs, articles, videos, newscasts, posts, reels and usage of all other features of media in order to engage with the potential lead, who is the customer. All these when done in the right way, brings in more branding to the company and thus proving it to be an expert in the field.

The objective of any marketing technique is to interact with people. In order to achieve the best out of content marketing. The quality of content is as important as the number of times a particular blog or post is put up in social media or your business portal.

Creation of all attractive posters and blogs will serve as the right way to engage with your customers, thus generating leads. Also ensure that your title has the right keyword, so that it becomes easier for anyone to find your business activity. It is observed that a company with strategic content marketing has 46% more leads than a conventional company.

There are several varieties of content marketing available in the technical developing world. It is always better to post a variety of content than the same type of content. If you are someone who always posts images about your business, try to include some videos with animations as people have more liking towards short animated videos.

Types Of Content for Content Marketing

Let us now look at the several types of content marketing in order to achieve leads:

1. Blogs

The classical form of content marketing is the creation of blogs. Blogs are generally pieces of detailed information put up on the website that can be easily accessed by the keywords. These are generally put up in the reverse order, that is, the most recent blog stays at the top. This ensures that the customers are always updated with the recent trends happening in your business.

Blogs generally range from 1200 to 1500 words in length. Although there are longer forms of blogs, which lasts about 3000 words, it is better to stick with the conventional length blog. It also acts as a very good reader engagement platform as most of the blogs have an option of liking and commenting. It gives detailed information about your business, thus achieving the trust of the people, which is extremely important for the long run of the business.

It is also important for the people to know the other business that you have worked with. This makes them gain trust in your brand. For example, if your business has worked with amazon to distribute products, let potential customers know what the existing customers think about your product by highlighting their reviews and experiences.

2. Videos

With the growth of Youtube and Instagram reels, watching videos is one of the favourite activities of people. Though the process of creating videos can involve lots of work like searching for the ideal content, capturing it in the perfect manner, good editing and good quality, the results of this hard work is extremely fulfilling.

The average number of people who watch videos on Youtube is generally in the range of 6000- 10,000 per minute! The number of views a reel gets is around 100,000! Imagine at least 50% of them to be your potential customers, the growth of the company will be exponentially rising.

If you own a food business and you are looking for your business to reach more people, capture a video of yourself cooking any of your specialities. This will have dual advantages. First one, consumers can know what is happening inside and if they find it safe and satisfying, they are more likely to trust your brand and order yours. Second, they might share it to their friends and families, thus allowing you to have more customers and better growth in business.

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3. Memes

We all love memes, they are short and funny. This is the way through which your potential customers can relate with your business. Post all the ups and downs, post how you missed a target, post how realistic your business is rather than the idealist qualities. People love content through which they can relate. The fact that everyone makes errors thus rules out the ideal things is captured in memes often and in an interesting manner. So go ahead and put up some realistic relatable memes.

Memes can be developed by combining images with either simple images or some advanced techniques like GIF. Many well established companies produce memes about their products in order to create a buzz or hype for their product. You know a product is famous when it appears in memes. So why not use the reverse technique of using memes to reach out to more audience? Fascinating right!

It can act as a great way to engage with even a person with no knowledge of business.  Memes might require slightly more thinking and creative hands but the engagement with the audience using memes will be great enough to make you forget the hard drilling of your mind!

4. Infographic

The name infographic is a combination of two words, information and graphics. So it is presenting a piece of information or knowledge about any stuff by means of visual representations like animations, graphs, art, character sketches. It can also include bar graphs, pie charts, scatter art to simplify the statistical data of the business.

It provides easy visualisation and is also extremely time efficient as people prefer graphics over long texts. The main objective of this is to attract the customers attention by colourful images and catchy word art, so that they can have a visual treat of what your business is actually about and what are the services and products that are offered by you to them. It can be a great way to explain a big process which can be quite boring when viewed as text but infographics make it interesting and understandable.

If you have launched a new product and you want the audience to know about it, use colourful eye-catching images that hook up the attention of the audience thus enabling you to make the explanation part easier.

It is revealed that infographics like images or animations or graphs are five times more likely to be shared! So create beautiful templates to grow your leads. According to a leading market journal, an infograph is 30 times more likely to be read completely when compared to a plain text. Let’s be honest, we don’t appreciate long texts!

5. Polls and surveys

It is very important to keep the business growing and in order to achieve greater heights , you must know what people actually think about your business product and services. One of the easiest ways to interact with the existing customers is by using polls. You can add up several features of your products and let people choose which feature they like the most.

For example, if you are a shampoo producing industry, add the specialities of your product like frizz free hair, voluminous, softness. Let your customer choose what they like. In this way, you can get to know what they like and also they can know the explicit features of your product. Polls are quick and easy.

Surveys also involve knowing the opinions of the customer but in an elaborate way. The poll cannot really find a target audience because everyone loves to click around! In order to control the audience and let the opinions of only your target group matter, we go for surveys. Even though a typical survey takes longer than a poll, it is considered much more valuable than a poll because of its selective audience.

Final Words

Content marketing is the most efficient marketing strategy that is used by the majority of companies to broadcast their products and services. What really matters is how well you are using the available platform to reach out to the audience. There are several methods through which one can reach out to the public. The traditional approach is by using a blog which gives detailed approaches and answers.

A quick approach is to use videos and infographics which will give your business a classy, modern and quick look. To ensure that the communication is dual way, know the opinion of the customers by using polls or surveys. All these techniques when done with a proper statistical approach can ensure great lead generation. Happy marketing!


Q1: What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. It includes various formats like blogs, videos, infographics, and more to educate, entertain, or inspire the audience with the goal of fostering loyalty and engagement.

Q2: What are the five types of content marketing?

The five primary types of content marketing are:
Blog Posts: Written articles that provide value through education, entertainment, or inspiration to your audience.
Videos: Engaging and dynamic content that can explain complex topics or showcase product demos.
Infographics: Visual content that simplifies complex information into an easily understandable format.
Podcasts: Audio content that offers in-depth discussions on various topics for an on-the-go audience.
Social Media Posts: Content tailored for social platforms to engage directly with the audience through short-form posts, stories, and interactive elements.

Video content is gaining popularity due to its ability to engage users through dynamic storytelling and compelling visuals, catering to an audience that prefers visual learning. Platforms like YouTube, with over 2.6 billion monthly users, highlight the vast reach and potential impact of video content

Q4: How can AI be used in content marketing?

AI can enhance content marketing efforts by generating content ideas, optimizing content for SEO, personalizing user experiences, and analyzing content performance. It helps bridge the gap between content creation and content optimization, ensuring content is relevant and effective​

Q5: What are personalized video messages, and why are they effective?

Personalized video messages are custom videos created based on customer data, such as preferences, purchase history, or engagement history, providing a unique and tailored viewing experience. They are effective because they directly address the viewer’s interests or needs, increasing engagement and customer satisfaction​

Q6: How do podcasts fit into a content marketing strategy?

Podcasts fit into content marketing strategies as a medium to reach audiences who prefer audio content, especially when on the go. They allow brands to build deeper connections with their audience by sharing expert insights, stories, and discussions that demonstrate thought leadership and industry expertise.

Q7: What role does social media play in content marketing?

Social media plays a crucial role in content marketing by providing platforms for direct interaction and engagement with the audience. It enables brands to share diverse content types, from original posts to repurposed videos and blogs, facilitating a two-way conversation and building a community around the brand​.

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