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How to Outsource a Web Development Project: Explained


Key Takeaways

According to Statista, global outsourcing revenue in the IT sector reached $92.5 billion in 2020.

A survey by Deloitte found that 31% of businesses outsource to improve focus on core functions.

The Global Outsourcing Survey by Clutch revealed that 78% of companies feel positive about their outsourcing relationship.

Outsourcing web development can lead to significant cost savings and increased efficiency.

Choosing a reliable outsourcing partner is crucial for professional and timely project delivery.

Embracing outsourcing is a growing trend, with a majority of businesses experiencing positive outcomes.

Are you keen to outsource your web development project? It’s crucial to outsource web development to a reliable business. Even startup organizations are embracing the idea of outsourcing their website development project. The right company will build your project professionally and in the shortest possible time span.

1. Why Outsource Web Development Projects?

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The following are the important reasons that you must look, to outsource web development projects:

Skill Gaps and Access to Specialized Knowledge

  • Problem: Many businesses lack the in-house expertise required for cutting-edge web development projects. Staying abreast of the latest technologies, tools, and programming languages can be challenging.
  • Importance of Outsourcing: Outsourcing provides access to a global talent pool with specialized skills and expertise. It allows businesses to bridge the skill gap without the need for extensive training or hiring new staff.

Cost Management and Budget Constraints

  • Problem: Developing a website in-house can be expensive. Costs include not only salaries but also software licenses, infrastructure, and ongoing training.
  • Importance of Outsourcing: It offers a cost-effective solution by reducing overheads. Companies can leverage the cost advantages of different geographical locations where labor costs might be lower, without compromising on quality.

Scaling Challenges

  • Problem: Scaling an in-house team in response to fluctuating project demands is both time-consuming and costly. It involves recruitment, training, and potentially laying off staff when the demand decreases.
  • Importance of Outsourcing: Outsourcing partners can quickly scale the team up or down based on the project’s needs, providing flexibility and efficiency.

Time to Market

  • Problem: Businesses often face tight deadlines for launching websites or online services. Developing this in-house, especially with limited resources, can delay the time to market.
  • Importance of Outsourcing: Outsourcing firms often operate 24/7, utilizing agile methodologies that expedite the development process, ensuring faster delivery and quicker time to market.

Focus on Core Business Functions

  • Problem: Web development projects can be resource-intensive, diverting attention from core business activities.
  • Importance of Outsourcing: By outsourcing web development, companies can focus on their core competencies, such as strategy, customer engagement, and business development, while experts handle the technical aspects.

Quality and Innovation

  • Problem: Maintaining high quality and innovation in web development requires access to the latest technologies and methodologies, which may be beyond the capabilities of some in-house teams.
  • Importance of Outsourcing: Outsourcing partners are often at the forefront of technological advancements and can bring innovative solutions and high-quality standards to the project, driven by their experience with a wide array of clients and industries.

Risk Management

  • Problem: Web development projects come with risks, including technical challenges, security vulnerabilities, and project management issues.
  • Importance of Outsourcing: Experienced outsourcing providers are adept at managing these risks, having established methodologies for quality assurance, security, and project management. They can anticipate common pitfalls and have the resources to address them effectively. 

2. Benefits of Outsourcing Website Development Project

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Outsourcing web development projects has become a common practice among businesses worldwide. Companies increasingly opt to outsource their web development tasks to an IT agency or website development company rather than handle them internally. This way you can benefit your business largely and make the best use of the web development services. Below mentioned here are a few advantages of outsourcing a website development project of which you must be aware.

Cost Savings

Businesses often outsource web development projects to external an outsourcing company in order to reduce expenses. Hiring an in-house team requires office space, equipment, and other resources that may be costly; outsourcing these tasks allows companies to reduce expenses while still receiving quality work done.

Access to a larger talent pool

Outsourcing web development projects provides businesses with access to an expansive talent pool. Website development companies and agencies have access to various developers with various skill sets and specialties. This gives businesses the ability to select from a larger pool of specialists in order to find the ideal developer for their project.

Faster Turnaround Time

Outsourcing web development projects to offshore firms can often result in faster completion times than in-house teams due to their additional resources and expertise. Businesses thus benefit by getting their projects finished faster and reaping the rewards sooner.


