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Development and marketing for food application are both a gastronomic and an economic challenge. Witnessing the upward trend and progressive growth in the food industry, it is a herculean task for a food app to gain a competitive edge in this industry. 

 It is important to ensure that your digital food development and marketing strategy is updated. Many enterprising food businesses and start-ups are integrating technology to take online orders and making fast deliveries. Mobile food applications are one of the best ways to provide a streamlined and convenient way to augment the customer experience and at the same time realize a substantial increase in revenue generation.

Benefits of developing and marketing food apps 

  • Whether it is making food deliveries or ordering food everyone chooses a well-designed food app that offers an alluringly simple and hassle-free user experience. 
  • A well-designed app also enables the customers to save time and order with less hassle thus facilitating more spontaneous orders in the process.
  • Food apps play a key role in promoting sales, and launching new products, helping business owners to reap better financial returns.
  • Food delivery apps use technology effectively and help restaurants to increase their business. They ensure the hassle-free and fast delivery of the food order to the customer.
  • It minimises the extensive involvement of labour for restaurant owners
  • It increases the sales and ensures that the restaurants run constantly even on weekdays. 

Best Features of a food app 

A food app is an extension of your specific business enterprise and brand. Hence it is imperative that food application needs to have a robust design and exhibit outstanding functionality. 

It is crucial that the food app should be loaded with a gamut of powerful features rather than have a larger number of poorly developed features that are erratic and unreliable. 

Food apps with inappropriate design and poor functionality can do immense damage to the brand. Right from aesthetics to multiple technical details to powerful customer experience the process of development and marketing a food app should never be rushed or “half-stepped”.

With alerts and push notifications that are a built-in feature on most well designed and well-developed food apps, brands can ensure that customers will view the latest information on special deals, discounts, or promotions. 

Important features include;

  • The ability to stock up customer favoured and past orders
  • The ability to save payment information 
  • The ability to save delivery addresses. 

Best practices for developing food application

A well-developed and properly marketed food app presents significant opportunities for enhancing sales and improving customer satisfaction. This eventually helps to keep your business growing, surviving, and staying competitive in the digitised global and domestic food industry.  Few tips for development of food app include;

Allocate significant Budgeting expense 

An integral part of the development and planning process of food apps involves budgeting. 

Allocating a significant expense for the development and marketing food app is a potentially lucrative investment. For example, the return on the investment done by Domino’s Pizza on the food app is extraordinary as it is downloaded more than 11 million times, and more than thirty percent of the company’s revenue In the US comes from digital orders.

 You also need to make some key decisions regarding the scale and capabilities of the food app. 

 Allocate sufficient time for app development  

It is important to invest considerable time in the app development process so that the outcomes are good. Be realistic about the investments both in terms of time and money regarding the food app development process. Developing a food app from its initial concept to finally being launched in the market can take almost three or four months. 

Also, ensure that the food app developer spends valuable time on future refinements, such as integrating user feedback and technical updates into updated versions of the food app.

 Any error in the development of a food app can cause serious repercussions in terms of money and reputation. 

So developing the food app, accurately the first time is extremely crucial for its ultimate success in marketing.

Choose a reputed food app developer 

Searching for a suitable app developer is very important. It is essential to prioritise app developers that can conveniently engage with your business enterprise. He should possess the skill and experience to integrate innovative technology and gather relevant information about your business objectives. 

Focus on an app developer that has the potential for analysing design, style as well as functionality specifics so that he creates and develops a robust food app. This can be ascertained by checking references and viewing the developer’s past work closely. 

Generic food app solutions are available at affordable prices but they cannot make a significant impact. Generics typically have lesser customisation options, with limiting key features that are required for a successful food ordering app. It is necessary to select the food app developer that has the ability to create a food app loaded with special features that can make your brand special. 

The food app developers need to have a comprehensive understanding of the accepted best practices for developing and marketing compelling food apps. They need to  focus on important aspects of app development including budget, design development, and marketing considerations.

Tips for successful marketing of food apps 

 Categorise target audience 

To build a successful food app marketing strategy, it is important to identify and precisely understand your target audience and realise who your product is meant for. 

 One of the best ways to promote your food app is to collect relevant information about your potential customers. This data includes demographics, location, their food interests, and kind of lifestyles. This crucial data helps to create a lucid buyer persona. This will provide a definite picture of the target clients you intend to reach.

Understanding buyer personas will help you to choose apt communication channels and create a feasible content marketing strategy. For example certain Asian food restaurants target the Asian population in the United States. Many food delivery apps in Singapore target working people that cannot spare time to cook.

 It is best to target a specific segment initially, for instance, brands can target people who prefer healthy food or high-end customers that prefer food from expensive restaurants.

Create a unique selling proposition (USP)

 Focusing on this aspect helps to make your food app stand high among your competitors. Research shows that more than fifty percent of customers consider the speed of taking orders and making prompt deliveries as a key factor that can make the food app popular. For instance, there are a lot of food delivery apps that promise to deliver quickly. Thus you need to develop a food app that offers multiple benefits to fight competition.

Designing a well-structured USP is an integral part of food app marketing strategies. It is important to realise your target audience’s food needs and sore points while creating a USP. 

Thus you can market the food app well as you can highlight the solutions offered by your app to the issues faced by potential customers. 

Social media

 Social media is an effective tool for food app marketing. You need to choose the right platform to promote your food delivery app. For example, Snapchat, and Instagram is apt for younger audience whereas to reach the older audience you can promote your food app on Facebook.

Content writing and Blog 

This is one of the most effective tools for a food app promotion. Creating relevant and informative content writing and blogs helps your food app to get noticed on search engines. This also helps to build trust with the customers and thus people  prefer to visit your website. 

It’s a comparatively cost-effective technique for reaching and attracting a large audience.

Video marketing

Although creating video content is a costly proposition but it is a good food app marketing strategy, especially taking into account today’s technologies. The impact of video marketing is instant and can create attention in the minds of the audience creatively.  For instance Zomato makes effective use of video marketing through their Youtube channels by creating interactive and engaging videos. 

Email marketing 

 Entertaining emails are ideal for food delivery startups as it is a cost-effective tool for mobile food application marketing.  For example Eat24 used email marketing to expand its audience base by encouraging their customers to answer. With email marketing you can gather the attention of the audience with emails about schemes, discounts and offers, 


There are a lot of challenges as you make efforts to keep pace with the already established brands in the ever-evolving food industry. People running a food business aim to maximise their profitability by creating, deploying, and launching a powerful food app

 Food applications need to be designed, developed, and marketed so that business owners are able to plug into the innovative and appealing e-commerce strategy.

Getting the combined services of development and marketing of food application can be a tedious task. You may either find a good marketing agency or a good development company by yourself. In the worst case scenario you may not be able to find any of them. Further the time, complexities and factors involved in finding a right agency partner can distract you from your core business objectives. 

This is where the role of Expand My Business can play an important role in your life by offering you the combined services of marketing as well as development of your food application. Our tech consultants will get in touch with you to understand your business requirement and based on this will help you finalise the most suited partner agency to work on your needs. Our delivery managers will ensure that you make the best from your expectations and that our milestone based project payment and completion model works with the best needs of your business. Get in touch with us now and finalise your ideal partner agency within next 24 hours!

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