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Key Takeaways

According to Gartner’s latest report, cloud spending is projected to reach $530 billion by 2024, showcasing the growing importance of efficient cloud cost management.

Statista’s data reveals that 86% of enterprises have implemented FinOps practices to optimize their cloud costs and improve financial transparency.

SEMrush’s research indicates that organizations embracing FinOps have seen a 30% reduction in cloud spending while enhancing operational efficiency.

Effective implementation of FinOps leads to optimized cloud costs, enhanced scalability, and improved financial transparency in modern enterprises.

As per Statistica, the gaming industry witnessed massive leaps in 2021, with the revenue increasing to 100 billion Indian rupees. Further, it was projected to increase up to 153 billion Indian rupees by 2024. There has been a significant rise in mobile game app development in India for almost all age groups as well. Despite being unique, not all games get the same level of craze and appreciation.

Why do some ideas that seem to be full proof still fail? Where’s the problem? Probably because it’s the execution part and not the idea. Imagine if the same thing happens with your gaming app if you fail to assemble the right team who could develop a mobile gaming app for you. You might not have people with the best expertise in that field. This presents the need to outsource your mobile game app development to achieve the desired outcome.

8 Benefits Of Outsourcing Mobile Game App Development

Before venturing out to outsource your idea and bring it to life, you must be clear about why you should consider outsourcing. Some of the advantages of outsourcing your mobile gaming app development that will accelerate your development process are:

1. Experienced Team

The most challenging part of delegation is to trust the person. Outsourcing ensures you deploy top-tier experts to help you with your mobile gaming app development. They take care of all the nitty-gritty of the project, right from planning, designing, and implementation to the distribution of the game. This leaves no scope for any technical loopholes in building mobile gaming apps as they have expertise in the industry. Further, they assist you from the MVP stage to the full-fledged functional app stage. Hence, handing your project to the best mobile game developers ensures end-to-end services and support throughout the entire process. 

2. Technical Competency

The developer needs to have core knowledge of the game app development process. Outsourcing allows you to get top-notch experts who can provide you with end-to-end support. Right from the planning, and development, to post developmental stage, all your needs are taken care of.

Major challenges you may experience post the app launch are bug fixes, app maintenance and support, and app updates as and when required. The right company ensures that it has all the troubleshooting capacities. 

3. Credibility

You know you can rely on the third party when you have seen their records. The best part of outsourcing is that there is minimum risk involved in how things might take shape. Since outsourcing companies are experts in their niche, you can trust them with the final product and the way they can help you scale your business. You can always look up client testimonials and decide whether a particular company is the right fit.

4. Economical

Would you not like to get quality results at a much cheaper rate? Well, involving a third party helps cut costs and save your in-house resources in exchange for quality work. Due to vast differences in wage patterns, it’s always a good idea to prefer app development outsourcing. Besides, you also trim down costs involved in infrastructure, logistics, employee training, office supplies, etc., because you are only paying for the service. 

5. Time Efficient

Outsourcing eliminates the lengthy process of onboarding the right fit for every skill required to develop a gaming app. Now, your new team may be inexperienced and putting more time into developing mobile gaming apps than required. This might backfire in the long run. That’s when outsourcing helps when you rely on someone who already knows the specifics of the game development process. Further, since the outsourced team works remotely, they are primarily flexible in their accessibility. Consequently, you can expect quality work in reduced time.

6. In-depth Market Research

Considering the spontaneity of gaming, it’s critical to study and analyse what your target audience is seeking. By knowing their problems closely, you can improve on the product development part, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Intensive research is done based on consumer behaviour and economic trends to eliminate the scope of failure. For instance, if your game mainly focuses on catering to the age group of teenagers, then you need to know what things they relate to the most to curate apt aesthetics, or the look and feel of the entire product to not only attract them but also keep them hooked throughout. The end goal of any market research is to ensure customer satisfaction and retention organically. 

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7. Getting All Under One Roof

Imagine looking for the best designers, programmers, developers, marketers, etc., who know their job. Hunting for a such a pool of talent can be a time-consuming job. 

Outsourcing helps you eliminate this cycle of finding the right group of people. They already have a unified team of experts to fulfil your requirements. They help you streamline the entire developmental process.

8. Minimum Management Required

After choosing the right group of people to outsource your work, you can sit back and relax from micromanaging everything. Outsourcing companies have their way of task completion and require minimum management after you have delegated work to them. 

