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There are a variety of social media marketing tools accessible to companies today, and marketing on Facebook and Instagram are just two examples. The process of developing a brand, interacting with customers, and generating revenue for your company requires time and effort. 

In today’s era of digitisation, your competition is on social media as well and they are eyeing on how many followers you have and the number of likes you receive. 

In order to be successful on social media, you must first have a sound social media plan. 

At times, it is necessary to move away from standard social media platforms and investigate other means of interacting with your target audience. 

Getting the hang of the best marketing practices of FB and Insta is hence very crucial to nailing your social media marketing efforts. A lot of marketers invest their resources without even understanding the relevance of doing so. The blog discusses the important concepts of marketing on FB and Insta if you are actively doing so or are planning on it. 

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing refers to the use of Instagram to market a product or brand to a targeted audience.

This platform provides a variety of features that businesses can use to grow their brand and connect with customers.

1. Business profile:

Businesses can create an Instagram business profile with important information such as their logo, website, and contact details. Customers can easily find the business and interact with it.

2. Posts:

Businesses can use Instagram posts to show off their products and services to their followers. You can upload photos or videos and include captions, hashtags and location tags. Businesses can use engaging visuals and descriptive captions to effectively promote their brand and increase engagement with their customers.

3. Instagram Stories:

Instagram Stories allow businesses to share behind the scenes content, product launches, or special promotions. Stories can be shared for only 24 hours and are a great way of creating urgency and driving engagement.

4. Instagram Live:

Businesses can connect with their customers in real time using Instagram Live. Live can be used by businesses to host Q&A sessions and product demonstrations or share company news. You can save and share live videos as posts after the broadcast ends to increase engagement.

5. Instagram Ads:

Instagram allows businesses to target the right audience with a variety of advertising options. Advertisements can take the form of Stories ads, sponsored posts, or carousel ads. Businesses can reach their target audience effectively and drive conversions by using targeting options such as demographics, behaviours, and interests.

Businesses can make the most of Instagram marketing by creating engaging content, building a following and measuring their results. This will allow them to grow their brand and connect with customers on Instagram.

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing refers to the promotion of a product or service through Facebook. Facebook, which has over 2.8 billion active monthly users, is the most popular social media platform in the world. This makes it an effective tool for businesses who want to connect with their target audience and grow their business.

Facebook can be used by businesses in many ways to market their brand.

1. Pages for Business:

A Facebook business page can be like opening your own shop on the busiest street. This is the ideal place for businesses to promote their brand, highlight products and services, as well as connect with customers. You can increase brand awareness and sales by making it easy for customers on Facebook to connect with your business.

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2. Facebook posts:

Businesses can use Facebook posts to engage with customers and share updates and news with them. A well-written Facebook post, whether it is a link, photo, or video, can help you build trust with your customers and increase engagement. You can make your posts more engaging and increase reach by adding captions, hashtags and location tags.

3. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to create a community around your brand. This is a great way to build relationships with your audience. You can build relationships with your audience and promote your products by creating a group on a topic or interest that is relevant to your brand.

4. Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is like a billboard that you place on the busiest street. Facebook’s powerful targeting options allow you to reach your ideal audience effectively and drive conversions. Facebook advertising is a great way to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website. The best part? The best part? It’s affordable, so you don’t need to have a large budget to get started.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

1. Bidding System:

Facebook and Instagram use an auction-style bidding process to determine the price of ads. Advertisers can set a maximum price for their ads and the platform uses an algorithm that determines which ads will be shown to users.

An example: If an advertiser targets a highly competitive audience such as women aged 18-24 living in major cities, the cost per click (or cost per thousand impressions) may be higher because of the increased competition.

If an advertiser targets a smaller audience such as older men in rural areas, the cost per click (or cost per thousand impressions) may be lower.

2. Ad formats:

Facebook and Instagram offer many ad formats with their own pricing structures. Sponsored posts, for example, can be priced either on a CPC basis or CPM basis. Video ads, on the other hand, may be priced per view (CPV).

Sponsored posts may cost less than video ads, but they may have lower engagement rates. A story ad is more effective in driving conversions than a sponsor post but can also have a higher conversion cost.

The advertiser’s budget and goals will ultimately determine the format they choose.