Outsourcing web development projects offers businesses the benefit of flexibility. A website development company typically works around the clock to guarantee projects are finished on schedule. This gives businesses more efficiency than if they were handling everything internally. This way, businesses can get their projects done more quickly and efficiently than if they were working from home.

Focus on Core Business Activities

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Outsourcing web development projects allows businesses to focus on their core operations. By offloading non-core tasks like web development, companies can enhance their core competencies and optimize overall business operations.

Risk Mitigation

Outsourcing web development projects can help businesses reduce risks. Since these firms typically have extensive experience working with various clients and industries, they possess a better insight into potential issues and how to mitigate them effectively. Doing this helps companies avoid costly errors and guarantee their projects are completed successfully.

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Outsourcing web development projects allows businesses to quickly expand or contract based on their requirements. If a business requires more resources for a project, an offshore firm can quickly allocate additional personnel. Conversely, if not as many resources are necessary anymore, businesses may reduce staff levels accordingly.

A professional web development company often has access to the newest technology and trends in the industry, allowing businesses to benefit from these advancements without needing to invest in costly equipment or training.

Quality Assurance

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Many web development firms have rigorous quality assurance processes in place to guarantee their work meets high standards. This gives businesses peace of mind that projects will be completed to a high standard, minimizing the risk of errors or defects.

Multilingual Support

Businesses operating in multiple countries or languages may find outsourcing web development projects to an outsourcing company with multilingual support beneficial. This makes the website accessible and user-friendly for all customers, regardless of their language or location.

Reduced Burden

Handling web development projects in-house can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Outsourcing these tasks to a third-party provider helps businesses reduce their administrative workload, freeing up valuable resources to focus on other business operations.

24/7 Support

A reliable web development company typically offers 24/7 support to guarantee any issues or worries are addressed quickly. This helps businesses avoid downtime and guarantee their website remains running optimally at all times.

4. Types of Outsourcing for Your Web Development Project

Outsourcing can be classified according to the process or activity, resulting in production, procedure, organisational, and information technology outsourcing classifications. With the opportunity to cooperate remotely, place classifications such as on-shore, off-shore, and near-shore have emerged.

1. Onshore:

The company contracts with an outside vendor in the same country to provide development services. As an example, consider how Microsoft collaborates with its US Gold Partners. This model has many advantages, such as the same time zones, more straightforward face-to-face conferences, cultural suitability, and spontaneous communication. However, it has some drawbacks. Domestic insourcing in advanced nations may result in higher costs. Some local markets have significant IT skill gaps.

2. Near Shore:

The term “nearshore” implies outsourcing services to a neighbouring country. It has several benefits, including shared time zones, shorter travel times, greater cultural fit, and cost reductions. However, there may be some difficulties. Potential savings are unavailable in some regions; for example, US companies may outsource to Canada.

3. Offshore:

Offshore outsourcing pertains to choosing a contractor in a distant foreign country — for example, Amazon US hiring developers from Eastern Europe. The procurement strategy for offshore locations is primarily motivated by cost savings. However, there are additional benefits to be gained. It provides access to global talent and specialised expertise plentiful in some regions. South Korea, for example, is known for its advanced robotics, whereas China is known for its data scientists.

5. Steps to Outsource Website Development Project

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Evaluate the company to secure benefits 

To realize the benefits and productive results of outsourcing website development projects, it is important to consider several important factors before you make the final decision. 

Overlooking such factors can result in failures, time, and revenue loss. With the help of the right professional company, you will be able to develop a website that can create ripples in the internet world. Hence, evaluate the company on the following factors and skill sets. These include;

  • technical expertise, 
  • access to the latest technology 
  • experience in offering solutions to complex challenges 
  • zeal for your web development project 
  • market reputation 

Carefully choose the right company 

It is important to conduct in-depth research to choose the right company that has the skill and experience to cater to the specific requirements of your business. It is best to build collaborative and long-lasting partnerships with the company.

Although outsourcing website development is not a new concept, still you need to be careful and choose the right company. Select the right company that exhibits flexibility and technical expertise and one that can go to great lengths to ensure that they deliver quality work. 

