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In the present day, with content marketing campaigns, it is vital to ensure that your blogs, articles, and videos offer useful and informative pieces to the audience. But, what will happen, if the audience does not stick for a long time at your website? What if they do not get attracted? These are a few questions that need to be considered to measure the retention rate of the audience.

However, there are several things that grab the attention of the audience. However, measuring the audience retention rate and then applying its data to the campaign can enhance the marketing strategies and generate engaging content. Let us find out how!

Search Engine Optimisation has changed the overall scenario of the audience over the past ten years. With the help of SEO, you can make your website’s visibility and rank better by placing the keywords in an appropriate manner. Not just keywords, in fact, graphics and video content also play a significant role in it. 

What do you mean by Audience Retention?

Audience retention is basically the measurement of how long you can engage the audience with the content. Basically, it shows how long an individual reads, views, and engages themselves with your content before clicking away. The marketers relate audience retention with video engagement as it is important analytics that YouTube evaluates for the content. 

The number of individuals who watch your video is basically measured by the ‘audience retention rate’. It is the percentage used for the ranking of your website for SEO. The rate signifies the time spent by the audience watching your video. For example, if the audience retention rate is 70%, then it means that, on average, the viewers are watching only 65% of the video.

Moreover, audience retention is imperative for other content like podcasts, articles, and blogs. It hardly matters what kind of content your company generates. You need to keep your audience’s attention on your website, thereby providing useful information.

What is a Good Retention Rate? 

Yes, it is a completely personal preference. An audience’s retention rate of 100% is optimal, but most often, it is impossible to acquire it. Thus, the average audience retention rate ought to be around 50-60%. No matter whether you are killing the game by having millions of viewers, learning about SEO strategies will help you to strengthen your viewership and take you to the next level in your career.

In this blog, we will brief you about the best SEO techniques that can improve the website’s retention rate of the audience, thereby covering basic as well as advanced SEO techniques.

Indicating Your Content’s Quality

Knowing the fact that for how long the audience views your content informs you about the content quality. In this, Google plays a significant role in how long the viewer stays on the webpage. And, if the viewer presses the back button, this represents that he or she did not get what they or were looking for. 

However, SEO necessitates publishing the content regularly and targeting the new keywords so as to get links to the pages. An experienced SEO practitioner knows how to boost the traffic strategically by modifying the current content through ‘content optimisation’. 

Through content optimisation, you can aim to optimise the website’s meta tags, such as:

  • Primary and secondary keywords with correct densities
  • Assuring greater readability
  • Having an apt word count
  • Having appropriate meta title as well as description tags

Provide Perfect Page Experience: Page site optimisation is a weak ranking factor, and SEO practitioners never take it seriously. Definitely, it matters for good link building. No doubt, life in SEO moves quite quickly. The latest SEO shows that Google wishes to humanise the search engine by gearing up its ranking algorithm. 

Tags and links matter a lot. Boosting the page speed can enhance organic performance and can enhance conversions. Now let’s see a few ways to boost the page speed so as to achieve better ranking as well as more conversions:

  • Minimise unnecessary coding on your page
  • Decrease server response time
  • Enable browser caching
  • Selecting the correct hosting option for your requirements
  • Constrict images to decrease the page size to a certain extent

Increase Dwell Time: Another metric that the SEO industry considers is the time spent on a certain page is known as ‘dwell time’. The SEO practitioners have considered forever the impact of the user experience (UX) on Google ranking. Fast loading speed, clean site architecture, and smartphone experience are vital, but not any one of the factors has had a powerful impact on the ranking till now. 

If a visitor spends long duration on your website, then Google considers it as a positive indication or vice-versa. If the content is useful and relevant, the users are also engaged and spend more time on the website. Engagement of users enhances your metrics, and on the whole, it improves your search rank. 

Optimise the Heading and not Only the Title Tag- There was a moment in life when SEO practitioners looked at the sky and screamed, ‘Why just Google’? It happened sometime back, and the SEO industry was perplexed to find the fact that Google launched ‘page title update’. In this update, they started to automatically rewrite the title tags on the basis of the page’s H1 heading.

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Now, Google is replacing the titles with header tags and internal links. These are the challenges that SEO took to improve the website’s retention rate of audience. They make sure that the audience does not turn away without a fight. With the help of SEO services, improve your content and make sure to retain the reader’s attention.

Refresh Your Old Content Regularly

It is very important to have engaging content for the audience. And, if you are finding it difficult to write a long blog post, then just make sure to expand the existing page to 1200 to 2000 words. Old content may make your website look less worthy to the audience as they are not getting the proper information that they are looking for. So, it is imperative to have updated and high-quality content on the webpage.

The current content has authority and an established readership. Rather than writing it from scratch, it is advisable to boost an existing post’s performance in search results by refreshing the old content with new information.

Make your Content Visual: Usually, humans love to have visuals rather than just texts. For example, Facebook posts having images will receive double the engagement of posts without images. As per the research, for web pages, visual contents are important and get 95% views in comparison to non-visual content. 

The audience also notices the efforts that you put in to create the visuals for the content. And, yes, the visuals certainly get you inbound links. Apart from improving your content quality, you may also rank the images in Google images. So, start looking for SEO techniques that can improve your website’s retention rate at a quick pace. 

By implementing efficient SEO techniques, you can witness enhanced user-engagement metrics that can influence your search ranking and audience retention. Don’t you think that it would be nice to be well aware of your audience’s likes and dislikes? And, if you know that, then it becomes easier to work according to it. 

Final Words

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After seeing where the audience leaves the content, our SEO practitioners from the pool of verified vendors will make sure to deliver more useful and engaging content for the audience. 

And, now you should know that the audience retention rate is not just restricted to YouTube. It can be utilised for all kinds of content you create, like blogs, articles, and podcasts. Across all SEO marketing efforts, you can measure audience retention rate and have a firm grasp of what your audience needs.

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