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There are almost 2 billion gamers in this world. So developing a new game will never go out of trend as people are constantly looking for a new, better gaming experience that will enhance user experience and make them forget their reality. Almost 36% of the world’s population plays games, and every one of us might have tried to play the games either for time to pass or to have a break from the chaos. The gaming development process is not as easy and fun as the result sounds.

There are several stages and processes involved in the development of games. Let us have a quick look at the stages of development of games.


This step involves the entire discussion and drafting of ideas to develop a suitable model based on the client’s requirements. The game developer must ensure that they do good market research and analysis based on the preferred genre of the game before jumping into the making process. After the imagination, the game plan must be documented or represented in the form of a flow chart for easy understanding.

Concept art/ visualisation

No game is complete without good graphics/ visualisation. This stage involves designing the characters based on the client’s choice. In this stage, the character is given life with features like body, eyes, clothes. The graphic designers and the animators will work together to develop props for the games. Simultaneously, the creative team will sketch the game’s environment, for example, war field/ shore or any other medium.

Game development and testing

Once the character is visualised and the game environment is decided, the next step is to design the game. The game developer will work together with the creative team and execute an actual game-playing procedure in this stage. The developer will decide how the game will be played for a particular user command. For example, if the character has to shoot the opponent whenever the user double clicks, the developer executes this by using programs and game engines. The developed game must also be tested under various conditions to ensure success of the game.

Support and maintenance

Once the game is developed and launched, the client might come back to the game development company for support and maintenance. The support can be provided based on the user experience/ reviews. Any changes that will ensure a better user experience are incorporated in this stage. The game development company might update the game periodically to remain compatible with the recent version of the software. The updates and other maintenance are also done in this stage.

Monetisation options

This stage explores all the available monetisation options. Let’s be honest, game development will cost a lot, and hence you must implement a good monetisation strategy based on your game idea. There are several options like premium apps- users must pay before using the app, freemium apps- users can avail certain features but to avail all the features, they must pay. Some features allow you to put up ads in the form of videos that a user can watch. This ad might double their reward and also allow you to make money.

The following are the top services offered by game development companies in India.

2D and 3D Game development

By using a suitable game engine, the developer can develop the 2D and 3D games separately, or both of them can be combined in a single project to enhance the user experience. The main difference between these two lies in the type of objects used. The 2D games use flat graphics and generally lack 3D features like depth and intensity. Examples include Tiny Bubbles and Hollow Knight. 3D games, on the other hand, come with details of the textures and shapes and appear as if they exist in real life.

Single-player, multiplayer games

The games can also be designed based on the number of players playing the game simultaneously. Certain games allow only one player to play at a time. For example, Candy Crush Saga doesn’t allow you to play with anyone else (like friends). But, multiplayer games allow multiple users to play the same game simultaneously. For example, games like chess allow the player to compete with other players. Based on the idea of the game and its implementation, it can be designed for either single-player or multiplayer. Certain games allow both as well!

Games with social media integration

We all love posting on social media, don’t we? So why not have our favourite game integrated with our social media profiles? Many popular games like Subway Surfers allow users to share their achievements on Facebook and Instagram. Social media integration can help the game reach more audiences, and it is so much fun for the players! Social media can also be a great place for the audience to know more about the game, either through game posts or game videos. According to research, online games increase the complex problem-solving skills that are essential for everyday life.

Android game apps

Just like how apps are exclusively developed for Android and iPhone separately, the gaming apps are also created for each platform separately. Several games can be played on both platforms and sometimes even on the internet. But the development of the games on these platforms is completely different. To develop an Android game, the developer must be well-versed in Java and Android SDK. Popular Android games are Call of Duty, Among Us, Minecraft, etc.

iPhone game apps

To develop games for iOS, the developer has two options; the first one is writing exclusive codes for the iOS platform. The second one is to develop the game using developer tools and then build it on iOS. Building games on iOS is relatively easy as the developer has to be familiar with the Shift language, which is easier than Java and JavaScript. Popular iOS games are Worldle, Roblox, Bounce and Pop, and Money Rush.

To wrap it up!

Games have become an integral part of everyone’s life. With stressful work environments and work-from-home culture, people have reverted to games to have a break from the stress. Some people even play games as part of their professions, while some play just for having fun.

No matter what, the demand for new games will not fade anytime soon.  You can choose the service as per your game plan with all the services. Sometimes, all these features might also be combined to form a single service that promises to provide an enhanced UI/UX experience.
Finding however a suitable gaming app development company can however be immensely struggling and painful. There are very few gaming app development companies that can pull the demands and requirements of getting the gaming app built.

Book a free consultation call with us and know what is best for your business. We will understand and listen to your ideas and suggest the best company that will be budget-friendly and satisfy your requirements. We ensure that the best practices are followed while developing a game. With expertise, we promise to sort out your needs instantly.

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