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Does it seem like you are giving your best but you are still not able to make your brand a big shot in the market? And are you trying your hand at digital marketing to achieve that?

If your answer to both the questions is yes, then probably you are going wrong at some point. According to reports by Smart Insights, there are about 45% organisations across the globe whose digital marketing goals and strategies are still not well defined. There is no doubt that one of the best ways to help your business become successful and make your brand famous is digital marketing. And if you are doing it, you are on the right track, but maybe you are getting stuck somewhere.

Well, leave your worries behind, because we will uncover some strategies to do digital marketing the right way and you can go through them to help make your brand successful! For all of you, who are new in the business, read below to know about digital marketing and strategies which you can apply to get people talking about your brand!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a collective term used to refer to the marketing activities carried out through electronic devices and with an internet connection. The digital channels used by businesses to realise their marketing efforts include social media, search engines, other websites, emails, and others to connect with their potential leads and customers.

With growing competition, digital marketing is becoming even more important because it can help you reach a much larger audience and in cheaper ways as compared to the traditional methods of marketing your company. CoSchedule revealed that businesses that formulate and document their digital strategies are likely to report about their success as much as 313%!

Besides, digital marketing can also help you identify your potential leads and target them in order to help save your time, energy and resources. Digital marketing keeps changing and with increased technological advancements, it allows you to check your progress daily. Let us now explore some strategies through which you can make your brand famous through digital marketing!

7 Strategies To Use Digital Marketing To Make Your Brand Famous

After having a basic understanding of what digital marketing is, we now move forward to some strategies that you can apply to make your brand famous in the market. These strategies are:-

1.    High-quality guest content

This is one digital marketing practice that plenty of business owners overlook and not engage in. However, one of the fastest ways to get your brand noticed is by delivering high-quality, value-adding and informative content on other blogs.

Guest content can help you elevate your position in the market if done right. However, it works both ways. Simply writing guest content for others is not enough. You also must publish such valuable content on your platform as it can help you gain a newer audience and increase your reach and impact. Venngage revealed that in a survey conducted for online marketers, 74% of them revealed that they used visual content for as much as 70% of the entire content produced by them.

2.    Referral Programs

You can really get people talking about your brand with interesting referral programs and by offering them valuable additional perks. Referral programs can work as a word-of-mouth tactic for you and if you are willing to offer something really worthwhile to users for being connected with you, they are surely going to refer your brand to their friends, families, and colleagues.

This is also a great online advertising strategy within digital marketing and one of the most successful examples of the same is Dropbox! According to Unbounce, the average conversion rate for website landing pages is 9.7%.

3.    Social focus

A misconception that is prevalent amongst several business owners is that when you are doing digital marketing, you need to focus on any and every online platform and social networking site. This is not true. In fact, this can create complicated procedures and add burden on your digital marketing team to perform well on all social media.

If you know which platform is giving the best results of your marketing efforts, choose that site and focus on it entirely. For example, small businesses have been seen to perform best on Instagram while B2B firms tend to do great on Twitter and LinkedIn. This does not mean that you completely abandon your other platforms, but simply identify your key audience and give the maximum effort to that social media network.

4.    Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the best strategies when it comes to online marketing and can help create a memorable brand for customers. Aim at delivering really touching and emotional stories about your successful customers or your employees that can have a deep impact on your audience and customers and draw them towards you.

If your stories do not establish a connection with your audience, you would not be able to popularize your brand so aim at creating stellar stories for your platform! According to WikiJob, including customer testimonials on your website’s landing pages can increase the conversion rate by as much as 34%.

5.    Unique Brand Identity

Another quick way to make your brand famous is by creating a unique and fun brand identity for your business. It of course depends on your industry and if you can add a little bit of quirkiness, comedy, or any out-of-the-box element to your brand’s identity, you must definitely do it!

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This can help you create a long-lasting impact on your audience and keep the engagement high while helping you drive sales. Successful examples include Old Spice and Dollar Shave Club among others. Statista has revealed that search and navigation are the most important elements on your online store.

6.    Remarketing

Another great brand awareness strategy that can help you increase your brand’s popularity is remarketing. Remarketing is introducing your brand to the users who visited your website but abandoned their activities before getting converted.

You can remarket your brand’s products by placing advertisements across the web. In this way, your users would believe that your brand has a bigger reach and that yours is a constantly growing one. This can not only popularize your firm but also boost the conversion rate.

7.    Influencer Marketing

Another quick and effective strategy for making your brand famous through digital marketing is using influencer marketing. Collaborate with influencers and experts in your industry who could prove to be an asset to your firm and compliment your endeavour. The huge following of influencers and experts can really get your brand noticed.

Rakuten Marketing revealed that about 80% of consumers have admitted to making purchases on the basis of recommendations made by an influencer on a social media platform. While trying your hand at influencer marketing, remember to build partnerships with complimenting businesses in your industry to help increase your reach.

While there are innumerable ways to do digital marketing, trying your hand at these can help you notice some effective changes in terms of the reach and popularity of your brand. Once you get these strategies right, explore and try more things for your business and watch your brand grow immensely with digital marketing! Want us to help you out with something else? Reach out to us in the comments section!

Image Source: www.futurelearn.com

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