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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate nurturing leads for your business. They have a proven impact in improving the engagement rate with your various sorts of marketing campaigns. As per a report, the ROI of email marketing is an astounding $38 on every spending made worth $1!

Email marketing strategies can help you revolutionise the manner in which you interact, connect, communicate and create an impact in the minds of the audience. More importantly, email marketing works wonders when it comes to increasing the sales prospect for any business.

In the discussed sections below, we have discussed the various aspects of email marketing in detail to help the readers understand the importance of the medium. The reading of this blog will make you ready to become ready and ace your email marketing efforts and give your business its much-needed skyrocketing growth!

Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Email Marketing for Lead Generation

One of the most important questions for any business is to figure out ‘how to generate a lead?’ A lead, in general, is a prospective business or person who can potentially be the consumer of any business.

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to keep your business momentum and the flow of your campaigns up and running. They are crucial in increasing your sales by giving your email list the reasons to stay connected with your business via email.

With Expand My Business, you can rest assured of winning the challenges of starting a dedicated email campaign:

· Disinterest of users in finding your emails and opt-out of the email list.

· Risk of emails getting marked as spam by the users

· Inability of emails to create a lead nurturing impact through your emails, resulting in failure to make sales.

Our vast pool of partner agencies helps in ensuring that you champion interaction with your audience and bring increased revenues for your business by closing more deals.

All well-known companies generally make use of this marketing strategy to attract customers to their launches and existing works. All the emails that we receive from Amazon, Ajio or any other company stating they have a special discount of 20% or so is a classic example of email marketing.

Let us understand why email marketing is an effective way to generate leads and then dive deep into these strategies.

When to use an email marketing strategy?

Email marketing is one of the staple marketing strategies for B2B businesses. In B2C businesses as well, the use of email marketing services provides marketers with the immense opportunity to use email marketing to drive the consumers down the marketing funnel.

There seems to be, however, a lot of perplexity in defining the objectives of email marketing campaigns. Any email marketing without the clarity of objectives can prove to be a disaster for your brand’s reputation, with your email getting marked as spam. Thus, having clarity about the use of email marketing techniques and finding the right reasons for sending emails is the basis on which your email content is prepared and the receiver’s list is decided.

Listed below are some of the key areas in which you can take the support of email marketing to boost your brand’s image and business:

1. Email marketing can help you build your brand awareness.

Email marketing helps you create focused content in which you can convey the value prop of your business or any marketing campaign in a personalised manner. It promotes the key areas of interest in which your customers can be attracted to your business. Email content calls for action for your consumer to know about your brand and have the necessary motivation to become a part of your consumer journey.

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2. Email marketing can help you create leads.

Email marketing is one of the best ways of creating high-quality leads for your sales team. As per one of the research , 72% of the companies believe that email marketing helps in achieving their lead generation strategy.

Email marketing works in a more successful manner than compared to other marketing strategies like using social media. Email marketing is used for more targeted reasons, and its impact is direct. Furthermore, by implementing strategies like sending timely newsletters to your email lists, you can offer the reasons for your audience subscribing to your email list. This also solves the purpose of lead generation for your business.

3. Email marketing can drive your sales.

With the increase in the lead count and improved quality of the lead through email marketing, a business has more opportunities for closing more sales. Furthermore, email marketing provides businesses with a platform to communicate with their leads and clients effectively. This helps in improving the corporate communication practices of any organisation and helps in improving the relationship with the audience.

4. Email marketing can nurture your potential clients.

Email marketing is an important platform for driving your audience to the bottom of the marketing funnel, where they can finally make the purchase decision. Email marketing provides marketers with an important opportunity to segment their audience and cater to the specific needs of every segment in a more targeted manner. This way, email marketing provides marketers with an important opportunity to nurture their audience in the early stages to become their consumers by offering them important reasons to remain engaged.

5. Email marketing can improve the loyalty of your customers.

Email marketing services have another major advantage of fostering loyalty with the audience. Email marketing provides marketers and their audiences a common platform where they can engage with each other from time to time and improve their relationships.

Email marketing also serves strategic purposes like offering information to the audience about the discount on any product, a new range of service offerings, etc. This helps the consumers to remain in regular touch with the brand and remain loyal to it.

Ways in which Email Marketing Services help your business:

1. Improved Brand Recognition

2. Improved Sales

3. Establishes Authority of your Website and Business

4. Brings Increased Traffic to your Website

5. Builds Long Lasting Relationships with your Audience

6. Help you reach the potential audience across devices and platforms

1. Improved Brand Recognition

With email marketing, you can help your business by consistently providing valuable information to your customers. Email marketing offers you the opportunity to market your content and help your brand recall and brand recognition. You can constantly reach out to your customers with constant emails and newsletters and give them reasons to sign up for an email marketing subscribers list.

Emails can be used to provide useful information and insights and build rapport with your email subscribers. Email marketing gives your subscribers reasons to anticipate and wonder what your next mail is going to be about. Mailers are, in this way, a great source to help your users become familiar with your brand.

Besides this, email offers you the opportunity to collect data and information with metrics like the open rate and bounce rate of emails. This can motivate marketers to improve their marketing efforts and become aware of the trends and interests of the audience.