Developing a website that epitomizes your objectives, vision, and overall business is not an easy task. Most reputed companies are experts in their specific fields and know their craft well. They will ask you relevant questions regarding your project and also give a clear blueprint of the way they will execute the job.

Ensure that the company is centered on the project’s requirements. Before approaching an outsourcing company, it is crucial to figure out the amount of money you are willing to invest in the web development project. Communicate clearly about the budget to avoid hassles later on 

Select the criteria to shortlist the best and most reputed company

The key to the success of finding the right company when it comes to outsourcing is that it has the capability to hold repeat business. There is a lot of competition in this industry. 

Thus, when competition is intense, the company will ensure that the client gets high-quality work so that they can come back again for more projects. 

Companies that cannot handle the competition and do not perform well with clients are likely to be eliminated. Thus, they cannot last more than a few months. 

Decide on your business objectives before choosing the company 

It is important to formulate the goals and needs of a web development project. Try to be as specific as possible regarding the tech requirements of your project to get positive outcomes. 

It is then only that you can convey clearly the functionality of the project. Thus, the company will be able to understand your business needs and ideas and also estimate the budget and timeframe. 

Also, identify the type of outsourcing you require, whether onshore offshore, or near-shore outsourcing.

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Find a suitable channel to select your outsourcing company

Some of the ways through which you can find a suitable company to outsource your development/marketing project are as follows:

Online research

Search on the internet for authentic companies. You can shortlist some outsourcing companies by searching on search engines such as Google. 

Seek Referrals

It is important to kick off your research in a conventional way. Also, seek references from other business firms and shortlist a number of companies. 

Search Marketplaces

Search online marketplaces like Expand My Business. They will facilitate you in comparing a wide range of providers across variables such as ratings, location, size, business model, etc. Thus, you can see all important metrics and relevant information at a glance.

6. How to select the best and most reputed company?

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Contact Companies

List the potential five to ten outsourcing companies that handle web development projects and have a reputation that corresponds with your project needs. In this internet era, you can also conduct video interviews with outsourcing companies. This is one of the most efficient ways to choose the right company.

Scan Portfolios

Scan the portfolio of these companies that have the capability to handle website development projects. It is important to study the working profile of the company. You need to consider the company’s experience as you select the services. Assessing the company’s portfolio is one of the best ways to discover the credibility of a Web Site Development Company.

Measure Track Record

Evaluate the type and number of projects the company is already handling and has successfully completed. Ask the vendor about the methodologies used and the support provided. This will help you to shortlist and decide whether to outsource your website development project from the company or not. This is important to ensure that you do not give the project to the wrong company. 

Assess Performance

Determine if the company adheres to a well-defined, accurate, and clear-cut process of web development. 

Determine Capabilities

Consider whether the company has a good infrastructure or not. Also, ascertain if the company can produce some quality certification that proves its legitimacy and genuineness in the field. 

Determine the Quality of Project Scope

It is important to be aware of the fact that the vendor will be able to process your ideas and needs for the project. It is only when the outsourcing company comprehends your project requirements that the end result can be satisfactory. 

Determine the Quality of Team

It is important to check out if the company has a good and efficient team of developers and designers. Website development is a challenging task. It requires proficient and expert professionals who can carry out the entire process, starting from designing to the final stage of testing the website. All the team members must be experienced and skilled enough to execute the task of website development with perfection or with the least flaws. 

7. The company should have an interactive and open way of communication

The company should have an interactive and open way of communication

Open Communication

As you develop business connections with the company, you will need to interact and communicate with the colleagues working within the organization. 

Language and Cultural Affinity

Ascertain what mode of communication is being used. Since English is the global language, ensure that this criterion is fulfilled by them. Also, evaluate and see if the project is executed as per your specifications.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Reputed outsourcing companies sign up for a non-disclosure agreement that is in the best interest of their clients. It is important to resolve this issue clearly before finalizing the deal so that there are no hidden pitfalls in the future. 

