21 Must have Sales Prospecting Tools For 2023

Do you know how difficult it is to be a salesperson these days? You are mistaken if you think a specialized sales company has it easy. Statistics show that sellers spend at least six hours per week to resource prospects. Of these, 56% of sales professionals prefer using social media platforms because it is easy to find more Prospects. Yet, social platforms, emails, and follow-ups from previous projects are not the only deterministic elements. We have some other sales prospecting tools available that made it to the top in 2023.

What are Sales Prospecting Tools?

Sales prospecting is when a company connects with the right audience to market its products or services. 

Prospecting is when a company or a salesperson designs strategies that can find ready buyers and build sales channels. Eventually, it might seem like sales prospecting is a single process that could be done and dusted in a day, right?

Practically, sales prospecting involves some steps. It also depends on a company’s scope, values or marketing techniques. If the company has a broad scope it might rely on both traditional and modern tactics like cold calling, buying prospect lists or emailing. We say ‘both’ because although email statistics show custom mail subjects have a 22% more opening rate, it also takes 8 cold calls before reaching a reliable prospect.

But we can make our prospecting task easier, streamlined and goal-oriented with software platforms-led sales prospecting tools for optimization and better lead qualification.

21 Must have sales prospecting tools for 2023

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator-sales prospecting tools

When you think of the international professional community, the platform that resonates is LinkedIn. Hence it comes as no surprise that they launched their sales prospecting tool by the name of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The website features paid plans allowing members to organize and recommend leads, get additional details that highlight their preferences and more.

2. Quora

While Quora looks like an unlikely addition to this list, its question-answer format is quite effortless to navigate for those looking to increase their lead base. You can also directly attract prospects through inbound marketing tactics such as promoting your brand or area of expertise.

3. Hunter

Hunter-Sales Prospecting Tools

Formerly known as emailHunter, this is one of the highest-ranked tools if you want to look up all the mail addresses belonging to a particular prospect. Hunter uses a bit of intuition to figure out which address is associated with a reliable prospect. Yet, it makes up by having a unique feature of providing a score ranking which lets you know whether an email address is active.

4. MailTester

A salesperson spends long hours collecting and communicating with a list of email addresses. MailTester helps you reduce the possibilities of error by filtering out spam IDs, removing duplicates and more.

5. Overloop


Overloop allows you to connect and converge across other CRM platforms, such as Salesforce and Hubspot Sales. Available as a Google extension, this means it has better quality leads with higher return rates with almost no extra effort.

6. ZoomInfo

An important step of the sales cycle is qualifying your lead. Yet this is not as easily done if your first impression of the prospect isn’t the best. As the name suggests, ZoomInfo allows you to take a closer look at a lead’s preferences and areas of interest so that you can tailor the process before making contact.

7. Datanyze Insider

Datanyze Insider-Sales Prospecting Tools

With this platform, you can find email addresses, mobile contact numbers and other means of communication through a user’s LinkedIn account. Don’t know how to get the attention and bag that lead? Datanyze Insider also features icebreakers based on the prospect’s location and social media performance.

8. Doodle

With a tagline of “Professional scheduling made easy”, Doodle is the new and fast way of scheduling meetings between you, the salesperson and organizer and your prospects. Note the emphasis on prospects, since you can choose a time that works for everyone at once.

9. Boomerang


Sometimes you need just a little extra help to put your most professional foot forward. Boomerang helps you do exactly that with its services as an AI companion waiting in your mailbox to organize and schedule emails at your convenience.

10. Hubspot Sales Hub

As a division of Hubspot’s main website, Hubspot Sales Hub is one of the most commonly used email-led sales prospecting tools in the market at this moment. This is because it offers unique features such as custom mail sequences and a variety of distinct email templates so that you keep looking your professional best.

11. Skype

For two decades now, Skype has been a staple in almost every computerized interface. Yet, this video and calling platform has revamped itself in the sales community by providing a place for scheduling online conferences and more for thousands of professionals across the world.

