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With the development in technologies and the growth of the digital era, an increased number of consumers are crowding the online marketplace to showcase and sell their goodies.

Running an eCommerce website lands you at the perfect opportunity to encounter serious financial opportunities. Nonetheless, you must be adept at using the resources in the best possible manner. Otherwise, your website will get lost in the ocean of countless similar websites. Whether you are renovating an existing one or designing a new one, you cannot neglect giving prime importance to the website at any cost.

Is your Woo-Commerce custom website development ready to take advantage of the digital revolution and give you the required sales?

Let us now look at some of the practices that can be adapted to fabricate your website for efficient revenue generation.

1. Easy to Access!

Popular websites are not known just for their interesting videos, articles, or products. Instead, they are admired because they are convenient and easy to use. When someone uses your website and finds it bewildered, they are going to close it even before a sale is made. Thus, when designing a website is considered, you must be thoughtful during the process.

A busy page that is filled with loud colours or graphics does not give breathing room to the visitor. Thus, keeping the design tasteful is a must. Also, it must be convenient to navigate without acting like a maze. The customers shouldn’t have to jump through numerous hoops to buy their items. The website must have a proper orientation with a friendly search function. The customers must be able to browse the item by price, type, and more filters.

2. Showcasing

It is obvious that you are devoted to your company. However, your appreciation of it is not enough. You must showcase its key highlights and try to pour the attention of your audience into it. The visitors must understand the value of your website and understand the value you put into it, unlike every other eCommerce site. It must be apparent that you are standing out.

It can be showcased with a firm statement of the mission when you focus on the core values of the company. Also, you must incorporate your care and concern for your customers. Providing them with background information about your business and its journey would be a big plus as the humanistic approach would make them feel connected. However, this should not be a dry presentation. Instead, you should get creative while connecting them with the humanistic approach.

3. Understanding the power of smartphones

Everyone around us is using smartphones as a means of communication. Web browsing via mobile phones is done more frequently as compared to browsing on the desk through PCs or laptops. This implies that you better optimise your website to be used on smartphones. If necessary, creating a version of the website that is designed specifically for mobile users would be a great option. When people are unable to browse your website on the go, it is less likely that they will bother themselves to check it on the desktop.

4. Think Beyond eCommerce – Regular updates!

Though you built your website to serve the purpose of selling, it should not be the sole purpose of your website. After all, numerous websites out on the internet sell things, and you stand out nothing different from them. Visitors to your website must be so intrigued by your website that they visit it regularly.

It can be achieved by updating your website regularly. However, it doesn’t mean that you bulk flood your website with numerous graphics or features. Instead, it should have specific useful and friendly features that can be updated regularly. A blog page that keeps your users informed and updated about the on-goings of your business is a terrific way to draw attention. Also, it serves as a publicity stunt.

5. Use high-quality visuals

Often, it happens that customers receive something different from what they have offered. The quality or the colour does not resemble the image that was displayed on the website. It is the quickest means to lose the customers’ trust. Thus, offering images that represent the product accurately would provide them with an idea of what they will use. Hiring a product photography service to meet the need would be the right approach to showcase the product accurately. For every business, transparency is required and is the best means to portray openness to the customers.

6. Easy access to action for Customers

The motive of your website is to make money. Thus, you need visitors to purchase things from your website or generate leads. You must not appear desperate. However, you must not be so subdued that your visitors cannot even figure out the checkout process. The website must feature easy checkout options, shopping access, call-to-action for deals, easy subscriptions, and contact forms. Also, these features must be implemented tastefully on your website. A balance of all the components and their proper implementation is a must.

7. Be always ready to take feedback

It is impossible to please everyone. But that does not stop you from pleasing some. When you are open to constructive criticism and feedback, you will be able to fix the flaws and even come up with some interesting and creative solutions to transform your business. Also, when the customers feel valued, and their voices heard, they get increasingly driven towards your business.

You can incorporate a customer service section in your site where visitors can send messages easily. Moreover, you must do your best to respond to them quickly with helpful solutions and consider their suggestions.

8. Provide accurate details of your product!

A major disadvantage of eCommerce sites, when compared to physical stores, is that the customers are unable to attain a good sense of the product. The customers are dependent on descriptions and photos of the product. Thus, making your product description accurate is the key. The dimensions, benefits, and purpose of the product must be explained properly. If someone is not able to understand the usage or details of the product, he is certainly not going to order it.

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9. Navigation Simple and Convenient to use

Users run away from websites that are confusing and clunky. Providing a better experience to the customers will make them spend more time on your website and purchase from you again. While developing a website, the UX must always be considered.

Keeping the design simple yet interactive would do the needful. Having only a couple of navigation options that are easy to use and simple would be a big plus. Overwhelming the users with too many options might just piss them off.

10. Don’t keep the website stagnant!

Customers have numerous options while shopping for a similar product style. Standing out your product would not just sell it but might even land your business to promising customers. Just selling your products is not enough. Offering them value will make them stick around while preferring you over your competitors.

Final Words

Websites are always evolving and demand redesign. Through testing and feedback, the websites can be engineered to serve the customers more effectively. More importantly, as the store owner, neglecting the design of the website can lead to a significant loss.

Following the best practices of website development in WooCommerce will help you make the best advantages of WordPress to entertain the needs of your audience effectively. WooCommerce comes with a range of customisation options. WooCommerce is one of the most reliable WordPress platforms, which gives users the flexibility to customise and update their website on a regular basis without much trouble and hassles. With the growing number of options available, you can always make your store stand out with the best!

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