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One of the most essential elements that you need to cater to while planning your business is having a good professional logo. However, there may be times you may question its importance.

You may think to yourself, “Do I really need a logo?” “Is it worth it to have an additional investment for a logo?” …and a lot more!

Now this brings us to the question of the day – “Do you need a Professional Logo for Your Business?”

The answer is a big YES! While a lot of businesses might not consider logos as very important for a business, there is enough proof and examples to prove that a professional logo is an absolute necessity for a business.

According to Renderforests’s reports, the logos are the most recognisable brand identifiers at 75%!

If you are unconvinced about having a unique logo for your brand, read our article and discover top 6 reasons why a professional logo can be beneficial for your business!

Before we move onto understanding the reasons for having a professional logo, let’s first understand what a professional logo is as opposed to a normal amateur logo.

Now, I know you are thinking – “Is this really necessary?” “Everyone knows what it is!”

Well… not everyone!

An amateur logo is simply a visual created through images and patterns with little to no attention given to the design and the impact. These logos are easily forgotten as they may not be entirely related to the brand or may not communicate the precise values of the brand. They also lack a sense of uniqueness and newness in them.

On the other hand, a professional logo is one which is created after intensive research of the market and the concerned firm and contributes to increasing the scalability of the brand. Professional logos are designed with utmost care, keeping in mind the business psychology and the psychology of potential customers and are well-thought-out designs that are unique and communicate the core value of the business. Such logos usually have a meaning and logic behind the entire visual.

While an amateur logo may cost cheap, it is not going to do your business any good. It is always best to invest a little more and get a proper professional logo designed for your business as it can truly have beneficial results for your business! Daily Blog revealed that the BBC paid $1.8 million for their logo!

Reports published by Website Planet have revealed that the most popular logo colour is blue with black ranking at number two as these colours indicate competence! Furthermore, the most popular colour combination in logos is two-colour combination. Here are some reasons why you need a professional logo for your business:-

1.    It forms the Basis of Your Business’s Identity

While a logo may not be the only important thing, there is no doubt that a professional logo forms the basis of your business’s identity. The narrative of your brand’s story is like the guide to your logo and accordingly the fonts, tones, colours and other elements are put together to create a logo that can effectively communicate the back-story of your business.

This logo would then be used for all your branding purposes – business cards, products, websites, and much more – and thus forms the basis of your business’s concrete identity.

2.    Attracts Attention to your Brand

With an average attention span of less than half a minute, it is quite possible for people to overlook and not attend to several things around them. In such a situation, how do you attract people to your brand? The answer is – Logo! A well-designed, unique, and professional logo is a sure-short way to attract attention to your brand and help your potential customers understand your business’s core values.

In order to work your magic in the short window you have, make sure your logo is professionally designed and is solid in its appearance to attract maximum consumers. Furthermore, a logo that is emotive is likely to get more attention.

3.    It is Important for First Impressions

Your logo is majorly responsible for the impression that people form about your business. A poorly designed logo can turn off the interest in your brand right away. You should therefore have a professionally designed logo where special care is taken of the font, size, visuals, colour palettes, and other such elements to communicate correctly about your brand. As per a report it takes consumers only 10 seconds to form the first impression on the basis of the logo of a brand.

Furthermore, your logo should be representative of your products and services. A professional designer will take all these factors into consideration before coming up with a design. These factors paired ideally with what gets an emotional response from people for your logo can help you put your brand on the board. Aim to have a design that instantly resonates with people as a design that can inspire or arouse people in a positive manner is like to create a more lasting impression.

4.    Logos Help People Memorise your Brand 

When I say Apple, what do you think of? Other than its products, does the image of a half-eaten apple not pop up in your mind? And when I say McDonald’s, besides your favourite burgers and fries, does the big yellow “M” and the joker does not pop in your mind? If your answer is yes, you’ve got the point.

A well-designed, aesthetically appealing professional logo plays a great role in helping people recall your brand. People are more likely to memorize and then recognise your brand through your logo than through the name of your brand! It has been revealed that about 50% of consumers are likely to shop from a brand that has a recognizable logo, while 60% are likely to avoid brands that have unappealing and odd designs.

5.    It helps you Stand Apart from your Competitors

For example you own an apparel small business. With an increasing number of small businesses, how do you get your business noticed and get people to buy products from you? Yes, offering great products of unbeatable quality is one thing but it is also secondary.

The first thing is to stand apart from innumerable small businesses selling apparel. An exclusive logo designed professionally to communicate your business’s core can do just that for you! Besides, your logo can also tell your consumers what makes you better than the rest of your competitors by depicting something specific to your brand.

6.    Professional logos are mostly Responsive Logos

This is again one of the most important reasons why you need a professionally designed logo. Since these logos are created by certified designers, these usually have a responsive design and are adaptable to all media. With a professionally designed responsive logo design, you can market your brand through various devices and to several media platforms. Such a logo design can help you deal with different requirements related to format, size, layout, and other specifications on different platforms.

A professional logo usually comes with tailored variations to be used on a variety of different platforms. This in turn can help you improve the reach of your business and expand it to reach a bigger audience. Socialmediatoday has revealed that 60% of millennials expect consistent brand experience with a company and a logo which is used for various mediums ensures brand consistency.

Now if you have reached the end of the article, you can understand that a professional logo is clearly essential for your business. While getting a professional logo may seem like a huge investment, especially if you are a start-up or small business owner, it can help you in the long run. A professional logo tells your audience that you truly mean business and people are likely to take your business much more seriously and you can get good ROI in the distant future! Learn how to design a logo.

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