12. Leadfeeder

Sometimes prospects may reach out or be interested in your product themselves, but leave without providing their contact information. Leadfeeder uses their Leadfeeder Tracker Script to analyse the profiles that have visited your website so that you can source and identify missed leads, along with the option to track which pages they spent the most time on.

13. Vidyard

A trick to optimizing your sales cycle is by portraying a one-on-one connection with your prospect. Vidyard helps you do exactly that by attaching video messages to your emails, hence adding that personalized touch.

14. GlobalMeet

What makes GlobalMeet a delight to use is that its interface was created keeping in mind its target audience of businesses and B2B communicators. Apart from the above, its availability as a cloud-based platform makes it a winner in our eyes.

15. Demodesk

Demodesk is your solution to a better video conferencing experience with features such as being able to preload content, automated meeting scheduling, CRM integration, calendar and 100% web-based virtual display to boast of.

16. Skrapp

While LinkedIn Sales Navigator is already among popular sales prospecting tools, as a salesperson your job does not allow you to restrict yourself to only a limited pool of people. Thanks to Skrapp you can easily look up the email associated with a particular LinkedIn user, by tracking the email they used to sign up.

17. FindThatLead

A domain name is all you need to pull up a list of associated email addresses in a matter of seconds. FindThatLead makes your task easier by coming in the form of a handy browser extension so that you rest easy and let the machine do all the work.

18. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is the modern-day yellow page for finding email addresses. So, say goodbye to missing out on possible leads- all you need is the name of a person and the company they work at. The platform also allows you to set reminders and schedule automatic emails.

19. Mattermark

With over 80 data fields, Mattermark is your best friend to sort and categorize businesses according to factors such as geographical location, organization type, b2b/b2c and even the amount of funding the company has been able to raise.

20. AngelList

What started as a platform to contact and attract investors for your business, soon became a new network for salespersons to connect. The best part? You already get access to information such as what funding stage the business is in, or the number of employees it has- all of which help you streamline your prospects.

21. FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk stands out as a tool specifically designed for Twitter so that you can search and categorize people according to the keywords mentioned in their biographies as well as data collected through their location, followers and tweets.

Advantages of Sales Prospecting Tools

A personalized approach can close more deals, but can you or your company offer complete personalization without using any optimization at all? In a modern world, especially with the intricate and complicated stages of the sales cycle, it is impossible to rely on a human approach particularly.

Here are some reasons why using the right tools can boost your sales:

  1. Time-saving

Beginning from taking care of repetitive tasks to organizing and managing a complete prospect list, these tools can save a lot of time that could be otherwise invested in closing high-quality deals.

  1. Improved Customer Service

Companies have a focused sales plan to follow. Manually taking care of prospecting activities does not leave enough area to enhance the quality of customer service. An automatic and integrating tool improves workflow and adds to the productivity levels of the sales team which can now eliminate the friction created by faulty traditional practices.

  1. Qualified leads

Back in the day sales reps used to count how many cold calls they had to make before making a valuable catch. Our modern approach is different, some sales prospecting tools allow us to uncover information about this list of leads regarding their intent. 

No more wasting time on uninterested leads, only the qualified ones are featured with their level of significance.


It’s time to upgrade your sales tools and rely on helpful sources that can uplift your product quality and how your establishment functions. To personalise sales procedures and get great leads at the same time, make sure to check out how we can get it done for you.


What are sales prospecting tools?

Sales prospecting tools are software applications or platforms designed to help sales professionals identify potential customers, gather relevant data, and streamline the process of finding new leads and opportunities for their products or services.

Why should I invest in sales prospecting tools?

Investing in sales prospecting tools can significantly boost your sales team’s efficiency and productivity. These tools automate manual tasks, provide valuable insights, and help you target the right prospects, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

How do these tools differ from traditional prospecting methods?

Traditional prospecting methods often involve manual research, cold calling, and manual lead tracking. Sales prospecting tools leverage technology and data analytics to streamline the prospecting process, making it more accurate, faster, and scalable.

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