The Right Way To Outsource Mobile Game App Development

Once you have made up your mind to outsource, it’s critical to be clear on what to do next to find the right app development company to avoid the risks involved in outsourcing gaming app development services. Getting the right team can be a game-changer, so make sure you don’t go wrong there. The following are some things you should do from your end to ensure you get your hands on the right vendor.

1. Knowing the Scope and Duration of the Project

This is a significant step to avoid any scope creep in the future. You need to be clear and precise about what services you are looking for. Is it a single service, or do you want the entire development for your gaming app? Get your requirements sorted beforehand. Once you are clear with the services, you can finalise the project’s duration. Another thing that people often miss out on is post-development support. See if that will be provided or not, its duration, and precisely what will fall under that.

2. Services and Project Cost

One of the primary reasons why outsourcing is becoming a trend is that it saves you a lot of money. But this doesn’t imply that you run behind the prices. Outsourcing companies usually offer a wide range of packages based on the services you are seeking. You should compare all of those before deciding on one. Don’t forget to look at the hidden costs in case a company has one.  

3. Track Record

Credibility and background check is vital before involving any third party in your gaming app venture. Some things that can help you in this process are finding if they have worked on developing similar mobile gaming apps and the results they delivered there. Check if they are well-versed in developing different types of games or not. Some of the most common ones include simple 2D game development, AAA game development, 3D game development, etc.

4. Communication

Since you will be seeking external support, you might have a hard time if both parties are not on the same page. Right from the beginning, try to establish a proper communication channel to avoid any disagreements in the future. See if the other party understands your needs and is also considerate of what you expect post-development of the project. Both parties need to tune in and be compatible even before you start working on the project.

5. Technical Knowledge

The outsourcing company will do the market research for you, but to get the right company, you’ll have to carry out rigorous research. See if they have the right people with the right skills for your gaming app. Are they well-versed with the current gaming trends, and will they be able to take on the project’s complexity? Parameters such as mobile game development platform, design layout of the game, game type, game testing & changes, etc., must be considered in advance.

6. Planning and Managing Process

One of the constant concerns is how the project should be managed and the amount of supervision needed during the entire journey. A roadmap depicts a lot about the clarity one has on the end goal and how the project will proceed. It’s essential to have clarity between the expectation and the final product. 

7. Keeping up with the Deadline

Failing to keep up with the deadlines might cost you a lot. One simple way to tackle this is by not having unrealistic goals. Discuss the entire project and set the timeline with an appropriate buffer to cut out unnecessary delays in the future.

8. Security and Privacy Concerns

Getting a vendor means you are bound to share your business assets and have a sense of fear of losing certain sensitive information. While this risk will always prevail, the only way to deal with this is by checking the vendor’s track record and getting a non-disclosure agreement signed apart from the work contract.

Trusting a third party with a project that means so much to you can be overwhelming when you don’t know who to outsource. You can contact EMB to get the best mobile gaming app development service in India as we pass all the above checklists and help you scale your gaming app.


Q1. What are the benefits of outsourcing mobile game app development to India?

Cost-effectiveness: Development rates in India are generally lower than in Western countries.
Large talent pool: India has a vast pool of skilled and experienced game developers.
Technical expertise: Indian developers are well-versed in various game development tools and technologies.
Time zone advantage: Leverage overlapping time zones for efficient communication and faster project completion.
Focus on core strengths: Free up your team to focus on marketing, design, or other areas of expertise.

Q2. What are some things to consider when outsourcing to India?

Communication: Ensure clear communication channels and establish expectations upfront.
Cultural differences: Be mindful of potential cultural differences and communication styles.
Project management: Choose a reliable outsourcing partner with a proven track record.
Intellectual property: Have a clear legal agreement in place to protect your intellectual property.
Testing and quality assurance: Establish a thorough testing process to ensure the game meets your standards.

Q3. How much does it cost to outsource mobile game development to India?

The cost can vary depending on the complexity of your game, features, development time, and developer experience. However, you can generally expect to pay less compared to outsourcing to other regions.

Q4. What are some qualities to look for in an Indian mobile game development company?

Experience: Look for a company with experience in developing games similar to yours.
Portfolio: Review their past projects to assess their skills and style.
Communication skills: Choose a company with good communication skills and a clear understanding of your vision.
Development process: Ensure they follow a well-defined development process with quality assurance measures.
Pricing and flexibility: Compare pricing models and find a company that fits your budget and needs.

Q5. Are there any risks associated with outsourcing mobile game development to India?

Potential risks include communication challenges, time zone differences, and ensuring quality control. However, careful planning, clear communication, and choosing a reputable partner can mitigate these risks.

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