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Marketing your business can be a difficult task. With many people quitting their routine jobs to start a business, there are so many entrepreneurs worldwide. With traditional marketing, the efforts to create brand awareness was more, and the number of leads successfully generated were less. That’s when social media management came into the picture. With over 65% of the world’s population using social media, it is the largest platform with over 4 billion active users!

The first is the creation of social media accounts for your business. The second step is to post relevant content consistently. The third is to view the insights and improve your posts accordingly. Though these steps sound basic, it requires good strategic planning to make the best out of social media. Of course, with many users comes more competition, but do you know how to make the best use of social media to improve your business? Follow these ideas to know more.

1. Create brand awareness

Social media can act as the best tool to make people aware of your business and its services products. For example, more than 80% of the users discovered new products on Instagram. So why not take your business to the next level by posting on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Quora? By regularly posting updates and insights on new launches and features of the products, social media helps people know more about your business, thus creating brand awareness.

2. Increase website traffic

The logic here is simple. The more people visit your website, the more sales will be. Sales are directly proportional to the number of people. But how can we use social media to drive traffic? Simple. Post interesting facts and insights from your blogs and use creative graphics to make them click on your website to read more. When people know more about your business, they will eventually begin trusting your business.

3. Generate leads

No business is successful without its customers. But with an over 7 billion population, where can we find our target customer? They might be anywhere in the world but still might require the services that your business provides. So how do they know about you? The simple answer is through social media. The content you post on social media is not limited to the localised number of people. Everyone can view your content. So what if the desired groups view your content and are impressed? This will generate more leads, and potentially, there is an infinite number of opportunities through social media.

4. Successful partnerships

This is a marketing strategy used for ages. We have known several brands because we see our favourite influencers/celebrities adorning them. Every business has its brand ambassador. But what if you are just in the starting stage and can’t afford to pay the celebrities? Just partner with some other growing business that might benefit both you and the other person. For example, if you own a business that sells accessories, partner with a business that sells clothing. In that way, you can promote your brand and theirs, thus causing combined growth.

5. Promote content

Promoting content on social media pages allows the business to establish trust and relevancy with the audience. People know you are genuine as they see the products you sell, other people’s reviews and the performance of your social media campaign. By promoting your content through a comprehensive content marketing strategy, you can improve the performance of your organic SEO campaigns and increase the ways of gathering traffic and engagement.

6. Great interaction platform

To grow your business, you might need strong critical reviews. All positive reviews might sound like icing on the cake, but always remember these critical reviews are the ones that push you to be a better version of yourself. People must feel free to share their opinions without being judged, whether positive or negative. That’s what the social media platform provides. People can interact with themselves as well as your business. This acts as a great way to know their needs and work accordingly.

7. Gain insights

Not everyone will leave a comment or heartily review your service/ product. Some might be just too polite to give you a five-star rating, and some might be critical to give you a one-star rating. But how do you know what people actually liked? That’s where the insights feature comes in. Every social media platform allows you to know the insights of your post. For example, on LinkedIn, we can see the number of organic reactions. On Instagram, you can know the count of viewers. With these basic counts, we can know which post/ reel/ video/ content is liked by the majority and then post accordingly. You can also provide more services based on the likes of people.

Here are some social media marketing tips!

1. Choose the right social media platform

With so many platforms, you might be tempted to choose everything for your business. But that’s not advisable. Choosing the right platform is the first step to promoting your business. Every platform has its own purpose. For formal posts, opt for Linkedin as it has many professionals. For informal, friendly posts that might help you interact with people more funnily, choose Instagram or Facebook. Then, based on your requirements, you must choose the platforms.

2. Humanise your brand

Artificial intelligence could have taken over human intelligence, but it couldn’t. Was it because it is not intelligent enough? No. It is because it didn’t have the exact emotions and feelings that a human has. Graphics and animations might sound fun, but you must humanise your brand to build a strong image of your business as people relate with other people.

3. Find out the best time and day to post

This could be tricky, but with some insights and studies, you can figure out the right slot for your business. Every platform has its own popular time slot and day of the week. When you post in these times, you might likely have a fast response and quick reach as more people are active at that particular time.

4. Share visual content

The creative visual content still has the edge over the conventional text. People prefer having a quick insight rather than a deep one. If they are visually pleased, they might click on the web links to know more about your business. So focus on creating good quality visual content. Social media always helps if you have good content that is visually pleasing.

5. Create hype

This might not sound like something new. We all have watched Amazon advertisements that give the countdown of days before the great Indian sale. The dates are bound to be remembered by this strategy, and people will most likely check the website for regular updates and offers. Even if they didn’t want any, they would still buy as the products are on ‘sale’. To create hype before the launch of any product and keep posting around it like how the product might be beneficial, etc.

To summarise

Social media can act as an excellent platform to help you grow your business. Many small businesses exist because of social media. With rapid digitalisation, marketing techniques have also been digitised, and social media can also act as a great marketing tool. It can help your business in the following ways:

  • Lead generation
  • Create brand awareness
  • Increase the website traffic
  • Content generation platform
  • Provides great interaction with the people
  • It gives insights and behind the scene information
  • Provides medium to establish successful partnerships

With all these benefits, you must try social media marketing for your business, irrespective of its size. Social media marketing is free of cost and a great way to interact with millions of people worldwide. Here are some proven tips and tricks that you can use to have a successful social media marketing campaign.

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  • Choose the apt social media platform
  • Create hypes for your products and new launches
  • Share visually pleasing content and keep it crisp
  • Humanise your brand- show the people working behind you, be honest about your struggles, use emojis wherever possible
  • Find the best time and day to post your content

Use these techniques to expand and grow your business.

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