What are the Advantages of Trigger Marketing for Your Business?

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A business will always underperform if it doesn’t understand the importance of using Trigger marketing. Every other business is using trigger marketing techniques and increasing their sales conversion.

Gone are the days when there was lesser competition in the market. Nowadays, competition is increasing more than ever. Let’s say there’s this one business that deals in electronics; now, many businesses out there are also dealing in electronics, thus making the competition harder. Therefore, it is necessary to be updated with all the recent marketing techniques to not get behind the competitors. Let’s start with the basics.

What is Trigger Marketing?

Trigger marketing is a marketing strategy used by brands and businesses to ensure that users receive a customised notification; the notification could be in the form of an email, text message, etc. As these notifications are sent in response to an event, that is why, trigger marketing is also known as an event–based marketing strategy. It is something that’s done after the occurrence of a particular event. 

The event could be a customer spending more than 5 minutes on a website, adding a few items to the cart, interacting in the website’s chatbox, subscribing to the newsletter of any website, etc. Trigger Marketing uses marketing automation to send notifications to potential or existing customers. It increases the chances of the customer purchasing by sending them customised notifications and following up with them.

In trigger marketing, the phrase ‘trigger’ means it sends the emails at the right time, increasing users’ chances of purchasing. It gets triggered at the right time to send a particular notification to the customer and follow up with them. We all might have added items to our cart and then forgotten about them, and then we receive an email about it from the concerned website about the items in our cart; this is what trigger marketing is. It knows when to send an email or text to the customer.

What Role Does Marketing Automation Play in Trigger Marketing?

Marketing automation is the backbone of trigger marketing and plays a significant role in sending notifications. In the simplest of words, it uses software that automatically does tasks. The marketing automation software is the platform that works in the background to make everything happen at the front end. These tasks are done automatically, which would have otherwise required human effort. It sends these notifications after identifying the behaviour of a customer.

As business or brand owners, people do not have much time to send follow-up emails to their customers and check in on them every time they leave behind something in the cart; they need to focus on their business and how to get ahead of their competitors. This is where marketing automation does its job, making the user feel valued and essential. A business needs to set up the notifications that need to be sent to the customers with the automation software, and that is it. The marketing automation will send it out at the appropriate time. So simple yet so beneficial for the business!

What are the Advantages of Trigger Marketing for Your Business?

There are many advantages of trigger marketing.

1. Trigger marketing is efficient.

Trigger Marketing works efficiently for the business. And all the emails, newsletters, and reminders we have received from some brands/companies can vouch for it. Its timing is beyond perfect, making it more challenging for the customer to let the notification slide by without purchasing anything. It increases conversion by sending out notifications at the right time and thus making the customer purchase the items. 

2. Understanding the prospect’s personality.

Knowing about the prospect before the business sends any notification is essential. The business needs to identify its behavioural patterns, what section they spend the most time on, what they leave in the cart, whether they need a discount on a particular item for it to buy, etc.

3. Personalised campaigns for the win.

The one thing that will make customers feel the most valued is personalised notifications. They will feel it has been exceptionally crafted for them, making them feel important. This way, they will want to engage more with the brand. There are low chances of a customer engaging with a general message. Therefore, sending customised messages to prospects or existing customers is crucial. 

4. Notification is sent at each stage.

The business observes every stage of the customer’s journey. Push notifications, follow-up emails, reminders, newsletters, etc., are sent to the customer based on the stage of the journey that the customer is at that moment. They observe every action one takes, and if the customer visits their website, they try not to let them go without purchasing something from the business’s website. 

5. Increased conversion rates.

Trigger marketing positively compels the customer to purchase, increasing sales conversion. This is the story of just one customer. Imagine converting every user that visits the company’s website into a customer with the help of Trigger marketing. The potential of Trigger marketing is incredible. 

6. Retaining the customers.

Retaining customers is one of the most challenging jobs, but trigger marketing makes it easier for businesses. Customers will only come back for more if they already liked their experience before; they won’t return if they didn’t like their experience in the first place. These notifications make the customers realise that the company is genuinely interested in helping them out. Keeping up with the customers by sending them personalised messages makes them feel valued and lets them have the attention they want. So, they will come back.

7. More brand recognition.

The greater the number of people receiving a company’s notifications, the greater the chances of the company getting noticed. So basically, a company’s brand recognition is directly proportional to the number of customer emails their notifications are getting landed into. By doing this, potential customers will know more about the brand, and existing customers will feel more valued and return for more. They are highly likely to tell more people about the business.

8. Keeps everything ready.

Everything that must be sent to the prospect or existing customers should be prepared. Let’s say if the prospects place an order, an email confirmation of the order placed should be sent. A welcome email must be sent if someone signs up for the first time. If the order has been shipped, an email should be sent. And for these messages to be sent on time, they should be drafted before time. Therefore, it is necessary to have Everything in place. The marketing automation software will send these emails at the perfect moment.  

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Examples of Trigger Marketing Campaigns

1. Welcome message

This is the mail received by everyone who signs up on the app or registers for it. The mail would contain a short description of the company and what it does. This is an important one as it welcomes the new customer. 

2. Confirmation message

Sometimes, the business would want the customer to secure their account on the app by asking them to confirm their email address, as it is a way to ensure that the customer account is safe. 

3. Transactional message

This message is sent when the customer places an order on the website, and then an email confirmation is sent concerning the transaction of the established order. Because of this message, the customer sighs in relief that the payment has been made successfully. 

4. Loyalty or special occasion message

This is especially important for existing customers. The business must ensure they reward their customers with coupons, special discounts on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This is a way to ensure that customers feel special being associated with the business. 

6. Call to action message

This message positively compels the user to take action. It could be sent when it has been observed that the customer has spent a definite amount of time in some particular section of the website, looking for something they want or like. A CTA notification could be sent regarding that specific article.

7. Reactivation message

This message is essential when the customer hasn’t visited the website in a long time. Also, this message could be sent when the company provides its services on a subscription method, and it has ended and needs to be reactivated again. For both purposes, this could be an excellent reminder for the customer. 

8. Abandoned cart message

Abandoned carts often occur when a customer is shopping on the website; there could be a lot of reasons behind leaving a cart. This message is sent by a business that deals in products. It is sent at the time when the user forgets their items in the cart. It is sent to gently remind the customer about their cart so that they can make the purchase. 

Final Words

Over time, the trigger marketing technique has proved highly effective. Using the Trigger Marketing strategy correctly could be a game changer for a business. Since there is a lot of competition nowadays, and every business has access to the same tools, using them smartly will help one have a successful business. It will know how to draw the customers’ attention while business owners are busy working on their business goals. Thereby ensuring that the business maintains the existing customers and works hard to find more potential customers. Identifying the customer’s behavioural pattern, choices, lifestyle etc., will help one understand more about their customers and send across the trigger marketing campaigns accordingly.

Without trigger marketing campaigns, businesses would suffer a lot of losses. To ensure that doesn’t happen, use trigger marketing techniques for the business and let it flourish. It will level up the business game.

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