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Blogging is essential for bringing the correct people to your website, as any experienced inbound marketer knows. If you’ve been blogging for any time, you might’ve probably considered the idea of guest posting. Guest posting has become one of the top SEO techniques for any website, from small blocks to influential organisations. One of the most challenging tasks for an online business is delivering your messaging to your potential prospects. While a robust social media plan will always be advantageous, seeing the results of your effort can take time. And this is the moment when guest posting services come into the picture.

But what is Guest Posting? How does it work? We know you have many questions like this in your mind, as this might be a new term for many of you. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This is your ultimate guide to guest posting services, and we will make sure to clear all your queries with the help of this blog.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is also popularly known as guest blogging. In simple terms, guest posting means writing a blog for yourself and posting it on another company’s website. Though it may sound really simple, guest posting can be really beneficial for you as it offers some incredible benefits. It may assist you in developing relationships with industry peers, increasing brand credibility and recognition, increasing domain authority, and improving your link profile. 

Guest posting also provides a platform for developing insightful thought leadership content in your field. As a result, there is a good chance you can build a tribe of loyal followers who will drive consistent traffic to your website – not to mention the promotional boost a brand receives when your guest blogger shares the blogs with their own network.

It may appear counterintuitive to spend time producing articles for other sites (that you may even consider rivals) when you might be creating material for your own site. However, the benefits that guest writing offers you might be enormous for your SEO and sales goals. 

Why is guest posting important for your business?

Guest posting has several advantages for any organisation. You may position yourself as an authoritative figure in your business with the help of a guest post. Furthermore, you can create relationships with other thought leaders in a profession and expose your brand to an altogether new audience. You can also collaborate with other companies and brands with whom you can share your expertise around a particular topic or niche. 

1. Authority

From the basics, guest posting helps you demonstrate your knowledge of a subject, connecting you to those interested in that subject. When a site publishes your guest blog post, it recognises you as someone with whom they may share information. You increase your reputation by writing about your expertise, and readers will regard you as the “go-to” person for information. Ideally, readers will remember you when they need the services you offer in the future!

2. Branding

Increase your exposure by guest writing on other websites. Find prominent websites or sites relevant to your industry and request a guest article or blog post. This will help you invite new visitors to your business when your guest post is published. This allows you to build up your name and helps you to a new audience. Putting your expertise into writing, no matter what site you guest blog for works as an advertisement for you and your business.

3. Authorship over famous blogging websites 

Guest blogging will let you connect to a whole new audience and let Google know who you are! We know it sounds funny, but it’s actually true.

You can gain authorship by guest posting. For instance, If you’re a Google+ user, you can add the blogs to your bio’s “contributor to” box. This assists you in obtaining Google authorship, allowing a photo to display with your name in search results for each piece you publish.

Likewise, you can do the same for various other blogging platforms and portals. The biggest advantage of this is that there is a strong community of readers on these platforms, and they will get to know about your brand. Furthermore, this will also help you as a great source to boost your ranks and click-through rates in Google search results.

4. Opportunity to portray thought leadership

It is an excellent opportunity to express yourself in writing. When a website publishes your blog post, you construct an article portfolio. You may even receive comments that spark fresh ideas for topics to write about or services to offer.

5. New leads for your business

An audience visiting your blog may become new leads to your company. It will allow you to network with fresh perspective leads. You can make people aware of your skills and writing. Who knows that they may be amazed by your knowledge and contact you for additional information about your services. It will help you form a favourable impression of the services you offer. If you are not searching for leads, guest blogging can help you create relationships and make new contacts in your field.

6. Website Traffic

Increased traffic to your website is an essential part of guest posting. When you publish a guest blog article, request a connection back to your website. After someone reads a blog article, a link to your blog article will provide excellent opportunities for improving traffic to your website. And this rise in website traffic will indicate that more people are visiting your website to learn more about your offerings.

How to find guest posting opportunities?

The first and foremost thing you should do is look for guest post opportunities. While looking for locations to guest post, your primary objective is to identify blogs related to your area or business. Keep in check that the content is focused on your niche and that the blog’s audience is interested in your industry. There should be sizable viewership of the blog, and make sure that the website’s owner is active on social media sites, as it will accelerate your reach.

Here are a few steps to find the right kind of guest post opportunities:

1. Use listings of websites that allow guest articles to your advantage

Because guest blogging is such a popular and widely used strategy, several lists are published by other bloggers with sites in various categories. Furthermore, they are frequently grouped by topic and ordered by domain authority, making it much easier to locate the most excellent prospects for you individually.

A short Google search will most likely provide a list of sites that will accept your guest posts.

It is worth noting, however, that if you find these lists, you still need to research and ensure that they are still accepting guest posts. Here in this step, you will need to identify the factors like whether the DA of the guest blogging website is high and whether they are frequently publishing new content on the blog.

2. Google Searches

Googling your search terms is one of the simplest and basic ways to find guest blogging websites. There are numerous search terms you can try to help you find countless websites. You can begin by starting to search for the right keywords.

