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Instagram is mainly attracting younger generations. This supplication helps them stay updated with the trend, and it enables them to post photos to a great extent.

The main audience for Instagram is the population of people who are in the age group of 18 to 25. The rest other audiences will hold an age group population of 25 to 35. 

Beyond this age group, those who are very much interested in social networking and are curious about posting their photos and videos to the platform generally use Instagram. 

Instagram also allows business units to create their profiles. This option will enable the business users to understand the followers of their products and also the feedback about their products.

Instagram as a marketing tool

Instagram helps you to market your product and also to attract new customers. Every business will definitely have a list of customers for their product. With an already pre-built list of customers, you can find those end-users on the Instagram platform. With the help of a pre-built list of customers, the business units can attract many new users from those social networks available with the prebuilt customers.

The demographic audience of Instagram

These are the set of audiences who are generally categorised based on their demographic information. The demographic information would be mainly based on the factors like





Instagram has a large younger population, and hence the age-wise segregation along with this location will help you to attract the right setup audience for the business. If advertisements need to be created to target a specific set of age ranges, then it would become easy for Instagram to drill down with even more segregation based on the geographic location. 

In such case, posts and information is limited to a geographic location that might not be applicable to other geographic locations. Hence the advertisements for the same product would actually differ based on the age range and geographic location. 

The difference in the advertisements can be brought easily with the help of models who are actually seen as presenters of the product. Every advertisement would have a theme and design, and the theme, if created according to the demographic factors, will have a good reach among the end-users.

Not just the age range and the geographic location, gender also plays an important role in advertisements. This is because the segregation of men and women for products is generally made. Even if the product is an electronic item, the segregation would be based on the colour of the product. Hence gender plays a major role in creating these advertisements. Because certain products might have a great reach among men when compared to women and vice versa, conditions would apply.

The other main factor that would affect the marketing tool is the language. You can look into Instagram that certain specific language-speaking users will have a network for their own language. Beyond nationality, the language appears to be an important factor for the linguistic audience. Instagram helps to identify a set of users speaking the same language, and hence the marketing team will have the ease to attract those users to sell their product.

The core audience of Instagram is just decided based on demographic information like age gender location, and language.

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Custom audience

These are the set of audiences who will be derived based on the details available with the business units. Their existing set of customers is always an asset for the organisation. Sometimes there are chances that if a customer is very much interested in a product, they will be able to market on behalf of the business to attract their own group of friends as customers to your product. 

This helps you to enhance your business in a cost-effective way. A step closer to this initiative, the business units get a chance via Instagram to attract those friendly units of your existing customers. Instagram can publish advertisements to those sets of users.

Insights about your competitors

In this digital world, every single piece of information is open to all so is the competitor’s information. If you take a step to understand the competitors, then you will have to follow the details on Instagram and Facebook

The followers of your competitor’s product are the main source of information. If you start to analyse the followers of your competitors, then you will be able to understand where you lack in creating the product and what features are really missing in your product. 

This insight would help you to quickly update the features of your product and also enhance your product in a better way. Thus the followers of your competitive product can again be easily attracted to your business if you try to introduce certain offers and then the product with a new feature at a discounted price.

Hashtags in Instagram

The hashtags are the new trend that will help you to understand the behaviour of the audience. This hashtag helps you to quickly filter out the list of customers who will be interested in your product list. 

Hashtags are the main social media marketing entity. There are a lot of social media tools in the market which will help you to identify the top as well as the popular hashtags in the current week or in the current month based on the popularity of the hashtags. You will be able to understand the interest of the set of customers. The focus of the customers will be clearly visible based on the hashtags hashtag will also help you to understand the location of the customers. Meaning the location of the customers can be well gathered based on the hashtag from Instagram.

Influencer audience

A certain audience of Instagram will have the capability to influence others and users of Instagram. This set of people will have a large network, and generally, it would be easy for a business to attract those influences, which in turn can influence the other set of followers. 

So let’s take an example of a film star having a profile on Instagram. The audience who will generally have the likeness towards that particular film star will start to follow the profile of the star on Instagram. An advertisement focused on being published for that particular film star can be made visible to the entire set of followers. 

Similarly, the business will also have a set of influencing people. If a set of people are very much inclined toward your business products, then those are generally called influencers of your business. 

You can generally try to partner up with those business influencers. You came to request them to participate in your product campaigns and make them provide good information about your product based on their experience. Also, these influences can be requested to provide feedback in the social media forum, particularly on Instagram, which will have the capability to attract more customers. These esteemed customers can, in turn, require their followers to share their own piece of content about your product which will, in turn, become positive feedback to your business.

Final Words

An influencer can be an important social media platform for your business, especially when you are looking to target an audience group which is young and dynamic. Getting the dedicated solution for Instagram, however, can be a hectic task. This is especially true given the fact that the platform commands a very active presence and consistency in approach. Getting creatives made, posting attractive photos and engaging with the audience meaningfully can best be done when you have the dedicated team to look after this.

With Expand My Business, you can get dedicated social media management services from the best partner agencies/vendors in the country who can offer these solutions within your budget. Post your project requirement on our platform and get started now!

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