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How to measure the success of my digital marketing campaign efficiently is a big question these days. Normally people think it is leads and sales. But, it is not the case, and a successful marketing campaign can be measured by much more than such types of conversions!

The majority of the businesses are embracing digital campaigning of brands and industries, and some way should be found to measure such efforts. Though several companies understand these essential digital marketing solutions that are accessible, a lot of them still fall short of using this knowledge. 

To make your online presence felt, it is mandatory to create a proper digital marketing strategy and come up with strapping brand awareness. If you want to create an eternal impact through your advertising, you must measure the success of digital marketing campaigns on a regular basis. Do cross-comparisons, and emerge with ways to customise it to the exact requirements of your marketplace and niche.

Ways to measure the success of digital marketing campaigns are-

1. Website Traffic

Every business has an official website, and that is the face of each brand and its digital marketing activities. Getting traffic to your website is a chief goal of marketing campaigns. Whether your campaigns concentrate on increasing the traffic on social media platforms, enhancing your email marketing commitment or producing links on diverse websites, it all encircles back to your website. 

For this reason, gauge your website traffic on a day-to-day basis as it can offer maximum insight into the appearance of your digital marketing endeavours. It is significant to measure your overall traffic rather than focus on boosting organic traffic, sales and leads. 

Try to troubleshoot your website at regular intervals to hunt for broken links, copied content, page loading hassles, or additional issues that might harm the working of your website.

2. Returning Visitors

Both returning traffic and new visitors mark the success of digital marketing. When an elevated number of visitors visit your website again, it is an indication that your business is successfully retaining consumers. Furthermore, increased new traffic on the website reveals that you are alluring to fresh potential customers.  

If you find that one of them is not working, you need to re-evaluate and reassess the marketing efforts that will help you in attracting new buyers or holding your existing customers.

3. The behaviour of visitors and bounce rate

Google Analytics offers you the capability to not just track the number of visitors on your website but even the behaviour of visitors whilst on your website. Keep a check as to which pages the users visit once they are on your website. Find out if they move to the second page as well. Do similar pages attract the majority of the visitors? If a few pages have higher visits, this will let you know what interests the viewers most about your trade. The pages with top visit times are the ones that are the best, and your audience loves them the most.

4. Bounce rates

 It is the rate at which the visitors instantly leave your website once they reach it. If the bounce rate of your website is higher, there are issues like low quality or deceptive landing page or loading time is extremely slow, which forces the visitors to leave immediately.

5. Page Views

One of the best and most significant ways to measure the success of digital marketing campaigns is the overall number of times a visitor visits your page. Once you set up an exact time for examining the number of visitors every web page of yours receives, you can decide whether your website is valuable or it is not attracting the number of visitors expected. 

6. Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is completing a full circle, which means getting the traffic to convert the visitors to customers. So, the conversion rate is the concluding step in gauging the efficacy of your digital marketing success. 

In the end, no quantity of class content, Google or Facebook Ads will be of any use if people come to your site and immediately log out without downloading, subscribing or purchasing something.  

Additional digital marketing strategies that matter are-

1. Social Reach of your website

Studies reveal that the social reach of any website offers you an understanding of how efficient your social media posts for marketing are. Social media posts with a maximum number of users will help you in reaching out to a large number of those users that engage. The chief aim of a social media campaign is to achieve 2-5% engagement based on the whole reach.

2. Guidelines to enhance social reach are:

  • Curated and genuine content should be posted on a regular basis.
  • All your social media sketches need to be fully branded.
  • Connect well with your community

3. Social Engagement

 It is a benchmark which will help you to measure your success on social media. It exhibits the number of interactions you get for every social media post. It may be shares, clicks, likes, retweets or comments, to name a few. You have to pay for all the advertisements, but engagement can only be earned if the user decides to interrelate with your content. This assists in creating your upcoming content creation!

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4. Impressions

Impressions are a mandatory factor for measuring the overall impact of any digital marketing campaign. They signify the number of times an individual is presented with their Google Ads or social media advertising campaign that are paid.

 Every time you show up, it is numbered as an individual impression. The overall times your impressions are visible, your overall quality of the ad is influenced by the quality of content, relevant keywords and brand bidding, etc. 

5. Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click is applicable to both pay-per-click selling and a large number of social media platforms, which present the clicks-to-site ad type. All these online marketing metrics echo the amount you shell out for every individual click a user carried out. 

This is important as it directly communicates your overall marketing budget. The budget can only go to the extent that the lower your CPC is, the farther your budget goes.

6.  ROI on the whole

The true parameter of success is the return on investment in marketing. Fundamentally, ROI links to how much is your investment against how much you have earned or what return you get. 

It is easy to lose track of accurately what you are spending on marketing as we normally fail to add up the hours of effort we put in. Calculating your online advertising campaign’s ROI will be the key to identifying if it was a success or not.

7 steps that assist in measuring the triumph of your digital marketing campaigns

1. Clear targets should be set for all the business objectives, and top management should also be an integral part of this entire process.

2. Everyone in your organisation should be directly involved in creating the objectives of digital marketing campaigns to make them a huge success.

3. Be sure of the segments you want to focus on so that you can target the niche or a particular undertaking for all your marketing campaigns.

4. Key performance indicators(KPI) should be carefully established to maintain accuracy. This will assist you in monitoring and recognising your performance against the targets you place in your goals.

5. Targets for every KPI of your company should be clearly identified, which will assist you in measuring your success in concrete terms.

6. Finding a superior analytics platform will be of great help and facilitate measurement.

7. Once substantial measurement and analytics data are accessible, adjustments and changes should be made to your digital campaign in order to enhance performance. These insights should set off instant action and be executed quickly if the situation requires such action, and real-time solutions should be applied.


To conclude, we can say that the online existence and digital efforts of all businesses are getting more and more significant with each passing day, and it is important to work on enhancing business performance. Whether you are keen on hiring a freelancer or a digital marketing agency or draw your own conclusion, it is vital that you analyse, track and measure the triumph of your digital marketing strategy in the process of brand development.

Once you know how to measure the success of all your digital marketing campaigns, it will save you a lot of anxiety down the road. Anytime you feel that the campaigns are not working for you, you can turn off the campaigns which are not helping you to achieve goals. 

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Furthermore, our delivery managers keep track of these metrics to maintain the success of the project throughout its lifecycle. 

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