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IT Outsourcing can be simply referred to as the process of assigning an external company with the project in the field of Information and Technology. This has a lot of advantages compared to hiring an in-house team to handle such projects. Outsourcing your IT project to any external company has thus a lot of range of advantages.

Outsourcing a website development project, in particular, can be very beneficial for your business. These are important for website development for the following reasons:

  1. A website is a face for your business in the age of the data-first world.
  2. A website development company has experience working on several website design and website development projects.
  3. Getting a dedicated web development company for the exhaustive need of creating your company website will drain your company’s resources and efficiency.
  4. Website development companies have the necessary expertise, skills and experience to create your website, which your in-house team will require time to get adept with.
  5. Outsourcing your website development project gives you the opportunity to scale your business operations by focusing on your core competencies.

In the following sections of the blog, we discuss all that you need to know about outsourcing your website development project. This will be especially beneficial for you if you are outsourcing your website development project for the first time and are confused about how to get started.

Ways of outsourcing your website development project

  1. Hire a freelance website developer
  2. On-board a website development company to work on your project
  3. Go for the solution of a managed marketplace platform to get it all done!

Advantages of outsourcing a website development project

There are an end number of reasons for outsourcing a website development project. Outsourcing presents you with an opportunity to save your valuable time and resources. The following are the advantages of outsourcing your website development project:

1. Saves your money

One of the key advantages of outsourcing your web development project is a reduction in cost. If you get into the process of hiring and training an in-house web development team, it will cost you so much money. Moreover, along with the money, you have to invest so much time which you can save for your company or business. The best way is to outsource your work to a web development agency. It will save you money and time both. Furthermore, if technology is not your domain, then it will be hard for you to hire the right people and manage them.

2. Access to experts

By outsourcing your work, you will have the expertise of web development agencies that have been working in the field for a long time. Moreover, they have a team of experts who has years of experience. However, in hiring an in-house web development team, it is not easy to get an expert. Even if you have tried to get the experts, it will weigh heavy on your pocket. Furthermore, the employees in a web development agency know what will work best for your company or business as they have been in the field for a long time.

3. Focus on your business

By outsourcing your web development work, you can focus more on your business. However, managing an in-house web development team is not an easy task. You have to pay special time and somewhat shift your focus from your core business. But if you outsource your work, then there is no need to worry. You can simply focus on your business. Also, you have to set up a different department for this work which will take so much energy. This is why without getting into this, you should outsource your web development work.

4. High-speed development

In every field, businesses are growing their online presence at a rapid speed. However, every business wants to blow its competitor out of the water. If you want to be in the water and give a tough fight to your competitor, then it is essential to outsource your work.

Moreover, by outsourcing your work, you do not have to wait for a long time. A web development agency will develop the best product according to your company in time. That too without compromising on the quality.

5. Management of Risk

There is a common perception that by outsourcing a web development project, you will lose your control. However, this is not the case. No matter what your engagement model is, your web development tool always keeps you updated at every step.

Moreover, there might be chances of project failure or some issues with your project. A web development agency has a team to manage the risk. Furthermore, they have an expert team of business analysts and project managers who are responsible for planning, risk assessment, and mitigation of your project. Also, these web development companies follow standard guidelines to avoid any failure in the project.

6. Business Support

Outsourcing web development work does not stop only at website development. However, you will also get business support from these agencies as these teams have a team of experts who will analyse the markets and will give you all the insight about the market.

Moreover, it is not just a one-time commitment with these agencies. You will also get a long-term commitment to these agencies. A reliable partner will help you in the success of your software and your business. This is why it is essential to select the best web development agency while outsourcing your work.

7. Scalability

Last and one of the most important benefits of outsourcing your web development project is scalability. As you know, web development agencies have a team of experts who will work very hard. Moreover, with this support, you can scale up your online presence.

Moreover, if you suddenly need more people to work on your project, you will get a bunch of people who are ready to work for you.

Common Myths About Outsourcing Web Development Projects

There are so many people who do not believe in outsourcing the project to a third agency. However, there are so many common myths in the market.

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1. Dependency on an outsourcing company reduces flexibility

This is the most common misconception that outsourcing reduces the flexibility of adopting customised solutions for your business. This is, however, not the case if you choose the service of a good website development company. A good website development company takes a systematic approach to understanding your website development needs. Furthermore, they account for your support and trust in every step of the process.

