What are the Services Offered by a Google Advertising Agency?

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Research states that Google gets more than 80 million monthly visits. There’s no other platform than Google, which manages to have such high traffic all the time, which provides an opportunity for businesses to reach out to their target audience through Google Ads. Let us learn about Google Ads in detail – how they work, the costs involved, and the major services offered by a Google Advertising Agency.

What is a Google Ad?

Google Ads is an advertising service solution provided to businesses to advertise their products or services on Google search, Youtube, and other websites. It not only lets your product reach the maximum number of people but also helps you gain a huge base of customers.

How does Google Ad work?

Google Ad works by displaying your product or service whenever people search for a product similar to yours. However, the following steps must be necessarily taken before setting up a Google Ad:

  • It is required to decide what you are expecting from your ad. Whether you’re expecting more visitors and traffic on your website, or more calls to the business inquiring about the product, is an important question to deal with.
  • Now that you know what you expect from the ad, you must decide what geographical location you want your ad to be displayed. It can be either a small radius, your locality or town or a broader area, perhaps the city or the country.
  • The budget needs to be finalised in this step, and the ad is ready to craft. 

How much does Google Ads cost?

The Google Ad cost is determined by the rate at which users interact with your ad. The cost is charged not for the service rendered but when users interact with your ad, like clicking on the link of your website.

What are the services offered by a Google Advertising Agency?

1. Web Design

Website designing and developing is the first step of establishing your business virtually, and being the first step, it is the most crucial one. Your website is the first impression of your business which will last on your customers. Google Ad agencies create, design, and develop your website according to company trends. Web designers, website developers, and search marketing strategists use the latest technology to establish an impacting website to help your business grow online. Therefore, web designing has become the most essential service provided by Google Ad agencies.

2. SEO Services

Do you want your website to list on the top pages of Google? That’s what an SEO Service does to your website!

SEO Services entail Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) offered by an agency that optimises your site for search engines, leading to more traffic and visits to your website. The most crucial element of SEO is ‘Keyword Search’. The whole picture of keyword search is to select realistic keywords matching your business’s niche so that it appears on top whenever these keyword searches are used. 

There are various kinds of SEO Services, including the following:

  • Content Generation
  • On-page Optimisation
  • Off-site Optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • Voice Search SEO

3. Pay-per-Click

Pay-per-Click is an advertising meter that determines how much an advertiser will pay on a click made by the user. PPC Campaigns help you display ads, engage the audience, track conversions, and analyse results. PPC and paid campaigns are a great way to help your product reach multiple audiences at a budget-friendly price. 

4. Banner Ads

Banner ads are one of the most popular and old types of Google Ads in which a predetermined space on the website is purchased to advertise in the form of a banner. The advertiser can choose a specific time range in which he wants to display his ad. One of the greatest advantages of this platform is that it is highly customisable in terms of colour, shape, size, and pictures. 

It is an excellent service offered by Google Ad agencies as it helps to target the audience very easily because you put your ads on the screens of users who have already visited the site, making it an excellent way for the audience to come back again and make a purchase.

5. Manage Campaigns

Making the ad campaigns reach as many people as possible is a huge hurdle. It used to take so much effort, time, and resources of the company that managing campaigns became the least favourite work. But Google Ad agencies have changed things now due to buying ad space with software, also known as “programmatic advertising”, which saved the time and effort of multiple employees. Starting and stopping campaigns, reaching the target audience easily, and making budget-friendly ads are now a cup of tea for those skilled professionals.

6. Brand Awareness

“Google Ad” is a broad term. It has more to do with just running ads and making people reach your product. ‘Branding’ plays a significant role in making the company reach heights, and Google Ad agencies help you do that. When people see your ad displayed on their screens, even if they don’t click on it, they get to know about your company, what it has to offer, and what the prices are, and eventually, they become aware of your brand. Many companies display the ad to more people rather than focusing on conversions and clicks.

Branding helps you build reputation and goodwill and maintain a loyal customer base. It is the ladder of all the successful companies we see in the market today. Therefore, Google Ad agencies help you build a brand that you aspire to have of your own!

7. Maximise ROI

Google Ad agencies not only help you with Return on Investment (ROI) through pay-per-clicks, landing pages, and conversions. But they help you build bidding strategies according to your audience’s demands and expectations. Let’s shed some light on what these strategies are! 

  • CPC Bidding: When your goal is to gain maximum traffic on your website.
  • CPM Bidding: When your goal is to spread brand awareness. This strategy suggests you decide on the amount you are willing to invest for 1,000 people to come across your advertisement in full view. It is to be noted that the ad is only visible on Google Display Network, not the search network.
  • CPA Bidding: When your goal is to focus on pay-per-clicks and conversions. 


With digitalisation taking over at a fast pace, it has become essential for companies to seek help from skilled professionals who have their hands on making your business grow digitally – Google Ad agencies. Check out this Google ads guide for a thorough understanding. All businesses lean on the number of sales to increase their revenue, and for the same, they need to hire a Google Ad manager who can bring expertise to the table.

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