You can also collect customer feedback about your services and products and use informational content you are sharing with them and, in general, the performance of your employees. This can prove to be extremely beneficial in understanding your performance and making necessary changes in your strategies and activities to improve brand awareness and reach in the future. By successfully segmenting your email marketing campaigns, we can help you increase your revenue by 760%.

2. Improved Sales

It has been proved statistically that emails can often lead your customers to visit your brand’s website and make their purchases as well!

The prospects of email marketing to help you magnify and improve your sales are very promising. In this manner, you can increase your customer base and give your users reasons to stay hooked to what you have to tell and offer them via mail.

Email marketing is beneficial not just to you but to your customers as well. You can use email marketing services to promote your services and products to your email subscribers giving your customers the benefit of making valuable purchases. It is thus very important to ensure that your emails are accessible to your users across platforms and devices.

The further advantage of email marketing is that you can retarget and remarket with your customer base while you also upsell your products to them. You can increase your business’s referrals as well as sell your prospects. Expand My Business can help you with the holistic requirements of your business by helping you collate the best strategies and requirements of your business and brand to connect

3. Emails help you build your authority

If you are ever wondering if your readers are interested in reading your emails, then think of the reasons why they subscribed to your email list!

The other recommended practice is to hear from them time and again and appreciate their feedback and suggestions. This can help you improve your chance of sending out relevant and precious email reading worth your reader’s time.

An email newsletter is the most widely used category of content marketing for 81% of B2B marketing firms.

Emails offer you the chance to share your blogs, company updates, whitepapers, case studies and whatnot. You can further link them to your website and social media channels attracting their visits and attention to improve your engagement rate on your social media profiles and website.

This helps you build your authority in the industry and emerge as a strong player in the field. By marketing your expertise with the help of emails, you have the chance to have a competitive edge in the market and position yourself as the leader in your field. With our expertise in both the domains – Content Marketing and Email Marketing, we bring you just the solutions to creating engaging newsletter copies. We help you leverage the power of content in your email marketing practices and other forms of marketing. This way, we help you increase the number of email subscribers to your brand and improve your position among your competitors. The following are the ways in which email marketing initiatives can help your business and brand:

4. Increased Website Traffic

When it comes to increasing website traffic, email marketing is one of the best and most reliable ways of increasing traffic on your website. Besides, it is really simple to do as well! All you need to do is add relevant links from your websites in your newsletters and other shareable content which can be marketed over mail.

Other than this, email marketing efforts can be made to offer discounts, offers and some important information relating to your products and services.

Interestingly, email marketing services can also be used for hosting contests and giveaways, which can help you catch the interest and attention of your target audience, who is either unfamiliar with your brand name or does not have enough reasons to find it interesting. It has been revealed that about 42.3% of American customers tend to subscribe to email lists to receive regular discounts. The trend holds true for all the parts of the world where the internet has become an important part of an individual’s life.

Furthermore, email marketing activities can help your content marketing initiatives by making it the platform for posting your relevant blog links or resources like case studies or ebooks.

5. Building Long-Lasting Relationships with Customer

Building Long-Lasting Relationships with Customer

With email marketing activities, you can always stay connected with your audience and customers. Emails can be used to offer your audience relevant and essential information that can add value to their life.

More importantly, you can do this by targeting them in a specific manner and finding the sport right in their inbox.

In this manner, you can strengthen your relationship with the customers and increase their loyalty to mark the growth in your business. The relationship built in this manner can be strong and long-lasting. A study has revealed that the ROI on emails was 28.5% as compared to direct mail, which generated an ROI of just 7%.

Email marketing also has the important advantage of retaining the existing base of customers for your business. Email marketing can be employed as a tool for retargeting your customers and a platform for them to stay connected on a consistent basis.

Email marketing efforts are also employed for marketing efforts like sending targeted emails to users on their birthdays and offering discounts and information that can benefit them in any way. Email marketing helps you build a customer base that has trust in your brand offerings and the marketing message which you have to share with them. Such customers will always reach out to you first when in need of your services.

6. Reaches Potential Leads On Multiple Devices

Reaches Potential Leads On Multiple Devices

One of the greatest reasons and benefits for why you should carry out email marketing is the ability of email marketing to reach out to the audience across multiple devices. Statistical data reveals that emails are majorly opened on mobile devices. Apart from this, they can be accessed anytime and anywhere on all the devices like tablets, desktops, and laptops.

One of the greatest reasons and benefits for why you should carry out email marketing is the ability of email marketing to reach out to the audience across multiple devices. Statistical data reveals that emails are majorly opened on mobile devices. Apart from this, they can be accessed anytime and anywhere on all the devices like tablets, desktops, and laptops.

As per one data, 41.9% of all opened emails are through mobile devices. This highlights the importance of email marketing initiatives to catch the attention of the audience continually by serving the needs of users across devices. Mobile devices have especially the advantage of notifying the users with the popup of the new email received. This causes the users to take instant action and open the mail and access your message.

Email marketing is thus loaded with several ranges of benefits. The innumerable advantage of email marketing has the important reason your brand must use it. In fact, email marketing has become one of the most important tactics of marketing that majorly all big corporations and businesses are using. If you still haven’t started with email marketing, now is the time you prepare that email list and get going with it! Email marketing is a way of marketing your brand or business to your audience with the help of emails. These are a direct form of communication with your audience wherein you can promote your services or product to the recipient. You can also indulge in brand-building exercises by communicating and interacting with the audience in the form of catchup emails, newsletters, or goodwill wishes.