Pricing and Quotation

It is imperative to establish a quotation that fits your budget with the company. Ensure that the prospective vendor meets all the business requirements regarding your financial plan. Also, establish clearly the terms of payment. If you feel that the quote is not feasible or very expensive, then you can look for the next company.

Fees and Contracts

Find out whether the potential company works under a contract or fixed fee setup. Ascertain the company’s charges and carefully discover any additional costs.


It is important to view the estimated timeline for the web development project kick-off time and its ultimate completion. 

Network and Security Audits

You must consider hiring a vendor that regularly conducts network and security audits at their workplace. This is extremely important for protecting your data and helps to prevent any data leaks from occurring.

8. Factors to Consider for Outsourcing Web Development Project

Factors to Consider for Outsourcing Web Development Project, Expertise in the domain

As there are so many agencies in the market, it is hard to select the best one. This is why we have mentioned some factors that you must consider while outsourcing your web development project. 

Services they provide

You must have a clear-cut idea of what you want to achieve. Otherwise, outsourcing a web development project will be a huge problem for you. However, some agencies only specialize in app development, and some are in web design.

But apart from this, there are so many other steps that matter, such as quality assurance, team development, risk assessment, and many more. Moreover, an agency that provides a full range of services will help you with the best website idea for your brand or business.

Furthermore, you will get the best website that will ignite your target audience. This is why it is important to check what kind of services that agency is providing before outsourcing your web development project. 

Expertise in the domain 

Try to envision a project from start to finish and also try to highlight all the problems that might appear in the project. However, the easiest way to do this is by asking a range of questions about the agency so that you will get an idea about its expertise of the agency.

Moreover, expertise in the domain is another important factor of the agency that you should consider before outsourcing the project.

Also, find out the technology that the agency uses for the project. Moreover, look into the recently completed projects. As there are so many agencies in the market, everyone claims that they have expertise in the field. But you should not trust them all before analyzing them on multiple factors. 

Location of the agency 

Responsibility plays a very pivotal role in any project. However, the ability to deal with the problems decides helps to avoid disaster in any outsourced web development project. Look at how agency managers and developers interact with each other and what tools they use for interaction.

Choose the agency that is providing services in your time zone. If they are not available during your working hours, then there is no meaning in outsourcing the project to that agency. Even if that agency has done outstanding work, still there is a need for assistance. This is why you must check whether that agency is providing assistance as per your working time or not. 


Only skilled managers have exceptional interpersonal and management skills. Moreover, they manage projects in a professional way and also track the developer’s performance,  manage team changes, and give feedback.

Furthermore, it is essential for the manager to be involved in the development work and the client. While selecting an agency for outsourcing, you must check whether the project manager is active or not.

The project manager must update you from time to time with your project and should take some ideas from your side as well. Responsiveness is important when you outsource your project to an agency. 

Quality of Software 

Choose an agency to outsource your project based on their skills and experience. However, check the quality of tools they use and also a framework that will accelerate the development process. You must choose an agency that has the best quality.

However, to get to know about the quality, you can ask about tools they use and also can ask for a previous project, customer reviews, and so on.

There are multiple ways through which one can check the quality. Getting quality is important for your business. If your website is not of good quality, ultimately, it will make an impact on your business. 

9. Common Myths About Outsourcing Web Development Project 

Common Myths About Outsourcing Web Development Project

There are so many people who do not believe in outsourcing the project to a third agency. However, there are so many common myths in the market. 

Dependence on the outsourcing company 

This is the most common myth that by outsourcing your project, you have to depend on that agency. However, this is not the case with these agencies. Moreover, they are more dependent on your in-house developer. Because you won’t have any other option without him.

Furthermore, if you hire a good agency, they take your opinion on every step of the project and also provide you time to time updates about the project. This is just a myth, which is why it is better to ignore this myth and outsource your web development project to bring your business online. 

Fear of data transferring 

Data is one of the most important parts of any business. Moreover, one can create and destroy any business with the help of data.

This is why it is a common fear that after outsourcing, the project agencies will try to steal the data. However, this is not the case, and you cannot make every agency stand in the same line.

You can hire the best agency that has the best track record and a good customer review. Also, you must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement from the agency for the protection of your data. 

