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Use Email marketing is a way of marketing your brand or business to your audience with the help of emails. These are a direct form of communication with your audience wherein you can promote your services or product to the recipient. You can also indulge in brand-building exercises by communicating and interacting with the audience in the form of catchup emails, newsletters, or goodwill wishes. On and on, email marketing is the strategy for keeping your audience in touch with the regular updates of your services and offerings. It helps in solving important purposes of business like lead generation, brand awareness, brief and updates and others. Email marketing is one of the direct ways of communicating your business information to your audience. It helps to boost confidence and relationship with your audience.

Email marketing is hence one of the most effective digital marketing exercises as it helps in putting your word across the masses just by the touch of a click! For email marketing to work well, your business must choose the right email marketing software. Here you can automate your processes of sending and tracking the performance of your emails.

How does email marketing work for your business?

Email marketing helps in the communication of your marketing message by reaching out to the inboxes of your target audience. It is up to the businesses to determine their fit of email marketing strategy with which they want to pursue their email list. However, drawing these strategies has its own set of complexities and can be especially confusing when trying email marketing for the first time in your business cycle. In order to figure out how the email marketing can work for your business, consider the following points:

1.  Choose the right email marketing software

There are a lot of email marketing software which are loaded with promising features to handle your task of carrying out email marketing activities for your business. However, it is necessary to consider the pricing plans of these softwares and understand their features and functionalities in-depth. Look out for the various templates and automation features that these email marketing software applications have to offer. Deep-dive to have an understanding of how a particular email marketing software can help you out with the segmentation process. Segmentation allows you to cater to the best interests of your audience by catering to the best interests of your targeted segment. While choosing your email marketing software, it is very important to also look at the factors like the number of emails that can be sent on a monthly basis along with the number of recipients. Align this with your business requirements and your marketing strategy to have the maximum advantage of using email marketing software.

2.  Work on your email list

One of the most crucial aspects to consider in determining the success of an email marketing strategy is to put up good work on your email list. This opens the scope for improving your click-through rates. By finding the correct audience for sending your mail, your business can improve its chance by 6x for the mail to get opened. This is where the importance of the email list comes into play in deciding as to who must receive your email. Email lists can be created by collecting email addresses from the users and visitors who sign up to your subscribe button. This can be done by encouraging the visitors with your value propositions which you have to offer as your business. Based on this, your business can run effective email marketing campaigns like sending newsletters.

3.  Define your email marketing goals clearly

It is very important to have clarity when it comes to deciding what emails are to be sent to whom with what purpose. This can help you in focusing on gathering the much needed attention and engagement from your receivers.

Your email marketing goals must focus on setting SMART goals which imply that

  • They must be Specific
  • They must be Measurable
  • They must be Attainable
  • They must be Relevant
  • They must be Time-Bound

While setting your email marketing goals, you must first try to solve the purpose of your audience and then your business. This helps out in bringing relevant value to your emails. Furthermore, determine the relevant metrics based on which you will determine the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns—keeping the idea of who your email subscribers are and which segment of your audience must receive which kind of email can help you improve your email marketing performance. Lastly, track and monitor your performance on a timely basis which will help you in getting takeaways.

When to use an email marketing strategy?

Email marketing is one of the staple marketing strategies for B2B businesses. In B2C businesses as well, the use of email marketing services provides the marketers with the immense opportunity to use email marketing to drive the consumers down to the marketing funnel. There seems to be however a lot of perplexities defining the objectives of email marketing campaigns. Any email marketing without the clarity of objectives can prove to be a disaster for your brand’s reputation with your email getting marked as spam. Thus, having clarity about the use of email marketing techniques and finding the right reasons for sending emails is the basis on which your email content is prepared and the receiver’s list is decided.

Listed below are some of the key areas in which you can take the support of email marketing to boost your brand’s image and business:

1.  Email marketing can help you build your brand awareness

Email marketing helps you create focused content in which you can convey the value prop of your business or any marketing campaign in a personalised manner. It promotes the key areas of interest in which your customers can be attracted to your business. Email content calls for action for your consumer to know about your brand and have the necessary motivation in becoming a part of your consumer journey.

2.  Email marketing can help you create leads

Email marketing is one of the best ways of creating high quality leads for your sales team. As per one of the research, 72% of the companies believe that email marketing helps in achieving their lead generation strategy. Email marketing works in a more successful manner than compared to the other marketing strategies like using social media. Email marketing is used for more targeted reasons and its impact is direct. Furthermore, by implementing strategies like sending timely newsletters to your email lists, you can offer the reasons for your audience for subscribing to your email list. This also solves the purpose of lead generation for your business.

3.  Email marketing can drive your sales

With the increase in the lead count and improved quality of the lead through email marketing, a business has more opportunities for closing more sales. Furthermore, email marketing provides the business with the platform to communicate with their leads and clients effectively. This helps in improving the corporate communication practices of any organisation and helps in improving the relationship with the audience.

4.  Email marketing can nurture your potential clients

Email marketing is an important platform for driving your audience to the bottom of the marketing funnel, where they can finally make the purchase decision. Email marketing provides marketers with an important opportunity to segment their audience and cater to the specific needs of every segment in a more targeted manner. This way, email marketing provides the marketers with an important opportunity to nurture their audience in the early stages to become their consumers by offering them attractive reasons to remain engaged.

5.  Email marketing can improve the loyalty of your customers

Email marketing services have another major advantage of fostering loyalty with the audience. Email marketing provides the marketers and their audience a common platform where they can engage with each other from time to time and improve their relationships. Email marketing also serves strategic purposes like offering information to the audience about the discount on any product, a new range of service offerings, etc. This helps the consumers to remain in regular touch with the brand and remain loyal to it.

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