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Rise in GenAI Usage by Creative Talent: By 2026, it’s expected that 80% of creative talent will utilize Generative AI daily. This surge will not only expedite the creation of more personalized and targeted creative content but also significantly increase CMO spending towards strategic creative initiatives​.

Marketing Software as a Top Priority: For 2024, marketing software has emerged as a leading investment for organizations, second only to IT security, with 28% of all software buyers prioritizing it. This underscores the essential role of marketing technology in contemporary business strategies​.

Challenges in Marketing: The primary challenges facing marketers in 2024 include the quest for new customers (35%) and the necessity for employee upskilling (32%). These issues highlight the evolving demands of the marketing landscape and the need for continuous learning and adaptation​.

Generative AI’s Impact on Marketing Creativity: The integration of Generative AI in marketing processes is not just reshaping the creative aspect of marketing but is also anticipated to elevate the strategic involvement of creative talent. This advancement is driving a shift towards more targeted and personalized marketing efforts, necessitating increased investment in creative resources.

More and more brands are turning towards video ads because they make connecting with targeted audiences so much easier. Digital video ads are excellent for data gathering, brand exposure, improved targeting, and personalisation. The best part about this simple-to-comprehend format is that it is adaptable and engaging and provides a realistic view of what is happening. It is also simple and easy to share on a variety of platforms. 

Are you wondering if using videos to promote your business is a smart idea? Do you have the resources to produce and use video content in your marketing? Here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the importance of video marketing in digital marketing.

What is video ads marketing?

The popularity of video ads in digital marketing is soaring at an exponential rate. But why? This surge in video advertising could be attributed to the growth of digital media, the usage of smartphones, and increased internet speed and coverage. According to a HubSpot study, more than 50% of consumers prefer watching brand videos to any other kind of content.

Incorporating video marketing into your marketing campaigns is an effective way to engage your audience effectively. A business can use video content to achieve its marketing goals by developing a video advertising strategy. But what exactly is a video advertising strategy? It refers to the process of setting goals and determining how to use the video ads, how to assess their impact on the viewers, how to reach a target audience, and how to test and evaluate the outcomes.

Video ads are an excellent solution to grow your business and increase revenue. They can help business owners produce high-calibre, unique content that increases your customer base, revenue, and brand recognition. There are many different types of video ads that you can use to improve your brand engagement. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

What are the different types of video advertising? 

As discussed earlier, excellent video advertisements can help companies connect with consumers and capture their interest. You must upload your video ads to YouTube, Instagram, or other video-sharing websites to increase brand visibility. In order to select the ideal video ad format for your company, you must learn more about different types of video ads and their perks. Here are some of the most popular types of video ads that you need to know about:

1. In-stream Video Ads

In-stream video advertisements are those ads that play before, during, or after a video that a viewer is already watching. This indicates that the viewer is already captivated and open to watching videos. In-stream video ads can be both skippable and non-skippable. But how can they benefit your business? These advertisements aid in developing brand recognition, connecting with prospects and clients, and increasing organic website traffic.

2. Out-stream Video Ads

Users can locate these mobile-only advertisements outside of YouTube. Out-stream video advertisements pop up in partner apps and websites. They can be included in the text of various types of content, such as articles. The ad can either play before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) the publisher’s content. If you are looking for a video ad format to broaden your brand’s reach at a reasonable cost and raise brand awareness, this sort of video advertisement is ideal.

3. Masthead Video Ads

Masthead ads on YouTube are a fantastic method to get your brand the most exposure possible. These advertisements are 24-hour-long digital billboards posted on YouTube’s home page. Masthead video ads are ideal for raising awareness and advertising a new product or a service. It will aid in quickly generating hype and reaching a large audience.

4. Video Discovery Ads

If you have ever looked for a video on YouTube, you might have noticed that certain videos display alongside other search results with a yellow ad tag. These advertisements are often referred to as video discovery ads. They are an excellent approach for your company to promote your brand or services to the audience effectively. This advertisement has a thumbnail (a still image from a video) and some brief text. Depending on the placement, the length of this promotional video can change, but this particular ad format always includes a prompt to view the video.

5. Bumper Ads

YouTube videos have six-second bumper ads that play before or during them and cannot be skipped. This style works particularly well on mobile devices, as consumers frequently watch videos while on the move. Bumper video ads can be used independently, sequentially, or as a component of a larger marketing campaign. They can be updated to provide fresh content and increase memorability.

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The cost of bumper advertisements is determined by the number of ad impressions received by the brand. This format is ideal if you want to communicate with your target demographic directly and concisely.

What are the benefits of using video ads in digital marketing?