In-house employees solve problems faster 

This is just a myth that an in-house developer will solve the problem faster. However, in an outsourcing agency, there is a team of specialists who are working.

Moreover, as you are their customer, no one wants to lose their customer and bring down their reputation. Almost every agency provides fast service. Also, you must hire an agency who is providing faster services. The outsourcing company also has a team of experts who can understand and solve their problems easily.

10. Challenges of Outsourcing Website Development Project

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Outsourcing website development can be an efficient and cost-cutting way of building high-quality sites at lower costs. However, this fact cannot be denied that outsourcing brings with it many challenges that must be managed for an ideal result.

At our company, we recognise the significance of website development outsourcing and have developed strategies to overcome its common obstacles. In this article we will detail these methods, providing valuable insight into how you can successfully outsource website development services.


Outsourcing website development presents many unique challenges when it comes to communication. You may work with teams located in different time zones and speaking different languages; this can cause miscommunications and delay project completion.

interactive and open communication

To overcome this challenge, we recommend setting up regular communication channels between your outsourcing team and yourself – such as weekly video conference calls or instant messaging tools such as Slack or Skype. By creating regular channels of dialogue, regular check-ins will ensure everyone stays on the same page while your project moves along smoothly.

Quality Control

One of the main challenges associated with outsourcing website development is quality control. By contracting third-party teams to develop your site, it is vital that its final product matches up with your standards and meets them exactly.

To overcome this challenge, we advise implementing a rigorous quality control process. This might involve setting checkpoints during development to review work completed by your outsourcing team and hiring an independent third party to perform one final review before going live with the website.

Time Management

Time management can be one of the greatest challenges of website outsourcing development. Working with an outsourcing team, it may be challenging to meet deadlines and complete your project on schedule.

To combat this challenge, we advise setting specific deadlines and milestones for your project. This may mean breaking it into smaller tasks with defined due dates assigned for each. You could also hire a project manager who can oversee your outsourcing team and ensure everything remains on schedule.

Cost Control

Outsourcing website development can be an efficient solution for many businesses. But to make sure you are getting value for your investment, it is

essential to monitor how your budget is spent.

For optimal results, we advise setting a clear budget and gathering quotes from various outsourcing teams to ensure a fair price is being charged for the work completed.

Intellectual Property Rights

Finally, when outsourcing website development it is essential that you safeguard your intellectual property rights to the website created. This may present challenges; many outsourcing teams may wish to keep ownership of what they have built.

11. Expand My Business for Outsourcing Website Development Projects

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The right web development company will always strive to stay ahead and keep abreast with innovative technology. The right company offers the latest features and configurations that help them meet the demands of the competitive market. 

They adopt the latest tools and keep learning how to do the job of website development better with every passing year. The reputed outsourcing companies invest revenue in getting the latest ​​outsourcing Insights and technology. 

Experienced companies offer long-term commitments. They handle the tech aspect of the web development project as well as help you to run the related business processes. 

Finding an IT marketplace company is, however, not as easy as said. There is an absolute lack of companies and service providers in the industry that offer complete marketplace solutions for your IT outsourcing needs. 

This is where you must consider choosing the services of Expand My Business without any second thought. With the network of over 1500+ verified partner agencies and vendors across our platform, we can help you assert your digital need within 24 hours of posting your requirement. Above all, we do not just help you with the ‘discovery’ part of your project requirement. Rather, we offer complete delivery solutions with our project management and Escrow payment security solutions. 


Q. What is outsourcing web development and why do companies opt for it?

Outsourcing web development refers to hiring an external company or team to build and maintain a website or web application. Companies opt for outsourcing web development to reduce costs, access a wider pool of talent, leverage specialized expertise, and improve project efficiency.

Q. What are the benefits of outsourcing web development for a company?

The benefits of outsourcing web development for a company include reduced labor costs, increased flexibility, faster project completion, access to specialized skills and expertise, and improved quality of work. Additionally, outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core competencies and frees up internal resources to focus on other areas of the business.

Q. How can a company find reliable outsourcing partners for web development?

Simply contact us at Expand My Business as we have the largest pool of verified website development companies in Asia. Our consultants will understand your requirements and showcase the past work of our partners.

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