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Are you stressed about starting an online E-commerce store? Relax, as the e-commerce business is steering in the wave of transformation for the economy of India, and if you are keen to venture out into the world of endless profits, then the time is right for the e-commerce trade in India. You will come across several tips online to assist you as you begin with an e-commerce store.

Just like other businesses are difficult to start, the same goes with an e-commerce business. But, currently, launching and creating sites where designers and entrepreneurs of diverse fields can connect is attainable more easily than before.

Popular websites like Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart have proved that ecommerce is actually the future of business. The reason they flourished was that they experimented with and recognised the overflowing prospects of an ecommerce business.

What is an E-commerce business?

An ecommerce business is one that sends out goods and services over the internet. Online shopping has experienced extensive growth in the last five years and is expanding with each passing day. Depending on your purpose and objectives, starting an e-commerce business does make sense. It is much easier as it offers flexibility, is cost-effective and opens prospects for countless entrepreneurs.

How to start an e-commerce business

Though starting an e-commerce business is quite different from opening a brick-and-mortar trade, at the same time, there are quite a few similarities. At the planning stage, you have to follow many legal steps and almost the same process as any other business. 

Some of the steps you need to bear in mind while starting an e-commerce business are-

Make an ideal business plan and a perfect model

In the E-commerce industry, there are two kinds of models that you can pick from. You can choose a single seller or a multi-sellers e-commerce store. It really depends on the budget you have decided to spend on your e-commerce business.

Single-seller marketplace

The biggest benefit of opting for this kind of an e-commerce business is that it merely engages two persons, which indicates that a single vendor is trading his products to several customers. This makes the transactions between the two entities simpler, organisational expenses are much lower where you are supposed to pay just one provider, and you can control the inventory at hand in a much better way.

Multi-Seller marketplace

Here multiple sellers vend their items to multiple customers, and all the vendors are supposed to be registered with your individual site. The chief benefit of this type of e-commerce business form is that it offers you security like when you are selling products. If one supplier is unable to supply products, you have other suppliers to fall back on. This way, you can fulfil demand fluctuations and meet the requirements of all the customers. 

Research properly and find out the niche you want to deal in

The primary step while starting an e-commerce business is doing the required research. Just as when you are starting a catering business and hunting for diverse locations and food options, you should research the e-commerce field you are fascinated with and make your decisions accordingly.

You need to ponder what e-commerce business you are about to offer. Is your niche selling products or offering services? Where will you supply your pre-decided products? You also need to decide as to how will you reach up to your customers? What will be your starting cost? You also need to bear in mind all the legal and other rules that are applicable to your services or products. 

At the beginning of an e-commerce business, it is mandatory to study these lines of questioning and chart out your business plan. This procedure will offer you an enhanced sense of all your precise goals and how you are going to attain them. 

Predominantly in the e-commerce business, an imperative part of this action is discovering your niche. It is suggested to carry out competitor research and hit upon a hole where you can set up your brand and get success in delivering products and services.

Opt for an e-commerce platform and create your website

You are always required to register and officially begin your e-commerce business. Here, instead of coming up with a physical storefront, you need to create your website and a store online. This website has to be the face of your business, so it ought to be impressive. The customers browse through your website before they purchase a product or service. So, be very careful while you create your website.

For this you have to keep different things in mind as you expand your online store:

· First and foremost is having your domain name. 

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· Another significant decision will be whether you are keen for all-in-one software just like Shopify, or you are keen for an open platform, like Magento as it is the foundation you employ to erect and grow your online store.

· The majority of the e-commerce platforms permit you to launch and create your personal online store, but also modify your design, supervise inventory, ship orders and make the payment procedure much easier.

There are several platforms that can be accessed in the market. You need to consider some popular options like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Squarespace for beginning your e-commerce business.

Once you are done with deciding as to which solution is apt for you, the subsequent thing you are required to do is customising and introducing your site. You would like to decide upon the design and colours you want to use to make your website look attractive. 


Logistics is very important to carry out ecommerce business successfully. Logistics is the process of transporting an order to a consumer or shipping an inventory to dissimilar merchants. The majority of the ecommerce business owners choose to contract out their logistics to a reputed company functioning in transport. This is done with the need to ensure an efficient and fast way to track the products that are being delivered at every step so that the items are delivered on time and do not get lost. 

Market your e-commerce business

Once you have listed your products and services on your website, you are all set to serve your consumers. Now, what is needed is to serve the consumers and aptly promote your e-commerce business. With diverse marketing strategies, you can make use of our Google ads, advertisements and influencer marketing, and social media ads, to name a few. 

When your e-commerce business is on the right track, you can identify as to which tactics are working best. With the passage of time, you will adjust and alter your promotional strategies to find out as to what is most ideal for your business.

Brand your online e-commerce store

You must be sure as to which business form you opt to follow to put up your ecommerce business and decide about what products you want to sell and which audience you want to target. Finding an ideal name for your online store is an important step before taking it online. 

Your brand name should be:

  • Small and simple to remember.
  • Exceptional and unique and can be remembered by the audience in with different linguistic backgrounds. 

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, we can say that jumping into building your own online ecommerce store is becoming a must-have for your product business, . 

But you also need to be careful-as anything and everything won’t work. 

You might come across a lot of stumbling blocks like registering and legalising, and finding a product-market fit for your online business. 

But, once you have sorted out all the hurdles and your business is more or less settled, there is a lot of competition waiting for you. From here on, all you require is your own wisdom and professional help. This will help you in making an appropriate plan to carry out your vision and build authority for your business. 

The ecommerce business in India presently has infinite possibilities, so it is the right time to jump into it.

So, if you are keen to make your online business successful, take your e-commerce website like any other business. You will, however, require the expertise of verified digital marketing and website development companies to start your online e-commerce store. Expand My Business, with its 1000+ verified partner agencies, is helping businesses achieve their new heights.

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