What is The Difference Between IT Staff Augmentation And Consulting Services?

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If you are looking for a workforce for your software development services, then you have so many options. However, it depends on your conditions which will be the best for you. You can hire in-house employees and expand your existing team, or you can outsource your project. Outsourcing is a cheaper and faster option, but again it has its own challenges. Moreover, you might need a highly specialised employee at such a time you might think whether it is better to go to a project-based consulting company?

However, there is no concrete answer because there are so many options, and you have to verify it on different parameters. Moreover, you have to analyse the skills and capabilities required for your project, what are the unique requirements of your project, what are your long-term goals, and what you want to achieve with this project. Based on all these factors, you can decide where you will get the employees. 

IT staff augmentation and consulting services both are the processes for hiring an employee in the IT company. However, both have different structures and are based on your requirement. You can choose which will be the best for your project. In this blog, we are discussing IT staff augmentation and consulting services so that you will get an idea about it. 

What is Staff Augmentation?

What is Staff Augmentation-Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a simple process to understand. It is a process in which a company hires one or more third parties to complete a particular project. However, it is not a long-term association, and it is only for a particular period or project specific. Moreover, the augmented staff will be paid on an hours basis, and there will be no facilities like sick leave or paid holidays for them. Indeed, you have to pay quite more money than your in-house employees, but still, it is cost-effective because there is no other expense you have to do which is required in the case of in-house employees.

Moreover, the augmented staff is only for a typical project, and all the guidelines will be provided by the company. However, staff do not bring any new ideas or changes to the project; they have to strictly follow the guidelines laid by the company. This approach helps to get employees on board quickly, and they can merge with the in-house team easily. 

Advantages of Staff Augmentation 

1. Cost-effective 

Staff augmentation is mainly used by the business to cut costs. Moreover, you do not have to get into the hiring process. Also, you can hire talented employees from all over the world. You can also hire people where the cost of living is low. Hence, they will demand fewer salaries. Moreover, you can also save money on the training and development of expert staff required for the project. 

2. Flexible in nature 

To grow in today’s competitive business world, you need flexibility. Moreover, staff augmentation services can help you to expand your portfolio in non-core services as well. You can work on a diverse range of projects that are not your expertise. But you can hire expert talent from across the world and can provide the best service to the customer. 

3. Total control 

You will have full control of the project. Despite the fact that you are outsourcing your project, you will not lose control. Because the guidelines will be specified already, and employees can not work beyond that. They have to work within those guidelines only. In this way, you cannot lose your hold on the project. 

Disadvantages of Staff Augmentation 

1. Team integration

This is one of the major issues that you might face when you outsource your project. Integrating an outside team into your workforce is not an easy task. And this is the disadvantage that you have to face. Otherwise, there is no problem with the resource augmentation services. 

2. Training 

Indeed, you might have hired an expert staff, but still, you have to give training to them to deal with the internal processes of the company and to follow the work culture of your company. However, this might be time-consuming. 

What are consulting services? 

What are consulting services-Staff Augmentation

In consulting services, you will get a wide range of services from project planning and project management to support after the launch of a project. Consulting Services are for those businesses that need a broad range of support in a project. However, in staff augmentation, they will start work only when all the guidelines are laid by the company, and they will not bring any new ideas to the project. But this is not the case with consulting services. However, consulting services play a bigger role in determining the scope of the project. 

Moreover, consulting services provide supervision, feedback, and also high-level organisational adaptation. However, this means that they have a very specific way of providing service to their clients. Also, they can help onboard multiple clients. Therefore, sometimes you might not get an immediate response from them.

However, every agency is not the same; some might have better equipped to deal with several clients at a time. Moreover, if you are a startup or you, do not have an idea about the project, or you want to take expert advice on any project at such time, you can go to consulting services. Otherwise, if you need only a talented workforce, then staff augmentation is the best for you. 

Advantages of consulting services 

1. Active approach 

We all know that the present businesses are very competitive, and you can not leave any stone unturned for the growth of your business. However, with consulting service, you will get an active approach and also a highly enthusiastic team that will manage your project actively. Moreover, with consulting services, you will get an experienced team who has years of experience that are required for your project. Also, consulting services ensure timely and precise delivery of your project. 

2. Assurance of project

Every project plays an important role in the growth of your business. This is why you have to give the same attention to every project. However, you cannot afford failure in any project. Moreover, you cannot underestimate projects. You need highly skilled and talented employees who are equipped with the right tools and technologies. That’s where the consulting services play the main role with their highly equipped and top talented employees. They deliver the best service to your project so that you will get the best results out of it. You will get project assurance from the consulting service. 

3. Time-saving 

Businesses won’t have the required skills in their employees, and hiring new employees will be time-consuming. But you can save your time by getting consulting services. Consulting services will provide you with the expert support that you are looking for. Moreover, you can complete your project on time. 

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Disadvantages of consulting services 

1. Expensive 

If you compare staff augmentation with consulting services, then you will find that consulting services are quite expensive. This means that if you are working on a low-budget project, then you have to think twice about the same. However, in some aspects, this high price gets justified based on the services you will get from consulting services. In staff augmentation, you will get only a workforce who will work on your laid guidelines, but with consulting services, you will get a wide range of services. But still, it is one of the disadvantages of consulting services. 

2. Availability issues 

There is no binding to consulting services where they can work for multiple clients. However, due to this, you can face availability issues. Moreover, you might get a late response from them. But there are some consulting services that are equipped to deal with several clients. 

Wrapping Up 

With the rise in tech companies, there is also a rise in using consulting and staff augmentation services. Moreover, both have their unique features. One cannot claim that one process is good or the other is bad. However, it depends on your project. Which type of project do you have, and what expertise do you need? Moreover, there are so many other factors also that are mentioned above that you have to assess. You can use either of them based on your demand and the growth of the business. 

In the last few years, there has been a tremendous rise in the use of technology and use of businesses. If you also want to scale your business, then it is essential to get technological support.

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