On-and-on email marketing is the strategy for keeping your audience in touch with regular updates on your services and offerings. It helps in solving important purposes of business like lead generation, brand awareness, briefs and updates and others.

Email marketing is one of the direct ways of communicating your business information to your audience. It helps to boost confidence and relationship with your audience.

Email marketing is hence one of the most effective digital marketing exercises as it helps in putting your word across the masses just by the touch of a click! For email marketing to work well, your business must choose the right email marketing software. Here you can automate your processes of sending and tracking the performance of your emails.

What are the various advantages of using different email marketing services?

1. Easy to reach the global audience

Lead generation through email marketing becomes a very easy task once you have the email addresses of all your clients and potential customers.

The scope of email marketing is immense and can complement the social media marketing strategies like marketing your product or service on Facebook and Instagram, which are trending. The advantage of email marketing over social media marketing is, however, that it is very much easier and more convenient through email marketing to keep track of the leads and know their developments in the sales funnel.

2. Profit

Email marketing simply screams profit! For every dollar spent, it returns an average of 38 dollars! More importantly, the process is extremely simple, and the results are guaranteed. Profit generation without the scope of any doubt or question is the most important reason why any marketing efforts are carried out. The profitability of email marketing initiatives is pretty much assured, giving any business all the reasons to carry them out dedicatedly.

3. Easy to get started

Email marketing doesn’t require extensive designers or brilliant coders. It is a simple process that anyone can start with. All you need is properly formatted content – the target audience and a well-drafted email marketing list. The ease of working with emails is one of the most important reasons why email marketing still exists despite the growth of social media.

4. Easy to understand the target groups

The most lucrative advantage of using email marketing initiatives is that it provides businesses with an easy method to keep track of their targeted leads. Email marketing is a much simpler and much more convenient form of marketing as you have the active knowledge of what resonates with the audience and how your content reflects the needs of the audience.

5. Low cost

Email marketing requires any business, in general, to make minimum levels of investment. Not just this, with the limited amount of investment, email marketing offers marketers the chance to generate more profit and make the best use of their resources. That is exactly the motive behind businesses preferring email marketing. Furthermore, email marketing also offers the advantage of your business to save your efforts in broadcasting your services and products extensively through diverse platforms. The email marketing process is a simple and cost-effective way to reach leads.

Effective Email Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Email is one of the cheapest ways to promote your product, and every marketing technique comes with its own strategy. Given below are some of the pointers if you are exploring the advantages of email marketing. Making use of these practices can help you ensure that you make the best values with your email marketing initiatives and efforts.

1. Make use of personalised messages

People love reading a message which is perfectly curated just for themselves! Giving your emails a sense of personalisation in this respect offers you various strategic advantages for catching the interest and attention of the audience.

Start your emails with “Dear Bob ” instead of “Dear Esteemed Customer” This is the proven way of catching the attention of the audience and converting their interest into becoming leads and, thus, the customer.

2. Use authenticate mails

Emails that come with the disclaimer of “do not reply” is definitely a big turndown for the readers and customers. Interaction is one of the best ways to know, familiarise and empathise with the needs of the customers. Unless very necessary, you must not stop your receivers from sending out replies and reversals to your email.

Emails are an effective channel of communication between business and their customers. The best strategy with email marketing is to prompt your users to engage and reply to your emails. Make the best use of your email id to provide the users with a platform to which they can respond, solve their queries and connect with your business as and when needed.

3. Classify your potential leads

It is always best to know about your target group. Doing this allows you to send targeted emails to your users rather than sending them to any random person existing on the internet. This will reduce the chances of your emails being marked as spam or finding space in the junk box.

In order to avoid any such situation, it is recommended to always classify the customers.

The classification of the email list could be done on the basis of several factors such as the type of industry, level of interest and awareness of the user or the size of the company.

This will allow you to target your group based on the needs and important factors.

4. Keep your emails mobile friendly

As per one data, almost 4 billion people use their mobile phones to check mail. This underscores the fact that your content must be mobile-friendly and must be able to be viewed perfectly when using a mobile phone.

Mobile phones are the preferred choice for the users, and not optimising your mailers for it can be a complete turn-off! According to Yesmail, an email platform can generate four times the revenue compared to emails generated and read over a desktop.

5. Use the proper subject

Not everyone reads the complete mail. In order to ensure that your mail is read by the target audience, use an appropriate subject. Keep it crisp and clear so that your intention is clear to the people. Having a strong and concise subject line instantly catches the attention of the reader and prompts them to open the mail.

6. Avoid plain long emails

Time is sweet and precious for everyone, and no one will like to indulge in an email that will take more time to read and comprehend. Ensure that your text is short and has got a personal touch to it. Instead of monotonous text, try adding banners or images that portray your objective. It is a proven fact that adding special elements to your mail increases the chance of it getting traction and a positive response from your potential customers.

When writing an email copy, it is important to emphasise the key points that catch the instant attention of the audience. For example, if your business provides an offer of 20% owing to certain special days, simply state, “20% offer on all products for 3 days. For more details, check our website!” This can effectively increase the interaction of your business and generate more leads for your business.