The ability to reach consumers and increase sales is only one factor that makes video advertising popular. Here are some other ways video ads can help your business:

1. Reach mobile consumers

As more individuals use mobile devices and like watching videos while on the go, the audience for videos and video advertisements continues to expand. In fact, according to statistics, when watching videos on mobile devices, people frequently watch short advertisements of about 30 seconds all the way through. 

It has also been revealed that Gen Z and millennials are considerably more likely to use their mobile devices to view videos on social sites than to watch live TV. Additionally, viewers interact with businesses more when they are exposed to video commercials on mobile devices as opposed to computers or televisions.

2. Easily shareable

Another thing that sets video ads apart from other advertisement formats is their sharability. Video advertisements are more shareable because they are brief, relatable, and have a coherent narrative. Many people prefer to share video ads because they give brands a fantastic platform to express themselves.

Video ads succeed or fail based on their ability to emotionally connect with their audience. Creative video ads that appeal to viewers’ emotions have the potential to become viral and receive millions of views. Additionally, people are more likely to share the video ads they find a connection with.

3. Have a higher click-through rate

Video ads are an excellent addition to your marketing model as they have a relatively higher click-through rate. Since video ads are more adept at concisely delivering your brand story and message to the targeted audience, they help engage more viewers and generate more clicks. 

4. Boost conversions and sales

Effective video marketing can quickly produce millions of views and shares, meaning returns can be witnessed immediately. That’s not all! Video ads can also generate direct sales. According to some studies, 73% of people who viewed an informative guide video about a product or service went on to purchase it. So, we recommend you start creating engaging product videos and boost your revenue. 

When it comes to online shopping, the biggest fear in customers’ minds is fraud or scams. Even though today, more and more customers are purchasing products online without worrying about fraud or scamming, some people are still a little hesitant. A conversational, personal presentation of products and services in effective video advertising can assuage consumers’ worries and inspire trust, thus leading to more sales.

5. Improve SEO

Another important reason you must consider incorporating video ads in your marketing model is because they help improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). When modifying their algorithms to elevate particular websites in the results, the search engines prefer video and give it a top priority.

Your target audience is likelier to find videos in the search results when they are shared via social media, embedded on a website page, or posted in blogs. Additionally, visitors are more likely to stay on a website longer after seeing video advertisements, and search engines will use this as a sign that the site has quality content.

6. Provide a better understanding of your product or services

Are you launching a new product or service in the market? Video ads can help you market it to a larger audience, thus boosting revenue. Did you know if you create a video explaining the benefits of your product or service, it is likely to perform better in the market? 

If it is a difficult or more complex concept, we recommend creating animated videos to explain it. Animated videos are far more engaging and easier to comprehend than live videos or text. Animation videos are the perfect blend of entertainment, information, and simplicity.

7. Tell your brand story effectively

If you want your brand to grow and stand out from your competitors, sharing your brand story with your targeted audience is essential. Compared to other forms, video advertising helps your brand tell its story effectively.

But why is it important? Compared to other forms, video advertising enables a brand to tell its narrative better. Storytelling often has an emotional effect, and viewers can establish a stronger connection with a service or product through sight and sound. Videos can be used to explain items, increase sales, tell a story, or establish a company’s value proposition.

The Final Verdict

All the leading brands are opting for video ads due to their incredible benefits. And we can guarantee you that videography is a hot trend that is here to stay. So, hop on the video ad wagon and create fun and engaging brand videos to promote your products and services and generate more revenue.


Q: Why are video ads becoming more crucial in digital marketing strategies?

Video ads have become central to digital marketing due to their high engagement rates, ability to convey messages quickly and memorably, and their compatibility across various platforms, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

Q: What makes video content more effective than other forms of digital content?

Video content combines visuals, sound, and motion, making it more dynamic and engaging. It can convey complex messages more effectively, evoke emotions, and lead to higher retention rates compared to text-based content.

Q: How do video ads influence consumer purchasing decisions?

Video ads can significantly influence purchasing decisions by demonstrating product benefits, providing testimonials, and showcasing products in action, which helps reduce purchase hesitation and build trust with the audience.

Q: Can video ads improve SEO rankings?

Yes, video content can improve SEO rankings as search engines prioritize websites with engaging content. Videos increase dwell time on pages, signaling to search engines that the site provides valuable content, which can boost rankings.

Q: What are the best platforms for distributing video ads?

The best platforms vary based on your target audience but commonly include social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as on your website and through email marketing campaigns for broader reach.

Q: Are video ads effective for all types of businesses?

Video ads can be effective for a wide range of businesses, from startups to large corporations, across various industries. The key is to tailor the content to your audience’s preferences and the platforms they use.

Q: How can the effectiveness of video ads be measured?

Effectiveness can be measured through metrics such as view count, engagement rates (likes, shares, comments), conversion rates (click-throughs to websites, purchases), and return on investment (ROI) by analyzing the performance data provided by the ad platforms.

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