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With billions of companies joining Shopify to build their online presence and to fulfil all their e-commerce needs, Shopify has emerged as one of the biggest and most successful e-commerce platforms. According to reports by Shopify and You, Shopify is the third largest retail e-commerce platform and occupies 4.4% of the market.

It not only hosts your online store but also offers you several features and technical services that you can later utilise to run your business in the e-commerce world. You can explore the platform and use it to the best of your advantage by using the wide range of apps available in the Shopify app store.

This article explores 10 such Shopify apps that have been regarded as the best for 2021 and are a must-have for all Shopify users!

What Is Shopify?

Shopify was founded by Tobias Lutke in 2008 and is a multinational e-commerce platform that allows business owners to set up their online stores and do business by selling the products and services through the platform itself. According to a report published by Popup Smart, Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms and has almost 20% of the entire market share globally.

Shopify hosts businesses of all nature and sizes and allows you to sell a variety of products and services including physical products, digital products, services and consultations, memberships, classes and lessons, ticketed experiences as well as rentals. SimilarWeb has revealed that Shopify was visited 58.84 million times in 2020.

If you go over to the Shopify app store, you will get to choose from over 6000 Shopify apps. These apps have been created keeping in mind different aspects of business tasks such as conversion, store designs, marketing, store management, fulfilment, shipping and delivery, and customer services, among others.

Top 10 Shopify Apps 2023

Wall Street Journal has revealed that more than 50% of the sellers on Shopify are first-time entrepreneurs.

Now that we have understood what Shopify is, let us explore the top 10 Shopify apps available for you to help upscale the performance of your firm:-

1. Oberlo

Oberlo is currently among the most popular Shopify apps and allows you to easily update your catalogue with trending products and services. You get increased sourcing facilities from suppliers and the design of the app is like a wholesale catalogue, especially built to cater to Shopify store needs. Furthermore, each time a person orders a product from your store, you can fulfil the order directly from the app by availing the dropshipping services. The initial cost of using the app is zero but eventually you have to take the premium membership of $29.90 per month.

Why choose Oberlo?

Choose Oberlo if you want to frequently update your e-commerce store with several products and if you are looking for an overall easy store optimization service. Furthermore, Oberlo’s dropshipping system has been designed to automate the product updates on your platform to always keep you up beat with the trends so as to attract more customers with the ability to track all the processes and shipments.

2. Smile

If you are interested in referral marketing, the Smile app offered by Shopify is a great option. It features a background story of your online platform to attract more customers to your platform through referral designing, VIP-based loyalty programs, and point-based methods and hence boosts your sales by driving traffic to your website. Furthermore, it gives you easy access to Analytics that give you useful insights about your website’s performance. It is available for free but if you want better features, you can take the premium plan, whose price is decided on the basis of features available.

Why choose Smile?

Smile runs some of the most successful and effective loyalty programs that have the potential to get your online store more visitors and widen your customer base. The app is easy to understand and the interface is simple with no initial costs when you start using it.

3. Printful

Printful app offered by Shopify is probably the most ideal app for your boutique needs. It offers interactive features that you can use to not only build an ideal boutique store with a beautiful interface, you can also customise the orders you receive on your store. Every time a person orders from your online boutique, Printful automatically creates customised designs and shares them with your store’s visitors. The app is available for free but charges a certain amount depending on the orders received on a monthly basis.

Why choose Printful?

If you want to attract customers with unique designs and sell customised products, this app is your best choice. Furthermore, you need not set up an inventory for this app and the production process is mostly automatic.

4. Tidio Live Chat

The Tidio Live Chat app offered by Shopify allows you to add live chats to your website and run them without having much knowledge about the same. It has an easy-to-understand configuration to help you launch this chatbot in just a few minutes. It is a simple yet visually appealing app and it has three plans. The Basic plan is free of cost; the Communicator plan and the Chatbots plan are available at $18 per month.

Why choose Tidio Live Chat?

You must have the Tidio Live Chat app because it lets you create a live chat option for your Shopify store and is available for both Android as well as iOS users. Furthermore, customer services are available 24/7 through chatbots and it comes with a live typing preview feature.