7. Use automated mail

Automated emails have a great deal of importance in assuring your audience that their email has been well acknowledged. This instils a sense of confidence and belief in your audience. For instance, you can send automated emails telling them that they have purchased any product or availed of any offer. This can drastically build confidence and loyalty in your customers.

8. Schedule your emails

The time zones are pretty different across different parts of the world. Sending across an email that reaches your receiver at midnight has more chances of it being ignored. This makes the use of email marketing tools for scheduling your emails very imperative.

This can help in ensuring that your email reaches out to customers with the sense of proper timing. Find out the timezone for your targeted recipients and schedule your emails accordingly.

For example, morning at 10 am and evening at 6 pm is ideally the peak time when people check their mail. Ensure that you are sending the mail in peak hours so that more people can actually open and check your mail.

9. Know the Behind The Scenes

The success of email marketing does not come overnight. Ensure that you know the statistics of the number of people who have clicked and opened your email, the number of people who have sent a request to unsubscribe, etc. This ensures that you know your potential leads very well.

To thus have clarity on the manner in which your partner agency is working is important for establishing transparency in the process. This is where Expand My Business shines in helping you find the fitting partner to work on your need for email marketing. Furthermore, with our end-to-end solutions, we ensure that you get results on your investment and you are well aware of the processes and strategies which drive success and revenue for your business.

10. Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback is one of the most direct ways of evaluating the performance of your email marketing campaign. You can ask your reader who is clicking on your email how useful the mail was to them. Another way of doing this is to ask for the ratings of the mail through a pop-up screen. Most people tend to do a rating after their experience, and this can be of dual benefit.

Asking for feedback can help your business in two ways. One, you can get to know your customer and understand their preferences and choices. Secondly, you can improve the process for an enhanced experience.

Expand My Business helps in catering to the requirement of gathering insights and taking the analytical approach in helping you enhance your business prospects by gauging the responsiveness of the audience with your email copies.

Best Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing can be considered straightforward marketing. It reaches straight to the customer without any intermediaries. For instance, if you advertise on some websites, there are certain stages for your advertisement to reach the customer.

The end user must first open the website. Their eyes should look into the advertisement, and finally, they need to click on it to get more details.

However, email marketing is a direct reach, and it is like you can skip the first few steps available in other marketing procedures. Email marketing will help you reach the final step of sitting in the end user’s inbox. But to make the user open the advertisement and check out the details is a tricky procedure, and you need to follow certain extraordinary steps to make it work successfully.

1. The sender of the email

The sender of the email should have a genuine email address. The sender’s address should be aligned with the website. If you do not have a website address, then it is good to have a clean, well-defined name in the address entity. If this is missing, then it is easy. Nowadays, a lot of spam emails revolve everywhere, and there can be a lot of phishing attacks. Users will not tend to open the email if they don’t see the recipient as a reliable user.

2. Subject Line

The next major entity for email marketing is the subject line of the email. The subject line should have the right content. It should be crispy enough to attract customers. A business organisation can attract customers by introducing discounts and offers. The same can appear in the subject line of the email. If the subject appears to be contentless or if they appear to be spam, then the user will delete the email as the earliest.

There are other types of subject lines, like specifying the offer items, but the terms and conditions will be mentioned only in the email content. This is another round as our way of attracting customers. There are a lot of tools in the market which can suggest a proper subject line. The tool can analyse the subject line and help us with the percentage of user clicks that can occur based on the subject line.

3. Email Content

The content of the email should have the right information. It should not be too descriptive, and it should maintain the correct amount of information. Also, the content should be catchy.

4. Design of Email

The email design should be attractive. It should have the appropriate font and styling. The font and the colour had the power to attract the eyes of the user. They help the user to read and register the content in a short time without additional effort. The email content or the subject t line should not have the text in all capitals. Everything in capitals will not make the user read the content fast, and they cannot get the content registered in mind easily.

5. Create Curiosity

The content of the email should create a desire for the user to read and use their end output. Users during lockdown would never have gotten interested in purchasing accessories or any other item that is not really an essential one. Not only during the lockdown period, but even on the usual days 9f they don’t have a need to buy something. They don’t tend to look for information. Email marketing should have the ability to create some carving of interest for the user. They should get a feel that purchasing now based on advertisements is worth doing rather than spending time or money in the future.

6. Power Lines

The subject line should include catchy words to attract the user. You can find a lot of powerful words or lines available free of cost. There are even third-party vendors who do this as a profession, and you can make use of their techniques to create powerful lines for both your subject and the body content of the email.

7. Include percentages and numbers

Generally, for any business presentation, the percentage and numbers will talk first on your behalf, and next comes the content. Similarly, the end-users will generally go with reviews. But you cannot have the review content included in the email. Instead, you can have a percentage of success, percentage of using the products, and percentage of good and bad reviews that can help them get a good feeling about the product.

8. Frequency of Email

Email marketing should not be done on a daily basis. There should be a frequency of intervals to be chosen before you post such an email. If the marketing email is sent every day, then you can understand that the user is not going to look into your emails. You will have to find the right time to post your content. The right time depends on the region, culture, tradition and also the season in that particular location. Email marketing can be seasonal, or it may depend on the festival time or during any specific occasion.

9. Easy Marketing

Email marketing is easy to go with because you don’t need to pay much if you have the content and subject line ready. The designing of the content might incur some cost, but if you can do it on your own, then that cost will also be reduced. You will have to choose the right audience and the right set of users based on the age range so that marketing can be restricted to a limited set of people.

