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Anything and everything in today’s business needs a brand. Customers go with the brand because it is easy to trust and remember once they find it as a recognised brand. The same holds good for E-commerce business sites as well, even if it does not have a physical entity in the form of commercial shops.

This has especially become important given the fact that there are over 24 million e-commerce stores on the internet, which provides the users with the ease and flexibility to make their customised purchases.

Branding in this sense plays an important role in creating the impression of your e-commerce store in the minds of the users, prompting them to make return visits to your website.

Elements of E-Commerce Branding

1. Business Objective

The basic prerequisite and trigger for anyone to start a company is the vision. The vision could have been as a short-term goal or a long-term goal, but it is important to represent the vision through the eCommerce brand name or tagline. You will have to discuss with the founders of the company and extract the information about their hidden objectives as well, which will help the customers to feel the importance after purchasing a product of the brand.

Amazon had a vision when it started in 1995 is to become Earth’s most customer-centric company. They keep up their vision even today, and their hidden goal is to have customers of the entire world get into their website to purchase any item. Amazon today has become like a giant vendor, and its vision reaches every milestone year on year.

2. Business Quality and Morals

Success or a failure of a business depends on the way they target the audience and the way they understand the end-users

The customers will have to feel that the products of a specific brand are going to enrich their daily life and be good to them. The brand or the products should make the customers feel that it meets their criteria without any second hesitation. This should clearly reflect via the e-commerce website. The e-commerce branding should give the customers the feel of the first choice.

3. Look and Feel of E-Commerce

The visual of E-commerce is dependent on various factors like the colour of the website, logo, and styling. The goodness of a brand is reflected on its home page. Ecommerce sites with rich UI and user-friendly access can attract customers easily and help them stay with the site for a long time.

A site that can retain customers for some period of time at regular intervals can be considered a successful branded site. Because it clearly denotes that they are able to memorise the brand and are able to open the site frequently to check out the products. The colour of the website is more powerful in giving attractive visuals, which in turn signals the memory of the customer. This is one hidden or even called a tricky way to popularise your brand.

The logo of your brand is essential, and the founders would have realised it even before the start of the business. One unique brand which is simple but powerful is Apple. It is just the representation of fruit, but the way it is designed with just the basic colours is the most attractive and popular logo. The background colour of the logo is also important because the text and the colour combination decide the way that it gives confidence to the user at its first appearance. The logo is powerful to make the user feel that the brand is already popular though it may be a new entry in the market.

 5. Styling of the font

The fonts in Ecommerce should be styled in a way that is clear, legible, and has the ability to cover all types of customers, young or old. There is also classification in the fonts, and they also have unique qualities. When you understand the quality of the font is easy to choose based on the type of your target customers

6. The tagline of the E-Commerce brand

The young population gets more attracted towards the tagline, and it defines the brand of E-Commerce. If the vision of a business is well represented in one single tagline, then it means that it is moving towards success. You can take the case examples of some of the most well-performing e-commerce brands in the world and how they make use of the taglines to create an impact in the mind of the audience.

Walmart – Save Money. Live Better

Starbucks -Brewed for those who love coffee.

Tata – Connecting Aspirations

Allbirds – The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes”

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7. Products of Business

Though external factors are important to attract customers, it is equally or even more important to have strong and quality products to be listed on E-Commerce sites. Products nurture the business. The features of the products and the way it is listed in E-commerce is important to retain customers on the website and purchase the products.

8. Discounts and Offers

Businesses that deal with consumer products like clothing, accessories, etc., could attract customers by introducing multiple offers. Offers are also dependent on the total amount of purchase; the higher the amount, the higher the list of offers.

E-commerce websites also get into a tie-up with corporate banks. E-commerce brands should choose the banks according to the season of sale because banks are the base for customer purchase, and if they can give offers, it is a direct win of the business market.

Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Walmart, and many popular e-commerce brands attract customers based on their front-page discounts and offer section. They have the capability to make the customer’s purchase though they don’t have an immediate need for the item.

9. Delivery

A fast mode of delivery is preferred in today’s fast-paced world. E-commerce brands should also need to adapt to multiple delivery techniques. Customers generally have the tendency to compare between different brands, and this holds good for e-commerce sites as well. To be precise, it is easier to compare the products between e-commerce sites as it is just a few clicks.

It is important to keep up the commitments on delivery of products on or before the date and time.

10. Awareness about the business to consumers

E-Commerce branding and the website would be like the face index of your business. It is important to showcase your abilities and keep the customer honest with your business agenda and, most importantly, the pricing of your products. Maintaining thus the marketing strategies like email marketing can hence prove very effective in ensuring to keep your audience engaged and connected.

11. Campaigns and Advertisements

When you kick start the E-commerce website for your business, it is necessary to start campaigning over the internet about your newly launched website and the products. Today the technology has improved in a way that it can give your information about the category and taste of every end-user with the way they browse through the websites. The internet will have information about the customers, and it can directly filter out the customers who are interested in purchasing a specific category of products. Campaigns and advertisements will have the provision to make the users directly click and move into your site from a different website which could even be a news website.

12. Protection and Trust

Finally, the customers should feel protected when they use your branded website and when they do the purchasing via bank transactions. They should get a feeling that their data is not shared and particularly their transactional information. This feeling of trust and protection will be established only when you keep and maintain a brand on your e-commerce site.

 Final Words

For a business to win in the age of the internet, it is essential for them to champion the trust, relevance, and expectations of the audience.

Branding for an e-commerce website is a very crucial exercise that helps them in ensuring that they create the mark on the internet and the audience globally. They help the brand to serve the customers better and engage with them in a more effective and compelling manner.

Keeping these branding values in mind can help your e-commerce business to ensure in creating a competitive presence on the internet and manage and thus manage the growth of their business in a rapid manner.

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