5. Plugin SEO

Plugin SEO is a great app for keeping a track of your online store. By running this app on your online store, you can manage your digital marketing efforts to stay connected with the e-commerce world. The app auto-detects all the SEO-related activity on your online store and helps you organise several aspects by offering a wide range of tools. It takes care of aspects such as keyword, speed, SEO problems, blog, content, and broken links.

Why choose Plugin SEO?

Plugin SEO is available at really pocket-friendly rates starting at $20 per month and improves the SEO aspects of your website to maintain a stable website traffic and conversion rate. Furthermore, it sends email notifications to the users to inform them about any SEO problems on the website.

6. Growwave

Growwave is a multi-purpose Shopify app and one of the most popular in terms of downloads. Growwave helps you in reaching a wider audience and carries out digital activities to convert these audiences into visitors to your website. It contributes to an increased conversion rate by converting these visitors into customers by using several tools to achieve this task. It has a free 30 days trial post which you have to take the premium version at $29.

Why choose Growwave?

Growwave is an all-in-one app that can help you do a variety of marketing tasks all at once and thus, make your brand popular on social media platforms. It strategically manages your campaigns and lets you build strong customer relations through commenting and reviewing facilities and loyalty programs.


SUMO is the best email marketing app offered by Shopify. It extensively uses email marketing tactics to drive customers to your website and is available for free as well as a premium plan which is priced at $19 per month. An interesting feature is that SUMO generates unique discount codes every time you get a new subscriber to help build their interest in your online store on Shopify.

Why choose SUMO?

SUMO keeps you updated with the marketing trends and comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form editor that allows you to create forms that your visitors are willing to fill with ease and you can therefore get their email addresses. In this way, it creates an email address list and keeps updating it with the increasing order value.

8. Kit

Kit app is a digital marketing assistant for all Shopify stores and takes care of all marketing needs for firms by sending promotional emails, preparing content for social media posts, creating social media advertisements and publishing them, among other marketing tasks. One of its notable features is the personalised expert marketing recommendations which give suggestions for marketing campaigns to new users. The app is available for free and only charges for Facebook ads.

Why choose Kit?

You should definitely have it for two essential reasons. First, you need not have another app or software for creating advertisements as Kit already does it for you. Kit can create as well as publish Instagram and Facebook ads. Second, it keeps a track of all the analytics and accordingly generates expert marketing recommendations to improve your marketing campaigns.

9. PushOwl

PushOwl is one of the most ideal apps for customer retention and for keeping them engaged with your online store by offering effective online marketing solutions. PushOwl ensures customer retention by using the push notifications feature. These notifications carry information related to the products that your customers had been searching for earlier. PushOwl sends these updates to customers with empty carts so that they can see the notification about their cart, get information about the desired product and then head to your website to buy the mentioned item.

Why choose PushOwl?

PushOwl keeps your customers updated about their cart status and sends reminder notifications for empty and abandoned carts. Furthermore, updating customers about their desired products allows them to shop easily and hence you get a happy and satisfied customer base.

10. Yotpo

Yotpo is among the top review management Shopify apps. The app has several easy-to-use features that allow you to collect ratings, customer reviews, and site and photo reviews through your e-commerce website and emails automatically. Furthermore, you can integrate Yotpo with any desired review platforms and import the reviews about your business in a few easy steps. It is free to use up to 50 orders per month. However, the charges are applicable with a further growth and increase in the availed features.

Why choose Yotpo?

Yotpo comes with on-site review widgets that you can use to share your positive reviews on your website for your visitors. Furthermore, it analyses customer feedback and provides sentiment analysis reports.

Here’s some interesting information: Host Sorter has revealed that Shopify is currently accessible in 175 countries!

We hope this article helped you gain some useful insights into the top Shopify apps in 2021. Shopify offers tons of other apps as well and if you are planning to use the platform for your online store, we suggest you research well and then select apps that fit your e-commerce requirements but also your financial brackets. 

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