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In this era of digital marketing, it is important to be aware of the latest e-marketing strategies. You need to stay in sync with the new tools and make the most of any opportunity to connect with the target market. 

Trigger marketing is an effective strategy that is closely connected to email marketing. Automated emails are triggered by a specific action done by the user or a website visitor. Customisation options and automation have made trigger marketing campaigns more dynamic and effective than before. Trigger-based mobile marketing is a modern trend that deserves special attention. It is a good and cost-effective way to get the best out of your app. In the below sections of the blog, we have discussed some of the advantages of trigger marketing which can help your business grow.

Understanding Trigger marketing

 It is an important marketing technique that triggers the automatic sending of a message to any potential or actual client in the passage of the user‘s journey.

 Trigger marketing is a new technique that you can use to send highly customised information, to your potential customer at the right time. It consists of sending relevant information and messages or notifications at a specific time in response to an event. 

Trigger marketing campaigns are not limited to only emails. Trigger messages can be sent by SMS, email or mail, etc. It is connected o a specific action taken by the customer, including purchasing or completing a web form, or any personal event such as an anniversary, etc

 Different user actions are bound to trigger different messages with the aim to maximise customisation. Studies reveal that reaching out to target customers at the ideal moment significantly increases the likelihood of conversion and thus boosts sales. 

Trigger Marketing is event-based 

In trigger marketing, all activity is driven by “events”. This event can be a user action such as viewing a product for more than two minutes, downloading an eBook, spending more than 3 minutes on some section of your website, installing an app, etc., or a specific date for example Father’s Day,  or Christmas,  or happy Easter, etc.

 You can excel in a trigger marketing campaign by using all the information you have about the user. You can also make use of striking graphics, and catchy titles to capture the interest and attention of the users. For example, if your brand is related to leisure vacations you can post emails and personalised messages connected to holidays as the user searches for tourist destinations at the right time. 

 Every activity or each event will generate a customised reply to regular users. For example, for an Indian festival such as Diwali, you can send out an email about candles or gifts to users who celebrate this Indian festival. 

 Automation is the key factor in Trigger Marketing

 Automation plays an intrinsic role in trigger marketing.  Automation can be done through modern tools, such as HubSpot. It helps to make the best use of impact and craft sophisticated marketing campaigns with minimum time investment. 

 Trigger-based email campaigns are multifaceted, effective, and sophisticated as per the demands of the marketing strategy. Trigger e-based emails are sent out automatically as they are based on a significant event related to the website goals Generally the common form of low volume, high ROI trigger-based emails consists of appealing welcome emails as the user makes a new account along with order confirmation emails when the user places the order.

Why Trigger Marketing campaigns are important ?

  • 1. Increases profitability 
  • 2. Increases conversions
  • 3. Increases relevance 
  • 4. Offers competitive advantage 
  • 5. Creates the ability to respond quickly to user behaviour 
  • 6. Increases customer loyalty 
  • 7. Helps to collect, assemble and use behaviour-based data 
  • 8. Improves deliverability

Most effective moments to initiate trigger marketing campaigns

 Few key moments are appropriate for launching a trigger email campaign. These include;

 New registrations

  Based on the information that the new users provide when registering, you can effectively customise the message with relevant information and promotions that will capture his interest instantly. Offering a welcome discount and expressing thanks paves the way for positive communication.

 Live or digital events

 They offer a significant opportunity to develop trigger email marketing campaigns. For example, if your brand initiates a webinar, you can seize this opportunity to send a few reminders to users who have signed up.  You can also offer them the prospect of downloading the recording or a PDF summary later on. 

  Abandoned shopping carts

 They offer an ideal opportunity for reactivation. Digital marketing specialists do not let the users abandon the cart and get away. They post creative and meaningful emails that motivate viewers to conduct the purchase. Thus, they can boost conversion rates with the help of trigger marketing. Trigger marketing is a great opportunity that will help to integrate cross-selling such as new store openings, ongoing promotions, or new products into informative messages.

 Initial reactions 

Before or after the new users register, they are bound to view your website.  This is the best opportunity to start observing and monitoring their interests closely. For example, on which part of the website did they spend more than 2 minutes? Which sections did they visit right at the beginning?

 Pattern of purchase 

A potential customer converts into a definite target client when he makes a purchase. This first conversion is the crucial moment in your trigger email campaigns to ensure that their purchase has been accurately completed. You can keep them in the loop by reminding them of the next steps, For example, when can they expect to receive the product.

 Expressing Loyalty 

 Customer loyalty is very important for the growth of a business. Getting a new client and retaining him entails a lot of effort. Trigger-based e-mail campaigns help to make loyal clients. You can target customers that do maximum spending. After they have   made several purchases you can send them an email with a free gift coupon 

 For example, offer a coupon with their second purchase, wish them a happy birthday, or inform them about special discounts and promotion deals on certain products of their choice.


This campaign is suitable when the user despite registering does not return to your website.  Give reminders to the user and offer a discount or a deal that is difficult to refuse for example offer free shipping or a free trial. Here the intent to purchase is present but for some reasons such as pricing or wrong timing, the user refrains from doing the actual purchase. This type of trigger marketing certainly helps win back and to retain customers as well as build loyalty.

 Advantages of trigger marketing 

 1. Trigger Marketing makes users feel special 

Mass emails and aggressive advertising patterns generally put off online viewers. They receive personalised messages and gentle reminders in a positive light. These definitely leave a lasting impression on the mind of the user. Thus posting emails that are in tune with the user’s needs at a given moment reflects excellent customer service.  This fosters satisfaction and the likelihood of clients recommending you to their network also increases. Also, ensure that you post an email thanking them for signing. Offering a free discount or a free trial motivates them to ultimately make the purchase 

 2. Trigger Marketing increases brand awareness 

 A good way to get the best results out of your app is to pay attention to and build trigger marketing strategies. With minimal time investment, you can capture the attention of the users and boost brand awareness. A promotional message is an important aspect of trigger marketing. Brands can use trigger marketing strategies to get in touch with customers who have earned loyalty points to offer them a good package discount or invite them to a private sale. 

3. Trigger Marketing helps to save time and resources

 With a trigger marketing campaign, it is possible to execute complex segmentations in a simple manner. Your team members can dedicate their effort and time to improving marketing strategies. They can craft and implement creative ideas. Positive outcomes are achieved with trigger marketing as they can measure and optimise results continuously. One of the main advantages of launching a trigger-based email marketing campaign is that once it is created, they continue to pop up without any labor-intensive work that is generally required to conduct an email marketing campaign

 4. Trigger Marketing helps to optimise conversion opportunities 

 Initiating trigger marketing campaigns improves communication with clients and gives an opportunity to convert them into potential customers. Since trigger marketing is based on events it maximises conversion opportunities at different phases of the funnel.

5. Trigger Marketing helps to increase revenue 

 Trigger marketing helps to design effective trigger-based email campaigns that are relevant for all stages of the buying cycle. This starts with the welcome e-mails and works down through the post-purchase process. Increased conversion rates boost sales and automatically enhance revenue. 


Trigger marketing has a substantial positive influence on the growth of the business. It helps to improve conversion with the web visitor and helps to retain the customer. Trigger marketing also helps to boost productivity. The most fruitful aspect of a trigger marketing campaign is that it operates on auto pilot while it secures revenue for the business. 

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