Best Logo Animation Ideas for Building a Strong Brand Identity

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Best Logo Animation Ideas for Building a Strong Brand Identity
Best Logo Animation Ideas for Building a Strong Brand Identity


Logos are essential to your brand identity as they are a reflection of your brand. A well-designed logo strongly impacts your targeted audience and highlights your brand’s strengths, values, and unique features. If you want to switch up your logo or are looking for a brand-identity revamp, you must try animated logos. Why, you ask? This hot trend is a fun way to tell your brand’s story and instantly grab the viewer’s attention. 

Thoughtfully designed animated logos help your brand stand out from the competition and skillfully communicate your brand’s message. Animated logos also elicit an emotional response from your audience, thus strengthening their bond with your business. According to a 2015 report from the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, “as compared with object-animated or static logos, agent animation encourages more favourable attitudes toward dynamic firms but less favourable attitudes toward stable firms”. 

 Numerous well-known corporations, including Google, already have animated versions of their logos that they proudly display to the entire world. However, while choosing an animated logo, make sure that it complements the overall tone of your brand and is fit for your industry and customer base.

Best Logo Animation Ideas for Building a Strong Brand Identity

Are you ready to incorporate movement into your logo to strengthen your brand identity but don’t know where to start? Here are some of the best logo animation ideas you can check out before consulting logo designing services.

1. Looping animated logos

The characteristic feature of a looping animated logo is that it plays repeatedly. Since, in looping animated logos, the beginning and end are identical, the transition is seamless. The characteristic feature of a looping animated logo is that it plays repeatedly. Since, in looping animated logos, the beginning and end are identical, the transition is seamless. While in some looping animated logos, each element loops separately, others involve complex designs with multiple elements looping simultaneously. But the gist is that every one of these logos doesn’t fail to grab the audience’s attention. 

2. Animated introduction logos

Earlier used by film production companies at the beginning and end of TV shows, animated introduction logos are now swiftly making their way to various reputed companies’ websites. Animated introduction logos owe their immense popularity to the fact that they are an effective way to quickly and clearly present your brand’s logo, identity, values, and message. Although the primary logo image remains static in this type of animated logo, there is a brief animation introduction when the logo components come together in some situations, such as when it is used online. It is an excellent technique to promote brand recognition while simultaneously entertaining viewers.

Animated introduction logos offer a lot of scope for innovation and originality and give your logo design extra depth. 

Animated logos are constantly changing. A different version of the logo or a witty imitation of the original can be seen as the logo changes from one image to another. This design is frequently used for logos that transition between two different pictorial logos or a wordmark logo. Changing animated logos are also an excellent option to add a little fun element to your logo. It conveys that your brand is fresh, vibrant, and innovative. Changing animated logos can also help your audience connect to your brand and understand your brand values.

If you have just dived into the world of animated logos, you can give this category of animated logos a try. If you want to go for a simplistic vibe, all you have to do is simply add an action to an existing logo. Animated changing logos can also be used to convey what your brand is all about.  

Animations in changing logos can also be used to attract attention to a detail that was possibly missed in the original. Some logos use symbols concealed within their designs’ white space to communicate meaning. Suppose you plan to use a changing animated logo to strengthen your brand identity. In that case, it is essential to know that in order to get this changeable look, you would essentially need to design multiple logos. But we can assure you that this extra effort is worth it as you will get spectacular results. Your logo will be more lively and aesthetically appealing than single images.

4. Partially animated logos

If you are looking for an animated logo for your brand that does not demand a huge investment on your part, partially animated logos are your best bet. They are quite similar to traditional static logos. All you have to do is add slight animation to the logo or just certain parts of it. 

Partially animated logos are an excellent way to emphasise your brand name. Are you wondering how to use it to increase brand reach and boost memorability? Add animation or incorporate motion into the background elements to highlight your static logo or title. It, therefore, works well with firms that already have well-known logos and wish to enhance their impact without changing their brand aesthetic.

5. Animated logos for spelling out wordmark

Even though animated introductions precede the static logo in this category, they all spell out the brand name similarly. In simple terms, each letter of the brand name is animated. 

Since animated letters highlight these types of logos, pay extra attention while choosing the fonts. Make sure your font clearly reflects the vibe and aesthetic of your brand. For example, if youngsters are your brand’s target audience, you can use stylised fonts. But, if you want the seriousness of your brand to come through, choose a more classic font for your animated logo. 

Are you still confused about how to choose the right font and animation for your brand logo? Why not add motion to the design as though the letters were written out in cursive handwriting if you’re using script text? When using a Times New Roman font, it is beneficial for your brand to embrace a tech aesthetic that gives the impression that each letter is typed on a keyboard. The best part about using the animated logo to spell wordmarks is that you can have fun with it. Play around with different fonts and animation styles to find the right fit for your brand.

6. Informative animated logos

You can add animation to your brand logos to convert important information about your brand identity or products to the targeted audience. For example, this logo uses animated text to convey critical information regarding the brand, while the other animated elements act as a visual guide on the brand’s workings for the viewers. 

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If you want to build a strong brand identity, sharing your brand values with your customers is essential. What if we tell you that a well-designed informative brand logo can help you achieve that? While a little heavy on investment, informative animated logs are a great way to boost your brand recognition and reach.

How to create the best animated logo for your brand?

Now that we have discussed the types of animated logos you can use, let’s dive into the design aspect of it. How exactly do we design an animated logo? If you are a small business or just starting out, you can design an animated logo for your brand yourself. While designing an animated logo sounds challenging, it is not that hard. There are plenty of animation software options available on the market that can help you design your brand logo without any hassle. And the best part? You can easily find free alternatives. 

However, if you have a well-established brand and enough funds to invest, we recommend going the professional route. While you can design a logo on your own, it might not work if you are looking for something professional and technical. Hire a professional animated logo designer to design your brand logo. They have more profound knowledge of the market and design strategies like colour theory and the impact these logos can have on the viewers. It can help immensely to improve brand recognition and make it stand out from its competitors.

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