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Key Takeaways

Consumer Shift from Social Media: By 2025, a significant shift in consumer behavior is anticipated, with 50% expected to significantly limit their use of major social media platforms due to concerns over quality and misinformation, highlighting the need for brands to diversify their marketing strategies beyond these platforms​.

Challenges in Marketing: The top challenges for marketers in 2024 are finding new customers (35%) and upskilling employees (32%), reflecting the ongoing need for strategic planning and talent development within the marketing sector​.

Diversification of Marketing Channels: The expected consumer backlash against social media necessitates brands to explore and invest in a variety of marketing channels. A marketing agency can provide the expertise and resources needed to navigate this diversification effectively.

Optimization of MarTech Investments: With the high demand for marketing software, partnering with a marketing agency can help brands select the most suitable tools, ensuring they meet their specific needs and driving better ROI from these technologies.

With the number of brands and businesses growing at an immense rate, it can be almost impossible to stand out and get noticed without good marketing. Marketing essentially helps in creating brand awareness for your firm and the products and services you offer and get your sales process started.

However, you must not confuse marketing with branding. While branding refers to creating an identity of your brand, marketing refers to the tactics and goals you set to make people aware about your brand and promote your products and services.

Here’s some interesting and useful information: According to Circe Research, about 77% of marketers from the B2B marketplace have considered branding as vital for business growth and development.

How Does A Marketing Agency Work?

Now that we have a basic idea about marketing and brands, we come to an essential element of marketing – marketing agency. A marketing agency helps the clients decide and work out a marketing plan and then carry out the decided strategies and manage its marketing to successfully achieve the business targets and goals.

A marketing agency starts with identifying marketing strategies that can prove beneficial to the brand and comes up with a plan of action. Next, the agency exercises the planned solutions and carries out marketing campaigns to achieve the firm’s goals. The agency then analyses the marketing processes and evaluates the acquired data for understanding the results and improvising wherever needed.

Did you know that marketing agencies have started investing in marketing automation integration? MarketingProfs has revealed that about 92% of the marketing agencies have started investing their time and resources in the marketing automation integration since the beginning of 2021.

Often, business owners are confused if they should hire a marketing agency or not. They sometimes think that it is an added investment that may not yield results as great as their investments. But marketing agencies have proved to be beneficial for brands in the past and the current trends prove that it is a worthy investment! Read below to find out why you need a marketing agency for your brand.

Reasons why you need a marketing agency for your brand

Here are 6 reasons why you need a marketing agency for your brand:-

Reason 1 – Access to better information and knowledge 

A marketing agency that is constantly engaging in branding and rebranding activities is always updated with the current trends and latest market and business knowledge. They are well aware of which activity should be applied for which type of business and can offer customised and unique solutions on the basis of latest information.

Contently’s statistical reports about brand voice revealed that 61% of consumers choose to buy products and services from companies with unique content and a unique and out-of-the box brand voice.

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Hiring such a marketing agency can prove to be extremely beneficial because the agency has several up-to-date individuals working together on your brand and they apply this knowledge and information to get the best marketing results when they are working for you. Besides, you get to learn a lot from such marketing agencies and the information can prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Reason 2 – Opportunity for a new outlook 

Marketing agencies are working day in and day out on branding and are exposed to different categories of businesses and activities. If you hire a marketing agency, its diverse experience can give you a new outlook and a different way of seeing things to help you come up with diverse solutions that are more inclusive of all kinds of customers.

While your marketing team may be doing great work, they carry an outlook that is more internal in nature and limited to a certain extent. This is because they are working only on your brand’s marketing and are not exposed to different brands and as many sets of strategies and tactics. Marketing agencies can improve your outlook and make you see things differently to help you explore new possibilities that may give you better results.

Reason 3 – Time Management 

There may be times wherein you are unable to plan out your marketing activities well or you may be unable to follow the timeline you have decided upon. In either case, your company on the whole may suffer. The pressure to come up with good marketing strategies may be especially high in case of small businesses where the competitors may be outperforming your brand.