10. Introduce Automation

Email marketing can be very well done with automated Bots. This will help your marketing to flourish in a short period. Automated tasks can get various sets of inputs. It would be enough to just fine-tune the configurations of automation, and thereby, the content, subject line, and intended audience list can be changed at regular intervals. This automated task can be triggered in just a single click, and it can even happen from your hands by sending the trigger for the bot from your mobile device.

5 tips for creating your Email Marketing List

No one wakes up one morning and starts advertising their products and services by sending out emails to people. The point is, if anyone does that, such an effort will only be wasted. There are chances you have more campaigns and advertisements from businesses you don’t know out there in the spam and promotion box of your email than you have in your primary inbox. This is so because those emails are not meant for you, and the senders target the wrong audience, which is common among bad email marketers.

However, a good email marketer must first set out his plans and tactics in such a way to understand his target audience, their problems, and how his product or service will be of use to them. This will avoid sending campaigns to people who are not interested in whatever you are advertising to them.

1. A good ESP (Email Service Provider)

Just as we need a telecommunication company’s service for us to make a telephone call to another person in another geographical region, an email service provider is also needed in email marketing.

The choice of selecting an email service provider is based on what you need to achieve with your campaigns and the tools needed to achieve your goals. There are many ESPs out there, including MAILCHIMP, MAILFENCE, HUBSPOT, and FastMail, among others. Be diligent in examining the options available and select the platform that best meets your goals.

2. Call to Action from your website

This tip is for businesses that have a working website. And every business in this digital age is expected to own one if they want to grow bigger and faster. If there is a proven way to get an email list, it is through a persuasive and irresistible call to action. When designing your website, you must employ creativity so that people won’t but sign up to your mailing list for them to get the most out of your service.

And when they sign up on your website, they become your direct audience, whom you can contact at any point in time. For this to be effective, it is expected that such a company must have put some measures in place to generate lots of traffic to the website, which will lead the visitors to the Call to Action.

3. Incentives and give away

Using the word “free” has been said to be a notable path to many roads in the hearts of humans, and, as such, offering values to people for free has been one of the proven ways of stealing people’s attention. Not just attention alone, but it serves as bait to get them to act.

To generate more lists, give more hard-to-resist incentives in the form of discounts, coupons, free tickets to important events, etc. Do so in such a manner that their desire for the incentives will lead them to sign up for your mailing list. The number of lists you’ll generate in a small space of time will amaze you.

4. Take advantage of social media

Most business owners using email marketing underestimate the effect their social profiles can have on the growth of their email list. At the same time, social media is one of the best places to grow your email list. This can be done in various ways, depending on the medium you use.

For instance, your website’s link can be added to your Twitter profile. This is necessary because most people dig deep into the social presence of business owners to confirm their genuineness and that of their business.

Also, there are various ways you can use Facebook to your own advantage when growing your mailing list. One way is by running ads for your incentives and discount offers, which will lead them to sign up for your mailing list. Another way is by promoting your landing page on Facebook groups consistently, sharing your campaigns, and inviting people to sign up. You can apply this method to every other social platform as well.

5. Take advantage of offline events

When possible, offline ways to get emails from people are another way of creating a marketing list. Most enterprises forget that they can have easier access to the email addresses of their potential customers when they meet physically on different occasions. The exchange of business cards, among others, is a common method of achieving this.

Occasions like marketing conferences, organisation launchings, webinars, business-oriented fairs and events offer the ready-made opportunity for marketers to grow their email marketing list. Notwithstanding the method, the aim is to achieve growth in your list-building tactics.

Email Marketing Services for B2B Businesses

We help you build strategies to properly interact with your B2B audience via email marketing for them to fall in love with your solutions. To obtain the desired customer conversion rates that your business is capable of, you should manage your landing pages, call-to-action buttons, and other related things and align them all ideally with your messaging.

In comparison to B2C email marketing, B2B email marketing takes a different path. You strive to connect with your customers on an emotional level with B2C email marketing. Your main goal is to persuade your customers to buy your goods because of the benefits they would receive. B2B email marketing, on the other hand, is more rational and logical.

Is email marketing for B2B effective?

When it comes to business-to-business email marketing, according to surveys, 70% of corporate professionals believe effective email marketing enhances customer retention.

Furthermore, qualifying B2B prospects and converting them into potential clients takes a longer period of time.

Furthermore, qualifying and converting a B2B prospect into a potential prospect requires more time. You speak directly with prospects in B2C email marketing, but there are multiple decision-makers in B2B email marketing.

B2B email marketing strategic plan for your business

B2B email marketing strategic plan for your business

It is very important for your business to have a dedicated B2B email marketing plan in place for the company. More engagement means more leads and more leads to more conversions. More conversions can ultimately lead you to enjoy more income with B2B email marketing.

B2B email marketing must be a staple part of your marketing plan for two reasons. The first is that it is very cost-effective and helps you communicate a lot of your business value in a direct manner. The second advantage is that it reaches the set the target audience, which is directly aligned with the strategic objectives of your business.

Email marketing for B2B companies in this manner has several benefits. The ease of deployment and ease of the process of sending the mail with a matter of clicks rids the marketers from engaging in an intensive process for meeting their marketing goals.