2. Outsourcing your website development company can put the data of your business at risk

There is a psychological risk, especially with big firms and companies, that their website development company can exploit the data and resources if they outsource their project. This can, however, be mitigated with proper legal mechanisms in place. Furthermore, it is recommended that you choose the services of reliable website development companies on the horizon. All this can hold your website development company liable for maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of your data.

3. Outsourcing a website development project to a company is a tedious task

A bad experience working with a website development company can tarnish the image of the entire IT outsourcing industry. The fact is that you only need to find the services of the website development company with a proper background check process. This will enable you to find a suitable partner company that can work on your website development need without much of a hassle. The experience of working with such a company would be smooth and would transition into developing the website of your dreams.

4. Finding a website development company is itself a challenging task:

Say no more! With Expand My Business coming into the picture, the industry has been revolutionised with the first-of-its-kind managed marketplace experience of getting your website built. We are the world’s first managed marketplace for all your digital needs. This means that we have over 1500+ verified partner agencies and companies on our platform who have been on-boarded to our platform with a rigorous background check process.

Not only do we help you find the services of these companies within a matter of clicks, but we also help you shortlist the best-suited website development company for your business. Post this, we assign a dedicated Delivery Manager who will be responsible for ensuring the quality in the delivery of your website development project.

Common mistakes of outsourcing web development project

Indeed web development outsourcing has its challenges. Moreover, you have to prepare for it already while getting on this journey. There are so many mistakes that people generally make while outsourcing their web development work. We have mentioned these mistakes so that you should avoid them.

1. Less clarity about goals

While outsourcing your work, it is important to have clarity about the goals. This is why you should note down what you are expecting from this project, what your budget is, and how much time you have. Then only you should think about outsourcing your web development project.

2. Less research about companies

There are so many companies in the market that provide web development services. Most businesses or companies do little research about it and end up outsourcing the project to an average company. You must check enough companies and their services. After going through so many companies, you will get an idea of which company can provide you with the best service according to your business.

3. Less awareness about pricing

The main aim of outsourcing web development services is that it is cost-effective. However, if you don’t have enough knowledge about pricing, then you may end up paying more money. If you are outsourcing your project, then it is essential for you to check the general pricing of the service that you are outsourcing.

4. No communication

This is one of the serious and common mistakes that happens often. And this is why there is a delay in the project. If you have outsourced your work to any company, then you must select some people from your side, and you will be continuously in contact with this company. With good communication, you will get a better project. Otherwise, you have to deal with so many flaws.

5. No involvement in the process

You have outsourced your project, but it does not mean your responsibility ends. Moreover, now your responsibility increases. You are developing an important service for your business. This is why having your involvement in the process is very important. Moreover, you have to give feedback on every step and follow the workflow. Only then will you get the best outcome.

What are the factors to consider for outsourcing a website development project?

It is important to keep in mind some of the important factors for shortlisting a website development company for your project. This will help you keep safe from the list of challenges of outsourcing a website development project mentioned in the below sections.

Some of the important factors to consider in mind while choosing your website development company are:

1. Inability to set and communicate the budget for your website development project

Setting a budget for your website development project helps you make a lot of decisions, such as the technology in which your website will be built, complexities of features and functionalities, web hosting plan and all others.

2. Ensuring that the proper channels of communication are well in place between you and your vendor

Proper and transparent communication is the key to the success of your website development project. With proper communication, you can help your developer with a better understanding of your vision for the website. This way, both you and your developer will be able to work in a focused way to reduce the scope of wasted time and effort.

3. Past work experience and work profile of the developer

Understanding the past work experience of the developer and your website development company is of supreme importance in ensuring that your website development project is in safe hands. You must be well aware of where the competencies of your developer and website development company lie. Are they more proficient in developing informative websites, or are they more equipped to develop an e-commerce website? All this can help you find the answers to some of your important questions and outsource your website development project to a trusted partner vendor.

Common problems of outsourcing your website development project for the first time

India is the house of some of the leading website development companies and agencies across the world. IT projects from across the world are outsourced to agencies and companies n India for the skills and talents that our workforce possesses. Despite this, finding an ideal partner agency or website development can be a really challenging task.

