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Covid-19 has changed the overall scenario. Since 2020, the need to stay at home has actually made people spend time on the internet. The need for online entertainment has increased significantly. And, so is the need for mobile game apps. Isn’t it? Yes, the interest of the majority of people has shifted to mobile games to a great extent with so much time to spare.

Competition is becoming more fierce than before in the gaming industry. It is not surprising that gaming strategies are becoming cutthroat day by day. There is no better time to make a mark in this industry. The expansion of mobile game revenue is increasing yearly and it is an amazing source for a lot of developers.

Every developer wants his / her game to be on the top. They do not want to settle for less. They keep themselves updated with game monetisation tips. However, to reach the destination, they look for a superior storyline, engaging gameplay, and advanced graphics. To be more precise, they need all relevant elements for a gaming app along with the appropriate channels to reach probable customers.

Game Categories in Google Play and Apple App Store:

There are different categories of games in Google Play and Apple App Store. Starting from Action, Strategy to Puzzle, Casual, Racing to Adventure to all have a diverse fan following. All these categories give plenty of insights to marketers as well as gamers. A marketer needs to be updated about the recent trends and liking of the gamers, thereby knowing which game tactic to follow and promote.

Endorse Your Gaming App:

In the present day, it is not easy to promote your mobile game. The mobile gaming industry has immensely transformed within a short span of time. There are certain practices for marketing a gaming app that will permit you to rake in massive revenue. Moreover, the exact number of new and efficient practices cannot be overlooked at all.

If you truly wish to get the best outcomes for your gaming app, you ought to consider a few marketing practices. Let us have a look at a few of them:

Get Influencers Play Your Gaming App:

Influencers rose to the rank of gaming techniques easily that underscores the endorsement value of influencers. Yes, it is a fact that you need to get hold of a wonderful slice of the follower pie and nothing is better than to get the influencer to try your gaming app. They are the ones who promote it. However, make sure that you select the ones who are interested in the game and reverberate with your brand. This way the top-notch influencers take everything from there so that you can just sit back, relax and see their magic.

Influence with Eye-catching Elements:

UI/UX actually matters a lot. Addition of interactive and animated elements alone can make immense difference even if they are unrelated to the app’s game play. It just needs to stay true to the style. If you know your audience, then you must determine what would actually brush them off their feet.

Harness Social Media to build Gaming App:

In this modern era, social media is an amazing way to connect with your audience and build up with your community. It has been estimated that users spend nearly 160 minutes on social media every day. Thus, it is imperative to be an active user of social platforms and ensure that your game is present in the online spaces. There are a few ways that you can utilize social media for gaming marketing:

  • Request and respond to the user feedback
  • Share user-generated content to build up a community
  • Answer user queries and comments
  • Share teasers for economical ways to spread consciousness

Using social media platforms as a part of the strategy will enable you to market your gaming app. It will also generate interest as well as excitement, thereby adding a social element to the user’s experience.

Get in Touch With Online Gaming Publications: Magazines are not outdated. It has undergone a metamorphosis in online gaming publications. Some of the best instances of magazines that feature games are Game Informer Magazine. They also feature respective reviews, and host regular podcasts regarding the games and user testimonials. Where can you get a better audience than that?

Focus on Landing Page Experience: You cannot overlook App Store Optimisation (ASO) from the equation of game marketing success. Since the pandemic, everybody is stuck at home and so is the reason for the rise in the gaming populace.

It is imperative to pay heed to the keyword trends in order to gain insights into the audience’s behaviour. Responding to their changes in behaviour is actually a positive signal for promoting your gaming app. But, how to revert to them must reflect on the landing page as it is the best gateway for enhanced conversions. The information must be updated and the content needs to be engaging with elements like images and videos.

Pay to Celebrities to Pin-up in Big Budget Advertisements: Just like the stars in the sky, it is important that you endorse your gaming app through celebrities. No wonder, celebrities have a different and unique pull. Millions of downloads take place just because of celebrity branding. And, if you believe in paid promotion, then you must approach that celebrity so that he/she can endorse it rightly!

However, you need to spend a hefty amount on this route. Do not get disappointed if your first choice does not work out. There are more fish in the sea, so you can have a look at some others for endorsement.

Marketing of gaming apps has taken various forms, but usually, the main goal is to augment installs and player spending. It may sound that with more downloads and spending, the job of a game marketer is very easy. But, this is not the case. With time, the competition is increasing. Recently, Netflix entered the gaming industry and drove nearly 8 million downloads till now! Since competition is ramping up, it is vital to look for best practices to find and maintain users.

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What is the Goal of the Gaming Industry?

The first and foremost step to planning a marketing strategy for your gaming app is to understand the audience. The gamers are a diverse group and they are the ones who span the globe. Since the pandemic, the age groups for gaming have become more varied.

In the year 2020, more or less 33% of the gamers were between the ages of 26 to 35. In fact, the number of gamers between 45 and above increased by say 17% next year. It has also been researched that 70% of females play games. These new habits that were generated during lockdown days are persisting in 2022 as well. The audience for gamers is much bigger than before.


So, now you all are aware of the fact as to how to streamline the efforts to market your gaming app. In order to develop and promote your game idea, you need to follow the above-mentioned practices for revenue streaming. Witnessing the fierce completion in the current market and its changing trends, it is necessary to gather as many users as possible.

You can upgrade the game in the near future, according to the needs of the gamers, but to have productive fruits, you need to have a wonderful base of users. Yes, user acquisition and their complete strategy are a must-have for your gaming app to be a success in the industry.

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