However, to convert cold contacts to engage leads, the campaign must first hit the inbox and then present the reader with particular and highly-actionable value.

Needless to say, it is easier said than done. A cold list of contacts converted into opt-ins is an important part of your lead nurturing activities for creating an outbound email marketing strategy for the potential audience who can convert as a customer while sitting in our B2B mailer list.

How do the email marketing services of Expand My Business work for your business?

Email marketing helps in the communication of your marketing message by reaching out to the inboxes of your target audience. Our consultants and partner agencies help you in finding the right fit for your email marketing strategy. Furthermore, we help you to pursue your email list and strategies in a manner to improve your interaction with your audience.

We help you get over the set of complexities and confusion when trying email marketing for the first time in your business cycle. To figure out how email marketing can work for your business, consider the following points:

There is a lot of email marketing software which are loaded with promising features to handle your task of carrying out email marketing activities for your business. However, it is necessary to consider the pricing plans of this software and understand its features and functionalities in-depth. Look out for the various templates and automation features that these email marketing software applications have to offer.

1. Helps you choose the right email marketing software.

Deep dive to have an understanding of how a particular email marketing software can help you out with the segmentation process. Segmentation allows you to cater to the best interests of your audience by catering to the best interests of your targeted segment.

While choosing your email marketing software, it is very important to also look at the factors like the number of emails that can be sent every month along with the number of recipients. Align this with your business requirements and your marketing strategy to have the maximum advantage of using email marketing software.

Expand My Business, and its partner agencies help you in bringing an end to your struggle to find the best email marketing software to work for your business needs. In this way, we offer businesses the chance to automate the flow of emails and take a data-driven approach to make the best use of tools and software.

2. Works on your email list.

One of the most crucial aspects to consider in determining the success of an email marketing strategy is to put up good work on your email list. This opens the scope for improving your click-through rates. By finding the correct audience for sending your mail, your business can improve its chance by 6x for the mail to get opened.

This is where the importance of the email list comes into play in deciding as to who must receive your email. Email lists can be created by collecting email addresses from the users and visitors who sign up to your subscribe button. This can be done by encouraging the visitors with the value propositions which you have to offer as your business. Based on this, your business can run effective email marketing campaigns like sending newsletters.

Expand My Business and its network of verified and dedicated partner agencies works in your best interest in helping you sort out your requirement for an email list and help you target the right audience.

3. Helps you define your email marketing goals clearly.

It is very important to have clarity when it comes to deciding what emails are to be sent to whom and with what purpose. This can help you in focusing on gathering the much-needed attention and engagement from your receivers.

Your email marketing goals must focus on setting SMART goals which imply that

· They must be Specific

· They must be Measurable

· They must be Attainable

· They must be Relevant

· They must be Time-Bound

While setting your email marketing goals, we first try to solve the purpose of your audience and then your business. This helps out in bringing relevant value to your emails. Furthermore, we determine the relevant metrics based on which you will determine the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

We keep the idea of who your email subscribers are and which segment of your audience must receive which kind of email can help you improve your email marketing performance. Lastly, we track and monitor your performance on a timely basis which will help you in getting takeaways.

4. Strategise on the best practices for improving the open rates.

Behind the success of any email marketing initiative is the ability of the business to improve the open rate of their emails. Open rate is one of the important email marketing metrics which measures the number of instances in which the receiver opens an email.

With our email marketing solutions, we work on improving the open rate of your emails by giving your email a touch of uniqueness. Most importantly, our major area of focus is to work on improving your email lists. This way, it can be ensured that the open rates of the emails you send impact your email marketing campaign positively.

How do our Email Marketing Services help your B2B Business:

1. Find the target audience for lead generation

Sending an email to someone who has not opted for it is nothing more than just spam. Your emails will be valued only when they are sent across to the right set of audiences to bring relevance to the lives of your reader.

Find out who your target audience is. Thus one of the first processes in which your business must invest its resources and time in finding success with your email marketing strategy.

Data can help you a long way in aiding the process of creating your buyer’s persona and creating the message for your audience. Understanding your email readers can help you understand your buyer personas. This can facilitate a better understanding of how people make purchasing decisions and which type of marketing strategies, tactics and tools are more durable for your audience.

We help you identify and expand your database and create your customised email marketing list. Our B2B lead generation activities help swiftly expand your prospect database and encourage more and more users to subscribe to your email lists. We help you reach out to a vast number of people who may have even never heard of your products or services before.

The ease and directness of emails are what make them one of the most effective ways to convert your audience and drive them downwards in the sales funnel. By acing the practice of marketing your email, you can stock your marketing and sales funnels with leads regularly.

Many marketers make the common error of not cleaning and validating their email marketing list from time to time. This can hence result in the increased chances of your email getting marked as spam by the sections of the audience who are not interested in opening and reading your emails. The quality of the database is one of the primary factors in ensuring derive positive values from your email marketing strategies for a sustained period.

Choosing a trusted data source that can guarantee the correctness, viability and success of your records is the hallmark of the quality of your email list. When looking for a database vendor for creating your email marketing list, have the proper checks and safeguards in place to ensure that the track record of the company holds good and that the malicious practices of creating an email marketing list are rightly avoided.

Your email marketing list can only be a great asset to your organisation if the quality data you use holds value and then you have chosen the correct email marketing software. Only in this way will you be able to target the right demographic and sell the right products to build the lead.

