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Any business or start-up often recruits independent employees to assist them by performing services in the former’s area of specialisation. These individuals are referred to as “Freelancers.” Many IT/Software or other companies engage these freelancers for a variety of positions, such as content writers, web designers, web developers, social media consultants, and many others. In the following blog, we shall discover how beneficial/disadvantageous it is to hire freelance web developer for your upcoming web development project. But before jumping to the pros and cons list, here a brief about web development. 

What is web development?

It is the art of building websites that align with the goals, the purpose and the services/products/ brand of your organisation. When it comes to creating a new web design or toning the existing webpage, there are crucial stages involved: Web designing, server and client-specific coding, content writing and scripting that demand utmost commitment. 

Therefore, we understand the inevitable concerns you would have for the success of your next project. Website design can be a financial investment for a businessman. It has the potential to support corporate growth and create more money over time. We literally know that your revenue and sales yields are at stake!!!! 

However, we can turn the tables. Yes. That’s correct. 

Start by selecting the best candidates for the position. Although it may seem elementary, this is actually quite complicated. It’s never clear whether to rely on in-house employees or independent contractors/freelancers. It is crucial to consider project specifications, timeline, ability to meet needs, and many other factors in order to make an informed and wise decision. To smartly avoid making a poor decision, it is always wise to pen down the pitfalls and perks of both choices and then make your choice. 

In-house designers and Freelance web developers 

There are numerous design agencies which provide business entrepreneurs with a specialised team who mainly are a group of competent designers with years of expertise creating websites for well-known companies. Consequently, they have practical expertise in project management, web design, etc. Although it is practically impossible for one person to possess all kinds of skills and be an expert in every single process involved in the designing of a webpage, these agencies try their best to cover these nut holes. 


A web design company has a network of web developers who have expertise in various fields associated with building a website for your company, be it SEO optimisers, project managers or web designers. It is an all-in-one place where your IT firms can seek all the necessary services from specialists and professionals. They engage with diverse clients who employ scrum framework and cutting-edge technologies to provide clients with high-quality, personalised solutions.

Additionally, these agencies aid in sustaining the safety and security of your website as an outcome of providing dedicated server-based website hosting services. Besides, a web development business would support your website, take care of any bugs, and handle any modifications. As a result, not only the development but also any supplementary issues are handled. Moreover, high degrees of professionalism, efficient operation, and fluid management are displayed by web design firms. All these factors contribute towards a long time deal with the design firms and also entail reliability. 

However, there are various risk factors too associated while dealing with a web designing business. At times, these firms exploit their clients by quoting higher money packages. You can never have personal connections with the professionals at a web design company due to its hierarchical setup. You cannot thus ignore the cons while looking at the pros of collaborating with a web design agency. 


On the one front, these entities are successful, but on the other, there is a growing need for working remotely or off-site. Nearly half of the population is considering a career in freelancing. These freelance designers are frequently hired by tech companies. 

Why do these software developers prefer recruiting freelance web developers? 

Well, this might be a result of various facts.


Hiring freelancers is budget-friendly. When it’s about web designing organisations, they have to close the deals with huge amounts of money. But with freelancers, it’s always reasonable. Since independent web designers typically set their own pricing on an hourly or daily basis, they are amenable to negotiation.


A freelancer typically works independently. That is, he can work whenever it is needed. If a client and a developer are in different time zones, the schedule’s flexibility is a nice perk.


Freelancers can be expected to bring innovation to the table, something that is unique, and different from the ideas of on-site developers. Freelancers are able to just provide you with specialised expertise because they each work independently.

Every coin has two sides, and a freelancer’s work is no different. The issue of whether the merits of freelancing outweigh the downsides still has to be addressed. For tasks as important as creating a website, I reckon a panel of professionals across many web design disciplines is more desirable. 

Why Freelancers Cannot Be Your Best Choice?

1. Less commitment 

Freelancers are independent, as we previously stated. They are not in obligation to you or your company. They are free to choose which projects to work on, and there may be a lot of them going on at once. You can never predict when a freelancer will decide to part ways. Of course, using a freelancer will cost you less money. But consider how much you would lose if your developer abruptly vanished.

2. Inferior Quality Product 

Freelancers are more concerned with their personal career and financial gain than with yours. This is why some of these pros try to complete your work as quickly as possible without giving appropriate thought to such a vital component as quality.

3. Not authorised for web support 

Another critical issue is that once the website is up and running, the freelancer will just vanish. Furthermore, you may need to contact them again if new issues or support requests arise. Unlike the experts from a web design company who would provide after web design support, you cannot seek it from a freelancer. You may be left hanging just like that. 

4. Lack of Supervision 

You are unable to fully supervise their work or guarantee that an individual is currently working on your assignments. Additionally, independent coders might struggle with time management and organisation. Managing such employees is therefore unusual and dangerous. 

5. Deprived of self discipline 

You cannot go on bossing around a freelancer. They are their own boss. They are not like you office employees who are obligated towards their manager, meet deadlines and have a fixed working schedule. In this sense, they might lack self discipline. Simply put, It’s risky business; Communication breakdown, mistrust, and general chaos are always possible.

6. Finite Design Capabilities

Working with a professional freelancer has the significant disadvantage of confining all skills to a specific skill set or attitude. The construction and design of a website necessitates effective competence and proficiency, as well as a diverse set of skills. A web design and development project entails numerous actions. One web designer cannot be an expert in project management, web development, web strategy, or user experience design. This implies that different freelance workers are needed by firms for diverse skills.

7. Management Issues 

Managing a freelancer is quite a complicated task. Lack of effective communication and bonding are major contributors towards misconduct and mismanagement. 

8. Risks of leaking sensitive information 

After all, they are not the employees of your company. They are mere outsiders bringing services to you. In a software development firm, developers are governed by company norms and regulations, as well as cybersecurity laws. If a developer leaks a product or utilises a code for personal gain, the company can sue and allocate the pending assignment to another developer. To avoid such privacy infringement, it is wise to have them sign a non-disclosure agreement to further protect your data. 


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