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Because of the Internet, a great many things have changed for the better. People now live, work, and do business in very different ways. Today, having a website is pretty much standard for any big company or has a lot of people.

What is the heart of your business, and how can you tell what works and what doesn’t?

To have a good website, and to know if your site is working, you should look at how many people are coming to it.

12 Web KPIs To Consider

1. The number of website visitors

In most cases, this is a metric that makes the most sense for businesses that sell things online or make money through advertising.

There are other ways people can make money from their blogs, such as through sponsored posts from guest bloggers who pay to have their content appear on your site.

For all this, it is essential that the number of website visitors on your website is maintained at an optimal level which will also ensure that the authority of your website rises.

The number of website visitors-web kpis to consider

2. Engagement rate of visitors who are not already there

This KPI tells you how many people who visit your website for the first time are seeing it.

You should have a lot of widgets if you’re selling them, so this number should be high. People who want to buy devices probably don’t need any more information. They want to know where and how to do it.

If you have a lot of products on your e-commerce site, each product page should have a high percentage of new visitors. Most people don’t spend much time reading about products they already know a lot about and want to buy them right away.

3. How long do people spend on your site?

You need to pay attention to this metric if you have a high bounce rate because it means that visitors aren’t spending any time reading your content and are just coming to look around before leaving for good.

You don’t want this to happen if your content is interesting, so think about how you can make your site more interesting or give people less reason to leave.

How long do people spend on your site-web kpis to consider

4. Per visit, how many pages are viewed?

It’s hard for someone to know if he wants to be a regular user of your content when they visit your website but don’t spend any time reading any of your content.

5. Number of returning visitors to your website

It’s essential to make sure your site is easy to use and that people can find what they’re looking for quickly, so they stay.

Making your site more appealing to people who might want to buy from you can help them stay longer.

The rate at which people return to a store is directly going to impact the performance of your business.

When it comes to measuring KPIs, this is one of the main focuses for businesses that want to create a business online. In addition to this, companies could also use a few product pages or a blog with ads and make money through affiliate programs. This can keep the bounce rate of your website in check.

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6. How many people buy from you?

It says how often people do what you want them to do when they visit the website, like buy something or sign up for email updates.

Using lead generation forms could be an excellent way to keep in touch with people interested in what you have to offer but aren’t ready to buy right now. This way, you can build a relationship with them before you make a sale.

Keeping such forms attractive and prominent are essential for improving your ‘click through’ rates and keeping the audience engaged for making a buying decision.

How many people buy from you-web kpis to consider

Links are one of the essential parts of your website content strategy. Attracting clicks on links can help you guide your users to navigate to the important parts of your website.

In this manner, you can increase the page views of your website and help your user take effective decisions. One of the ways through which it can be done is through blogs. Blogs can help in drawing the attention of the audience and click on relevant links, which can help in improving the engagement of the audience.

8. How much of the social media traction can your website capture

One of the most important KPIs is the social media engagement rate. This can, in turn, help in bringing a large number of people to your website.

To get more people to share your website, write posts about topics likely to go viral. You can use tools that will help you.

The factoid or meme that spread so quickly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, email, YouTube comment sections, or other places on the Internet usually has a good reason for it.

How much of the social media traction can your website capture-web kpis to consider

9. A comment is a way for people to get to know each other

Include a comment section for your social media posts that will help your users to engage in meaningful communication with each other.

It might be worth your time to respond to all of the comments on the post and ask people if there are any topics they’d like to see in the future.

If you interact with commenters more often, they’ll be more likely to leave their thoughts on your site, which will help you get more traffic from social media shares and keep them coming back.

 10. Ask for email subscription signups

One of the best ways for content publishers to get people to know about their products and services is to build an email list of subscribers. People who have signed up will be more likely to interact with your posts than people who came from other places.

People who type in a link to your site on their browser and then come right to your site instead of going to another one first are called “clicks.”

In the beginning, this could be where most of your traffic comes from because no one knows about your brand or what you write about yet.

Even if your overall traffic numbers show that referrals aren’t part of them, something might keep people from finding you on search engines when they type in words similar to what you do.

The best way to fix this is to talk to more people through social media, email, and other digital channels more often. Email subscription signups are just the solution to this problem. Further, they provide the marketers with the opportunity to make the best use of the email marketing strategies to help in strengthening the relationship with the audience.

11. Revenue

No surprise, the revenue metric shows how much money your site makes per visit based on what people read.

To see whether or not all of your hard work is paying off in money that you can use to pay bills, invest in new products, hire more workers for your company, or do all of the other things you need to do.

Revenue-web kpis to consider

Revenue can be increased by writing about topics advertisers are willing to pay a lot for when they want their ads to appear next to them. This way, visitors will see their brands when they come across something online they’d be interested in learning about.

Even though search engine traffic can come for free, there’s a big difference between organic and paid traffic (visitors who pay per click or view).

 12. Return on your investment

One of the most important key performance indicators is the return on investment, which shows how much money you make for every dollar you spend on your business. This is the last one to look at.

When a website costs $1,000 to run and makes $10,000 in the same month, your ROI is 10X ($10,000 / $1,000 = 10), which means you made 100% of your money back because you got ten times more money than you put into the site.

Visitors should read more of the content they see and click on outbound links to reach landing pages where they’re asked to give their contact information for a free e-book or another thing.

Then, the people who read the book will become customers who will buy more products and services from the author.


Measuring these key performance indicators can help you in finding out if your website is working. This way, you can see if you need to make changes to your site.

A timely visit to these indicators is necessary to ensure that your efforts are paying off. Furthermore, this can help you in determining the scope of bringing and implementing new ideas, features or strategies so that you can see how your actions compare to previous results that came from different methods (e.g., search engine optimisation vs social media promotion, for example). This way, you can see if your actions have worked or not.

Keep doing that until you reach a point where no more changes are needed to keep the same high level of performance because people keep coming back for more, and nothing stops them from staying and reading what you write.

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