3. Target Audience:

Advertising costs can vary depending on who the target audience is. Facebook and Instagram provide many targeting options. These include demographics, interests and behaviors as well as location.

An advertiser who targets a very specific audience such as expectant mothers looking for organic baby products may be more competitive and have to pay higher prices than one that targets a wider audience such as parents.

Advertisers can target a specific audience to increase their relevance and possibly achieve a greater ROI.

4. Campaign Goals:

The campaign goals can affect the cost of advertising on Facebook or Instagram. Different campaign goals, such as brand awareness, reach or conversions can result in different costs. Ad formats and targeting options may also be different.

A campaign that aims to increase brand awareness might prioritise impressions or reach while a campaign that focuses on conversions may prioritise clicks or conversions.

Advertisers should choose an objective that is compatible with their overall marketing strategy.

5. Budget and Bidding Strategy:

Advertising costs can be affected by the advertiser’s budget or bidding strategy. Advertisers have the option to set a daily budget or a lifetime budget for their advertising campaign. They can also specify a maximum bid per ad.

An advertiser may have to lower their bids to keep within their budget. This could impact the reach and delivery of the ads.

An advertiser with a greater budget might be able bid more aggressively in order to reach a wider audience and achieve higher placements.

Here are 10 reasons why Facebook and Instagram are better choices for social media marketing

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For many reasons, Instagram and Facebook are better options for social media marketing:

1. Large user base:

Facebook and Instagram offer businesses a huge potential audience with over 3 billion users. If you’re a beauty business, you can use Instagram and Facebook to reach a large audience interested in skincare and beauty products. This will help increase brand visibility and drive traffic to your physical store or website.

2. Targeted advertising:

Instagram and Facebook offer advanced targeting options that enable businesses to reach the right audience based on their demographics, interests and behaviour. If you’re a company selling outdoor gear, Facebook and Instagram can be used to target people who are interested in hiking or camping. This will ensure that your ads are seen by people who are most likely to be interested in your products. It can also help to increase conversions and improve your return on investment.

3. Engaging Content

Businesses can create a wide variety of content on both platforms to grab their audience’s attention, build brand awareness, and increase brand awareness. A clothing brand might use Instagram to show off their latest collections with beautiful photos and videos. This will help the brand stand out and attract new followers interested in fashion.

4. Mobile Optimisation:

Both Instagram and Facebook are optimised for mobile devices. This is why the majority of social media users use these platforms. This allows businesses to create mobile-friendly content that is easily accessible for their customers. A restaurant might use Instagram to show off their menu items using delicious photos and videos that are great on mobile devices.

5. Analytics:

Both platforms provide powerful analytics tools for businesses that can be used to track their performance, and make data-driven business decisions. A business could use Facebook Insights for example to monitor their page’s performance, and see which posts get the most engagement. This information could be used to optimise their strategy and produce more content that resonates.

6. Diverse Ad Formats

Businesses can choose from a range of ad formats on Facebook and Instagram to meet their budget and goals. A business might use Facebook carousel ads for multiple products, or Instagram story ads to create immersive experiences that grab their audience’s attention.

7. Integration with other platforms:

Both Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same company. This allows them to be integrated with other platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger. This allows businesses to provide seamless customer experiences and connect with customers across multiple channels. A business might use Facebook Messenger to answer customer questions and provide customer service.

8. Marketing Influencers:

Influencer marketing is a great way to market on Instagram. This can help businesses reach new audiences and increase brand awareness. A fitness brand might partner with an influencer in their niche to promote its products and drive traffic.

9. E-commerce Integration:

Both platforms allow businesses to integrate e-commerce, which allows them to sell directly on the platform. A business could set up an online shop and sell products to their Instagram and Facebook followers by using Facebook Shops.

10. Community Building

Businesses can use both platforms to create a community around their brand. This can help them build brand loyalty and customer support. A business might use Facebook Groups to build a group of people who are passionate about a topic or industry. Businesses can create strong communities by engaging with their customers and sharing their messages.


Getting your social media marketing activities in order is one of the pressing requirements of any business. Only this can help them to assort their business needs of maximising marketing returns from their campaigns. Get in touch with us at Expand My Business today to make the most of your social media presence and improve your growth with social media marketing!

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