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How to Find a Logo Animation and Designing Company
How to Find a Logo Animation and Designing Company


A logo is something that can instantly differentiate you from your competitors. Think of McDonald’s or Facebook; you can instantly imagine their logos, right? This is the power that a logo holds. But oftentimes, businesses ignore the importance of their logo and end up having one that does not truly reflect what the company stands for and hence fails to create the expected impact.

This blog will lead you through the importance of logos and how you can find a logo animation and designing company that understands your business and craft a logo that leaves a mark on the customer base and the industry too!

Why Should You Invest in a Professional Logo Design?

You may be wondering about the hype behind having a logo designed. Let us take you through the arguments confirming the importance of a logo.

  • It grabs the attention of your target audience.
  • It helps in creating a strong first impression as the logo is your business’s first introduction to your customers.
  • It reflects your brand identity, the story, and the foundation of your business.
  • It separates you from the competition and helps you in standing out.
  • It fosters customer and brand loyalty.

The aforementioned list is not exhaustive but is endless. It can incorporate several other points specific to every company and industry.

What are the Different Methods for Hiring a Logo Designer?

There are multiple options when it comes to hiring a logo designer, including:

  • Freelance logo designers
  • In-house logo designers
  • Design agencies and companies
  • On-demand graphic design services
  • B2B companies like Expand My Business

There are multiple pros and cons to every option mentioned above. For instance, a freelancer can get your work done in time but may not be able to provide after-sale services, which is possible in the case of design agencies and B2B companies. Also, finding a suitable freelancer is a gamble and may sometimes underdeliver.

Other than that, in-house logo designers can prove to be more cost-effective but may not always be able to hold design processes for large-scale projects. At the same time, agencies and B2B companies have a proper logo designing process that starts from understanding your business and its requirements to providing a quick turnaround time. 

How to Find a Logo Animation and Designing Company?

Certain aspects serve as a yardstick when it comes to finalising a logo animation and designing a company for your business. Let’s dive in to learn more about such aspects.

1. Start with Preparing the Design Budget

Even before you start searching for a logo design company, you need to set a practical and realistic budget. One thing to note here is that the amount spent on designing a logo should be treated as an investment rather than an expense.

With a small budget, you’ll get a very basic design, whereas investing a decent amount of money in a logo will benefit your business in the long run. However, prices are always negotiable so set a ballpark number and do your best to get the perfect logo in the designated budget.

2. Designer’s Past Work and Portfolio

When comparing multiple companies for designing, the most important thing to check is their past work. It will give you an idea about the company’s work and the clients they have worked for.

Start with their website and see if they’ve mentioned their clients and work projects. Or you can ask them for their portfolio. A portfolio is like a personal ID showcasing their best work and niche. However, not every designer has a portfolio, for instance, someone who’s comparatively new in the industry may not have much to show. But you can always ask for their design samples or assign them a task.

3. Ask for their Logo Design Process

Every designer has their own set of steps when it comes to designing. It is highly recommended to ask them about it. Creating or designing a logo may involve a designer’s questionnaire that they use to inquire the client about the project specifications. After having such details, they pursue researching, contemplating, making a blueprint, choosing suitable style options, and vectorising.

Questions asked by the designer must be very clear, as they determine how well-versed the designer is in the design process.

4. Testimonials and Recommendations

Reviews and testimonials from previous clients and other businesses are great sources to determine a design company’s qualifications and credibility. Check if they are recommended by the clients they have worked with before.

Where positive testimonials and reviews will give you a sign to go ahead with the company, the negative reviews may give you a heads up about any possible difficulties that may emerge in the future so that you can stay prepared. And in case there are more negative reviews than positive, you can opt for a different designing company. 

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5. Understand how they Conceptualise Ideas

What’s important to mention here is that designing a logo is not just about taking the initials and designing the logo around them. It’s much more than just that.

When you look for a logo animation and designing company, see if they just scribble a logo or run their creative minds before crafting one. The logo they design must be infused with the message your brand or business wants to convey and the value you want to put out through it. Giving them a task and seeing if they are able to come up with good logo animation ideas can also help you gauge their level of skills and expertise. 

6. Scan the Costs Involved

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “How much does it cost to get a brand logo created?” It depends on numerous factors: the size of the logo, its design complexity, the experience of the designer, the research involved, etc. However, keeping your budget in check while looking for the above-mentioned factors is advisable.

7. Examine their Mode of Communication

Well, as they say, communication is the key to success, and it fits very well with the process of designing a logo. In certain cases, companies leave everything to the designer regarding the designs and animations involved in the logo. But, many companies have very specific requirements that need to be communicated.
­It is suggested to check if the designers are comfortable with multiple meetings for introduction, briefing and changes that may occur during the process.

8. Analyse the Promised Delivery Time

A perfectly designed and animated logo will be of very little or no use if not delivered and used on time. Hence, when selecting a design company, make sure that they have no records of delivering the projects after the promised time, and in case there are any such cases, justifiable reasons back them. Also, it should be confirmed that the delivery time assured does not compromise the quality of the final design.

9. Inquire about their Customer Support

Delivering projects is one thing, and assisting even after sales is an entirely different aspect designing companies may lack. Inquire and investigate if the design company will provide the required revisions or if they’re reluctant to do so.

You can ask their previous clients or thoroughly judge the reviews if anything about customer support is mentioned therein.

10. Other Important Aspects to Consider

There are different types of logos, mainly wordmarks, letter marks, pictorial marks and abstract logos. Every type serves different kinds of companies and industries. For instance, letter marks are the initials of the company name, while pictorial marks include a symbol or an image associated with the company or the brand.

While looking for a design company, always inquire about their forte and if it aligns with your demands.

Final Thoughts

If you wish your business to get instantly identified and distinguished from the crowd, then opt for a design company with a solid market base and one that provides you with all the support needed throughout the process. learn how to desgin a logo.

Before choosing a company, you can take advantage of the information in this blog, evaluate all the mentioned metrics, and finally select the one that tick marks all your requirements and doesn’t compromise on quality.

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