The speciality of the services offered by Expand My Business is that we help you tackle this challenge and help you take the best approach in generating leads from your email marketing activities.

2. Lead nurturing for long-term business

Nurturing leads is as crucial to your company’s success as creating the database of your email subscribers.

Lead nurturing strategies have a direct impact on how a consumer reacts and makes their decision to convert them into paying customer. Relevant content, multi-channel nurturing, timely follow-ups, personalisation, etc., are all approaches to nurturing leads.

Positioning relevant content with your emails, nurturing your mail list with multi-channel marketing strategies, timely follow-ups, personalisation, etc., are the cornerstones for building high-quality leads for your business.

The sales cycle for B2B enterprises is typically lengthier and more exhausting than compared B2C businesses. Your customers should thoroughly comprehend the benefits which you bring to the table with your unique solutions to their organisation. With your email marketing efforts for B2B business, you should be able to tell your audience why it is that they must be interested in what you have to offer. This can help you have a competitive advantage and edge over your competitors and create a positive impact in the minds of the audience.

Lead nurturing activities involve supervision across each stage of the sales cycle. With your email marketing activities, you must be able to answer some important questions that your audience and readers are probable to ask.

Email marketing offers marketers the gold mine opportunity to nurture their audience and give them a reason to stay hooked on your digital marketing activities.

Email marketing offers your audience a significant opportunity with lead nurturing, as about half of the leads in any system are not your ready buyer. Email creates an everlasting impact in the minds of the audience and helps in fostering and building relationships with buyers at every level of the funnel. The basis for any good lead nurturing system is to figure out where the customer is in the sales cycle. This offers them the opportunity to have access to the most relevant information.

You will need a lead scoring system in place for lead nurturing to be effective. This identifies where a certain lead fits within the brand’s buying model and can help you figure out how to best engage with them. Depending on your sector and target demographic, lead scoring algorithms will differ.

Attempt to devote time and effort to your blog since content marketing is a terrific approach to communicating with your audience in a conversational tone. Your blog’s content can lead to opt-in connections that can be nurtured via email.

Lead scoring will provide you with the behavioural data you need to determine where a lead is in the funnel so you can provide them with the information they need to progress. Your email and content marketing lead nurturing activities can go together and build long-term relationships with your audience.

Expand My Business helps you get specialised solutions for lead nurturing to help you grow your business and make the best use of your email marketing and content marketing initiatives.

3. Personalised email for leads

The success of your email campaigns is largely dependent on their success in generating high-quality B2B leads. The interaction with a non-opt-in audience is very difficult and gruesome. However, by building an appropriate content marketing strategy, it is very much possible for your business to generate a steady stream of quality leads.

Creating a personalised email for your subscribers that your audience can immediately recognise is the cure to the problem of cold email lists. Contrary to popular belief, success in email marketing is not all about selecting creative and well-known cold email templates because they have been used thousands of times. Instead, focus your message on your target buyer’s needs.

Determine your product’s main selling points and explain how they can benefit the readers in a particular way. You cannot have the advantage of reaping favourable values from your recognised personas as long as you do not have a promising relationship with your audience.

In all cases where it makes sense to use personalisation tokens like name or company’s name. This creates the impression of a conversational email and improves the chance of being seen within the inbox. Be clear about why you’re sending them an email specifically and how much you appreciate their time. Starting with the subject of your email through the call to action, all of the messages must be uniform.

Tools to help you market your emails like a pro

Do you know that there are more than 4 billion email users? Email, having these many users, dwarves other digital communication platforms. Mark Zuckerberg predicted that email as a marketing tool was on its deathbed.

However, despite the grim prediction, email has seen a resurgence. 59% of marketers say that email marketing gives them the highest return on investment compared to other marketing methods.

It is the reason email marketing is the preferred tool for many marketers. However, it is not always a walk in the park for companies to conduct successful email marketing campaigns. Although email marketing is a great way to reach individuals directly, it takes a lot of time out of companies. Many businesses have evolved their email marketing strategies in search of efficiency.

Long ago, companies had to dig through questionnaires to understand their customers’ preferences. Today it is easy to access automatically compiled lists with tons of information on potential customers.

There are tons of specialised software people can use to streamline their email marketing drives. Unfortunately, some companies are still drawing a blank and looking to streamline their email marketing.

You must already have heard about a boatload of email marketing tools. However, by themselves, these tools are not guaranteed to give pleasing results. Every marketer needs to use supportive tools to boost their edge. The following are supportive tools that can improve every email marketing campaign.

1. Canva


When developing an email marketing campaign, a marketer can easily overlook the importance of how the emails will appear. The design of the emails sent out should be a top priority. The perfect email should draw attention to what you want the reader to see first while packing in all the information you want to convey. The need for good-looking emails is where a design tool comes in.

With Canva, you do not need to be a designer to make perfect-looking emails. It is an easy-to-use tool for creating branded content that looks awesome. The best part is that Canva targets people who have no prior design skills.

2. Grammarly


Are you creating content for your email and want to be sure it conveys the message you want? Is it the middle of the night, and your proofreading skills have taken a nosedive after the long day you’ve had? Grammarly makes an honourable mention here because it makes sure that no silly errors get past. With this tool, you can create captivating content which you can customise to suit the tone of voice you want for the target audience.