Even if you find a suitable agency or vendor to work for your website development needs, there are a range of challenges which follows suit. These challenges become particularly important to highlight and stress if you are outsourcing your website development project for the first time. These challenges include:

1. Irrelevant work experience and portfolio to match your project requirements

The biggest challenge is finding an ideal partner agency to work on your website development project with the business knowledge of your industry. It largely hence becomes the case that the website built this way is inconsistent with your business and audience’s need.

Furthermore, a large number of players and companies in the market deceive the audience with the fake portfolio of their past work. All this presents a huge challenge for you to find an ideal company or agency to work with you.

2. Sub-standardised quality of work

The other major challenge in outsourcing your website development project is associated with the quality of the delivery of the work done by an agency. There is a likely chance that you will have a bad experience getting your website developed if you are not already seasoned in getting the work done.

Agencies and companies, in general, and large, fail to comply and meet the exact requirements of your project. This is because of dual reasons. In the first case scenario, the agency would have a large number of projects to deal with and handle, compromising your bests interests. In the latter case, the agency or the company may simply lack enough resources to handle the requirements of the project.

3. Security of payment

This is one of the most severe concerns of outsourcing a website development project. In a typical scenario, you have to make advance payments for your website development project. Irrespective of whether or not this payment is secured through a contract, the major challenge in the IT outsourcing industry is the lack of a neutral party who can judge the quality and standards of work delivered by the agency.

The risk of payment security becomes even greater when you have outsourced your project to an unverified agency without doing any background checks.

4. Delays in project delivery

This is one of the most typical challenges which businesses face in getting their website developed. Delays are very common, especially in the context of the Indian outsourcing market. These can be due to varied reasons. Lack of commitment on the part of the agency, lack of resources and expertise and whatnot. This can eventually result negatively on your business and its resources.

5. Breach of trust and security

One of the other pressing issues of outsourcing your website development project to an unreliable company is the risk to the security of codes and assets. This becomes even more severe in the absence of a non-disclosure agreement. This is where the importance of getting into relevant contracts becomes necessary for ensuring that your intellectual property rights are maintained and protected.

6. Lack of transparency and accountability

Getting a website developed especially for your small business can become a hefty task. This is especially true when your agency is not responsible enough to hold you accountable for its tasks. The absence of proper reporting and monitoring mechanisms can risk your project’s success, with the agency getting away without being held accountable. This is where the solutions of managed marketplace platforms become essential for your website development project.

Qualifying for a website development company on the basis of knowledge really requires skills and precision. Evaluating a website development company on the basis of their skillsets requires the ground experience of understanding tech and all about website development. This may not be true for your case, where tech is merely an enabling requirement for your business to grow.

Importance of Escrow payment security for outsourcing your website development project

The importance of the Escrow payment security service for outsourcing your website development project cannot be understated. The payment security option allows you to invest in your website development project without any worries. Escrow payment security solution allows for your web development project to be carried out without any scope of hindrance or hassle.

How does the Escrow payment security service work?

To avail the benefits of the Escrow payment security service, you need to choose the services of a project management solution company like Expand My Business. Escrow service providers ensure the security of your project amount by freezing your advance payments in a neutral Escrow bank account.

Post this, and the set amount is only released only when all the parties involved in a project agree to do so. In any case, otherwise, any of the parties can hold the other party liable for addressing the amount wrongfully.

At Expand My Business, we take a milestone-based approach to getting your project delivered. With this, we break the entire scope of your project into chunks of milestones. You can know more about us on Design Rush. This is our profile on Design Rush which you can see for reference.

For website development projects, these are typically the following:

  1. Scoping of work
  2. UI/UX Designing
  3. Front-end Development
  4. Back-end Development
  5. User Testing and Bug Fixing

With this, our delivery managers maintain the quality of your website development project for all the milestones. This way, you are required only to advance the payment for the concerning milestone, which is then kept safe in our Escrow account. In this way, the payment is deducted and processed to the chosen web development company only once when the deliverables of the milestone are achieved.

Final Words

So don’t hesitate to outsource your web development project. You will not have to face any drawbacks by outsourcing your work. Instead, you will get the best services. Moreover, outsourcing your work will save you time and money. There are so many companies providing web development services. This is why it is important for you to choose the best one who can understand your business and can give you the best service.

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