For example, if you were looking for a marketing blog that accepts guest posts, you’d try various marketing-related keyword combinations, such as marketing, “digital marketing”, “online marketing”, “internet marketing”, “social media marketing”, “content marketing”, and so on. You can do so by replacing the keyword with words from your industry.

3. Search for guest blogging websites in reverse

It is quite an effective technique to identify relevant guest posting websites to research your competition and see where they’ve previously guest blogged and what websites they have already written for. There are several ways to go about this approach. 

One of the most straightforward approaches is to locate writers in an industry who are already guest posting often. You will notice this when you follow prominent blogs on your topic and specific names keep cropping up. Furthermore, you can also search to see who guest posted on some of the popular websites of these fields and then check them up to see if it is a method they employ frequently.

If you can not find any sites, you can do a Google search. 

link:domain.com – domain.com “guest post” (replacing domain.com with your competitor’s domain) should reveal sites for which a competitor has written.

4. Social media searches

Many bloggers and guest posters will publish their most recent guest articles on social media. Because Twitter is the simplest to search, consider conducting a Twitter search for the phrase “guest post” to receive the most recent tweets regarding guest articles in your business. Simply click on the links to see which sites are seeking guest contributions.

5. Attend conferences and events to network with guest bloggers

It’s a great way for bloggers to network with other content creators, and discover new guest posting opportunities. Bring business cards and be ready to explain who you are and what your services are.

You can learn about new opportunities by attending events in your field. You might hear about blogs and websites accepting guest posts. Or you might learn about trends in your field that can be used to create guest posting content.

This can help you in building relationships with professionals in your field. These relationships are valuable for helping you find guest posting opportunities that will benefit your career and business.

6. Create high-quality engaging content

Creating high-quality engaging content is one of the proven ways of getting the attention of guest bloggers and content creators in your industry/niche. Write blog posts, articles, and social media content to share your thoughts and insights on topics relevant to your field. 

Not just this, leave a CTA that you are looking forward to building a community of bloggers who can double down on such insights. This way you can build your credibility as a thought leader by providing value to your audience.

To increase your website’s authority and build backlinks, you should look for broken link opportunities. You can find broken links on other websites and offer high-quality content to replace them. This is a great way to get a backlink and guest blog your content.

8. Make use of outreach platforms

There are a lot of outreach platforms in the market who use you can make for finding guest posting or blogging opportunities. Platforms like HARO, BuzzStream, and others can help you find the best websites where you can guest post. They do this by taking reference of your content and finding the best websites for your need.

Apart from this, you can also take the managed SEO services of any agency who are expert in finding guest post websites and creating backlinks. Expand My Business can help you with it with the largest pool of verified digital marketing companies in Asia that offer proven SEO results.

With the help of these partner companies, you can surely find a bulk of relevant websites with whom you can build relations for guest posting your content.

9. Try email marketing

Email marketing outreach is one of the other effective ways of getting your website blog published on any other website. (This we tell you with our own experience of getting more than 20 blogs guest posted every month on high-quality websites).

The important point to consider here is how effectively you can this technique.

Here are a few proven ways for doing this:

  • First and foremost create a targeted email mailing list. Begin by creating a list of bloggers, website owners, content creators, and others who are interested in guest posting. You can use social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to locate relevant contacts. Email finder tools will verify their contact information.
  • Create a compelling email pitch. Your pitch should be personal, engaging, and persuasive. Introduce yourself and tell them why you are reaching out. Please share your qualifications and any relevant experiences, and offer high-quality content relevant to their website.
  • Follow-up: If you don’t hear from the recipient, don’t be afraid of following up on your initial email pitch. After a week, send a reminder email, and don’t be pushy.
  • Track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and the results. Email tracking tools can help you track who opens your emails, clicks on your links, and responds to your pitches. This will help you to refine your approach and increase your success rate over time.
  • Finally, establishing strong relationships with bloggers, website owners, and content creators will help you find more guest blogging opportunities in the future. Keep in touch with people who respond positively to your pitch and continue to provide high-quality content relevant to their audience. You can increase your chances to find more guest posting opportunities by building trust and credibility within your niche. Be friendly and approachable and don’t hesitate to share your passion and expertise in your niche.

10. Leverage the existing relationships

This is the most basic yet most effective technique for finding out opportunities for posting a guest blog. Your existing contacts already know about you a lot and will be interested in knowing what you have to offer. You can collaborate with them or offer something in return, such as good-quality content.
Furthermore, these do not have to be bloggers necessarily. You can even contact your customers or even your competitors to know if they are willing to get a guest blog from you. This way, you can further improve your relationship with them and secure the ready chances for guest posting.


Guest blogging may benefit everyone involved, especially if the partnership is mutual. Guest blogs may be highly beneficial to your marketing departments since they provide something new and instructive to any campaigns or social media updates. It also benefits writers since it gives them access to a new audience and an opportunity to get their business noticed. Understanding the importance of guest blogging and adhering to best practices will allow you to gain numerous benefits and establish yourself as an authority in your subject.

We hope this blog gives you all the insight you need to start your guest posting. Start guest posting today, and see your influence grow.

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