In such stressful situations related to time management, brands should definitely consider hiring a marketing agency. Marketing agencies are quick to respond to such situations and can control the downward trend of your brand. Besides, they can also help you save a lot of time and resources that you may have invested in training your marketing team in different skills by doing all the essential tasks for you without extra costs and efforts.

Reason 4 – Budgeting 

Budgeting is an extremely important area of your firm. According to reports by SmallBizGenius, brands with inefficient and poor branding end up paying 10% higher employee salaries, incurring unnecessary additional costs.

It has been seen that hiring marketing professionals can prove to be more expensive than working with a marketing agency. This is because hiring a marketing professional for your brand does not mean that you just pay for their services as a marketing expert.

There are several additional costs that your company would have to bear such as pensions, recruitment expenses, payroll taxes, training and more if you hire a good professional. By hiring a marketing agency, you would get the same services but without additional costs. The finances you save here can instead be utilised for better marketing or in any department that needs more financial assistance.

Reason 5 – Cross-industry expertise and experience 

Marketing agencies have been working with several industries and when you hire one such agency, they bring in the expertise and experience of working cross-industry and the dynamic knowledge of such work cultures and activities. They can thus offer you novel perspectives and ways of working as they are not restricted to any one industry.

Did you know that employers are already working towards creating a positive and healthy work environment and brand name? According to Career Arc, 69% of employers have been constantly working towards creating a good work environment and employer branding tactics with the help of their internal marketing teams.

These marketing agencies are expert at what they do and offer best research-based and experience-based solutions for your firm. Their years of working towards marketing and creating brand awareness can help you implement the most unique solutions to help you stand out from among your competitors and thus improve your hold in the market.

Reason 6 – Improves your ROI by helping you gain new customers

Marketing agencies help you in creating new opportunities for expanding your business by applying their dynamic and expert skill set. These opportunities can help you grow your revenue immensely and when your marketing and brand awareness is on the right track, new audiences and potential customers will get introduced to your firm.

According to reports by Ascend2, 49% of companies have revealed that customer acquisition is one of their top goals for 2021.

Marketing agencies also open doors to new potential customers by promoting your brand in the right way and improve your ROI by using the best tools to help your brand represent your true values and culture. Their expert marketing tools are inclusive of exclusive licenses and software that are usually not at the disposal of the brand’s own marketing department.

We hope that the reasons were convincing enough for you to hire a marketing agency for your brand that can help you register a greater success rate! Let us know of other benefits you think a marketing agency can provide your brand in the comments section!


Q. Why should I hire a marketing agency?

1. Expertise Across Channels: Agencies bring a wealth of knowledge and experience across various marketing channels and can act as your growth partners, advising you on strategy and execution to achieve the best results.
2. Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: It’s often more cost-efficient and less time-consuming to hire an agency with a dedicated team of specialists than to try to do everything in-house, especially if you’re exploring new marketing channels for the first time​.
3. Strategic Partnership: Agencies can serve as strategic partners, especially during critical moments of change such as moving into eCommerce, launching a D2C brand, or when your business is aiming for explosive growth​​.

Q. When should I consider hiring a marketing agency?

1. When your internal team is overloaded and you need to focus on core business activities.
2. If you’re expanding your brand’s footprint or exploring new channels and lack the in-house expertise.
3. When you need an unbiased and informed perspective to elevate your marketing strategy​​.

Q. How do I choose the right marketing agency?

Look for agencies with:
1. A proven track record, showcased through reviews, testimonials, case studies, and a portfolio of their work.
2. Transparency in pricing and a full-service offering that matches your needs.
3. Compatibility with your company values to ensure a smooth partnership​.

Q. Can hiring a marketing agency save me money?

Yes, agencies have negotiation power and insider knowledge to get you the best rates and ROI on your marketing spend. They can also prevent wasteful expenditure by leveraging their expertise to choose and execute the most effective strategies.

Q. What are the signs I need a marketing agency?

1. If your growth has stagnated or you’re not achieving the desired results from your marketing efforts.
2. You lack the time, resources, or expertise to effectively market your business.
3. When you’re ready to scale and need strategic guidance and execution support​.
Choosing the right marketing agency involves understanding your needs, evaluating the agency’s expertise and fit with your brand, and considering the long-term value they can bring to your marketing efforts.

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