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Social media has become an extremely popular platform for every business. It is no longer the place wherein people simply use it to connect with their friends and acquaintances. It has become a place for businesses to promote their products and services. With several millions of users, social media has become a place wherein several brands and businesses can reach out to people and also identify the right customer for their business.

As compared to traditional approaches, social media management is extremely efficient. But the difficulty lies in drafting out the right strategy to reach the leads. With over 2 million business users, it is important that your business stands out from the competition. In order to ensure that you are updated with all the latest trends, here are some popular social media marketing trends to watch out for and implement in 2024.

1. Visible adaption to virtual reality and augmented reality

The buzz of VR and AR is not going to fade anytime soon. With growing business competition, several brands and companies are looking out for unique ways through which they can offer enhanced experiences to their customers. Many e-commerce websites use VR and AR technology to provide an insight of products to the customers. Several brands allow users to virtually try the products before purchasing them. For example, Lenskart rose to its popularity as it was a pioneer to allow “virtual try on” option for specs.

Social media platforms like Instagram and snapchat allows users to try capturing photos with several different filters. The reels are based on filters and users can easily make their own version with the filter as a template. This provides an enjoyable experience to the audience. Facebook offers a feature called “Facebook Space” in which up to 3 people can interact using VR devices.

With great potential for growth, the trend of VR,AR is not going to vanish anytime soon.

2. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing as the name suggests is the use of influencers or celebrities to promote a particular product or a brand. It has been the most popular social media marketing technique and it will continue to be one in the future as well!

However, the way in which brands will partner with influencers will change. Previously, it was  a one way track in which influencers will promote a brand and eventually that brand will get more customers. But nowadays, it is different. The influencer marketing is done in such a way that both the influencer and the brand will get benefitted. Equal efforts are put by the brand to grow the influencer. Also, instead of collaborating for a single post, a series of content is decided beforehand and then worked upon.

Apart from posing pictures with the brand, the influencer must also work on creative ways to promote the brand. For example, long form videos are trending these days. So they must work on the demo videos or at least subtle promotional videos. People no longer want to see a person explicitly promoting a brand so the promotion must be done in a unique way.

3. Flourishing video content

As compared to the conventional written content and graphics, video contents are flourishing these days and several brands are aiming to switch to video content. Videos are proven to quickly grab the attention of the viewers and ensure that they stay hooked in for a long time.

Youtube is not the only platform that people use to share their videos. Several apps like Tik Tok grew to its popularity because of its unique short videos, that usually lasted from 30 seconds to a minute. Instagram has grown to popularity because of its “Reels” feature and several millions of people on the platform are constantly scrolling through hundreds of reels everyday.

According to a study, over 72% people prefer receiving videos for receiving marketing content from the business as compared to the conventional text. It is also extremely popular and 1200% more shared as compared to the combined sharing of texts and graphics!

4. Switch from aesthetics to authenticity

For many years, social media has set an unrealistic standard and with the pandemic, people have realised that it is just aesthetic standards set by the media. When people posted relatable content, the organic engagement was more and that motivated people to produce more realistic content.

This switch is now seen in brands as well as they are now focussing on more behind the scenes rather than unrealistic posts. Though setting the standard might sound like a fun thing to do, it will not always work. Especially in a medium like social media, people want relatable realistic content rather than the fancy aesthetics.

So the switch from aesthetics to authenticity will be more apparent in the upcoming years.  Instead of posting photos with hundreds of filters, the “no filter” trend is seen rising. People have started to acknowledge the authenticity.

5. Classical Facebook still on stage

Facebook is  the oldest social media platform as compared to Instagram or twitter. Despite the unique features offered by Instagram and other social media, Facebook still rules the market. With over 2.9 billion active monthly users, Facebook undoubtedly dominates as #1 social media platform.

People are craving for relatable communities and smaller groups as larger groups tend to saturate people. It has got several catchy features to get people hooked.

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For example, the standard live streaming feature is very popular and it is the second best thing after in-person meet and greet. It provides wonderful opportunities for every account holder to connect with their followers and audience. In this way, the user can establish a good relationship with their people and in return, the community will remain attracted and strong. If you are a person who is camera shy, then Facebook Live Audio Room is just for you. Take advantage of this feature and connect with real people intimately.

Apart from these, the “group” feature of Facebook dominates its users. People can ideally connect and create an infinite number of groups based on their interests and likes. For example, if you like content related to NFT, you can either create and invite people of similar interest or join a group that posts related content. This feature is the best if you want to identify your target audience and grow your business in a particular niche. There are several groups already existing for online shopping, fundraising, and many others.

To wrap up:

Social media has become an extremely popular platform for every business. With the right strategy, social media marketing can help you reach several millions of people easily as compared to conventional marketing ideas. But always remember, social media has immense competition and you must ensure that your business stands out from the rest. The least you can do to make your business stay one step ahead of the competition is to follow trends and ensure your business is up to date with the latest trends.

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