Grammarly is not only helpful with email marketing, but it can help you with all your writing to make it error-free. You can also use Grammarly regardless of the platform you have in place.

3. Deliverability Tools

Let’s say you have developed and launched a killer email marketing campaign, but how do you know if the emails reach their intended targets? The only way you can do that is to use a deliverability tool. A good deliverability tool will test your email for spam triggers, show you if your email has reached your target, and some go as far as telling you which folder your email ends up in and the recipient’s address. Two great deliverability tools to use are MailGenius and GlockApps.

4. Hyperise


It is another email customisation tool that each email marketing arsenal needs. We have already mentioned Canva for personalisation. However, Canva is a general customisation tool, but Hyperise is the best for emails. You can use it to add customised graphics to emails to make them pop.

5. Clearbit for Data Enhancement


You cannot maximise lead conversions by sending generic-looking emails. An effective marketing email needs to show the recipient that you know them.

To create the appearance of familiarity, you need to add details like the recipient’s proper name, title, and other details specific to them. A data enhancer tool such asClearbit can help you populate those hard-to-fill fields. Clearbit scans numerous sources and provides up to 85 data fields that you can use to customise emails.

6. Landing Page Optimisation Tool

You must optimise the landing page where potential leads arrive. A well-optimised page will improve your conversions and make your investment worthwhile. The quality of the landing page should be top-notch. It should also have a call-to-action that is a logical progression from the content of the marketing email.

Unbounce comes highly recommended as a landing page optimisation tool. It enables you to create landing pages that give you better conversion rates.

7. Get a Good Email Verification Tool

How many of the emails on your mailing list are active? It is a question you should answer before sending marketing emails. A good email-checking tool like DataValidation will enable you to reduce undeliverable emails and improve your return on investment.

8. OptinMonster To Manage Opt-ins


As the name suggests, OptinMonster manages opt-ins, but it has evolved to do much more. It is now arguably the most acclaimed plugin for generating leads. OptinMonster was exclusively a WordPress plugin, but now it works on any other website.

OptinMonster is highly customisable with many lead generation types, numerous triggers for displaying popups, many built-in templates, drag-drop customisation of assets, and much more.

9. Convertkit For Organising Your Contacts Like A Pro


No matter how many email marketing tools I introduce to you, you will notice a lot of duplication of tasks. Few email marketing tools have enough unique features to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Marketers who excel at their jobs don’t rely solely on marketing tools. Instead, they create strategies to complement them.

One indispensable email marketing strategy is audience segmentation. You cannot send a single email to your entire audience, no matter how carefully you have crafted it.

If you have a long email list, you should consider grouping the contacts to make targeted emails more effective. One of the best tools for segmenting email lists is Convertkit. You can use them to create countless segments for your current and future campaigns.

10. See If Your Audience Has Read Your Emails With Boomerang

Long before fully-fledged email marketing tools came along, marketers had found creative ways to check the performance of sent mail. One of the first things a marketer would want to know is whether recipients have opened their mail.

One tool that can give you this information is Boomerang for Gmail. Judging by its name, you can already guess what Boomerang does — it sends you an email if your recipient hasn’t read or replied to your email by a time set by you. Initially, Boomerang worked with Gmail only. However, you can now get versions that support Office 365 and Outlook.

11. Great Marketers Use Calendar Scheduling Apps

What call-to-action have you made on your landing page? Does it involve customers potentially booking time with you or your marketing team? If it does, you might want to automate your calendar scheduling. A scheduling tool will help your qualified leads to book calls or meetings with you at a suitable time for both of you.

Calendly is an excellent calendar scheduling app. It will automatically help you book clients without your direct participation for each lead.

12. Multi-Way Data Syncing

When you conduct an email marketing campaign, you often need to use multiple apps. The onboarding process of each of these apps is different and will leave you with several data sets without a central place to collate and store them. To sort out this mess, you need a data-syncing tool.

Such a tool will collect opt-ins from various sources and synchronise the data. You no longer have to worry about missing leads because of your many lead-generation tools.

A highly recommended data syncing tool is HubspotData Sync.

Final Words

The email marketing world is a cut-throat scene. Every marketer is looking for a way to edge out the competition. You may have an excellent email marketing tool and a well-laid-out strategy but find that your conversion rates are below your expectations.

At this point, you might want to consider utilising the tools mentioned above to figure out why your marketing strategy is not working. There are also quite a few to put you back on track.


What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves sending emails to a target audience to promote a product, service, or brand. The emails can be newsletters, promotional offers, or other types of content.

How do I create an email marketing campaign?

To create an email marketing campaign, you will need to choose an email service provider, build an email list, create content, design your emails, and track and analyse results

How can I measure the success of my email marketing campaign?

You can measure the success of your email marketing campaign by tracking metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and unsubscribe rates. These metrics can help you determine the effectiveness of your campaign and make improvements for future campaigns.

Why is email marketing important?

Email marketing is important because it provides a direct and personalized way to communicate with your audience. It allows businesses to build and nurture relationships with prospects and customers, deliver targeted messages, promote products or services, drive traffic to websites, increase sales conversions, and measure campaign performance effectively. Email marketing is cost-effective, scalable, and remains one of the most reliable channels for generating ROI in digital marketing strategies.

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