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Marketplace listing is an opportunity for marketers and other business personnel to expand their sales and become visible to potential buyers. Social media marketing has now been preferred by suppliers because of its distinct characteristics like being economical, reaching out to potential customers, creating a trustful image of the marketer, and has also introduced a new dimension to marketing. Buyers also find it easy to access information due to its attractive features and its transparent nature.

Just because social media marketing is affordable to almost everyone, not all of them succeed in gaining the trust of customers for many reasons. Here are some tips that one can be sure not to make so that the business-to-customer relationship can be established smoothly.

Reach out to your audience

The more you know your customers, the more helpful it will be for you. For strong marketing, make use of the marketplace you use to its fullest. Be it Amazon or Instagram or any other social media, advertise your products using the sponsors and advertisements your marketplace provides.

This helps your page to reach potential buyers who are specifically interested in your product.

The number of audience members directly affects the success rate of your business. The more the merrier. The main objective of marketplace listing is to reach more and more people. It is a great opportunity to connect with your existing customers and also to reach out to a whole new world of audiences!

Appeal to your target audience

By listing in the marketplace, you are not only reaching new audiences but you are also helping your business to reach its ideal customer. The target audience is the set of people who might be totally interested in your business’s niche, products or services.

Once your target audience is set, the words you use and the type of content you post can be manipulated according to the liking of your audience thus making your advertising more appealing and convincing. Optimizing your product content can prove to be of great help.

The first impression is the best impression

As the saying goes, the first image you make for your audience is very important. One of the main reasons customers choose social media to buy is because of the pictorial representation of products sold online. So the images provided must be clear and should provide details that customers would like to check in case they purchase from stores.

The main motive must be to reduce the difference between in-store and online purchases. Also do not forget to price your product since that would help the customer to have an overall idea of his expenditure and would also compare your pricing with others.

You can also present your marketplace in a better way by listing all the related products in a single page, maybe in a comparative manner. Many websites, including Amazon and Flipkart, list the products side by side so that you don’t have to switch multiple pages to view various products.

Provide details

Providing details is not just a best practice but it must be an everyday practice.  Providing sufficient details ensures that the customer will stick with the single website and not switch multiple tabs to find the details.

Switching multiple tabs might not sound like a turn off. But imagine if the customer, in the process of finding information, finds out better quality products at an affordable price. Then, which one would be their choice? The latter. So be wise enough to provide sufficient details about all the products.

Make sure to give the intricate details about your product that your customers would be interested to be sure about.

For example, if your products are related to furniture, mentioning the measurements of all edges, and providing images of the furniture from all angles would be satisfying. If your products are related to apparel, then make sure to provide details like actual colour, size variations, fabric material, neck type,etc. If you are trying to bring out something unique, then add that as well, for some brownie points!

Set up some quality photos of the products

People say don’t judge a book by its cover. But, do we all follow it? Of course not. We will look into the product details only if we find the first picture attractive. A high quality image has 80% more chance of being clicked or viewed as compared to normal quality ones.

So if you are looking to do your product listing in the marketplace, then ensure that you have a good quality camera or at least you own a smartphone with a decent camera. You have a single opportunity of posting your products and ensuring that you give your best shot to them.

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Gone were the times of grainy pictures or negative film rolls. People expect high-quality images and the least that you can do for your business to reach several people is using high quality photos and aesthetics.

Don’t give away all at once

The idea of listing in a marketplace definitely sounds crazy and thrilling. You might be tempted to post all the products straight away. But that’s not how things work in the marketplace listing. You might have hundreds of products, but posting them all at once, might spoil the things for both you and your customer.

Always remember, the idea of new launches or fresh collections always tempts people to buy rather than the same old stock. So even if your stock collection is old, by posting them in a timely manner, you are actually selling them as a fresh new product.

Avoid posting about similar products all at once. Ensure that you give people the variety that they have been craving for. For example, if you are selling apparel, footwear and other accessories, the best practice is to post about 3 to 5 products in the same category. This way, you can give people a sense of limited collection and it might pave a way for huge sales!

Automation of process at the customer end

People don’t want to be clueless about what happened to their product after ordering. Questions like these will often haunt people’s minds especially when using an online marketplace or e-commerce website, in short, while doing online shopping.

  •  Is the product ordered correctly?
  • When will be the approximate date of shipping and delivery?
  •  Has the order been dispatched yet?

It would be difficult for you as an owner to ensure these for every customer. If you are a small business owner then for less than 10 customers, a manual process would be ideal. But if the customer limit exceeds 10, it is best if you automate certain processes.

Automation, of course, can’t be done overnight. But after a little struggle, it will definitely be worth it. Many websites like Snapdeal, Amazon, Nykaa, etc. give text messages, and emails to the customers at every process stage. This way, you can ensure that you are in constant touch with your customers regarding their orders. This will also add more benefits as your customer can remain in a calm state of mind after placing their order without any second thoughts.

To wrap up:

Marketplace listing is an opportunity for marketers and other business personnel to expand their sales and become visible to potential buyers. The several best practices that one must follow while displaying their products in a marketplace are discussed in the above blog. By following these, you can be assured that your business will have better relationships with the customers, thus indirectly growing your sales. By sales growth, you can easily visualise dramatic growth in your business.

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