How to Bring Repeat Customers With One Time Spending on Digital Marketing?

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Have you ever been caught up with questions that surround getting repeat customers (regular/Loyal customers) to take your business to the next level? There’s one way around this, and that’s through the practice of one-off spending on Digital Marketing.

Just one-time expenses on digital marketing can take your business out of the mud and place it on the global map. It will help in ensuring a wider reach to customers and having them gravitate to your business offers often.

You probably have heard it said; The cost of getting current customers to purchase repeatedly from your business is way lower than that of finding new customers.

So, it would mean killing two birds with a stone by applying the one-time spending on a digital marketing strategy to draw repeat customers to your business. This will ensure that your business operations are cost-effective.

Therefore, if your business is almost hitting the rocks for want of repeat customers, it would be wise to effectively leverage the major components of digital marketing to enhance your customer base. The components include:

1. A clearly drawn SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.

2. Your willingness for spending on PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) campaigns.

3. A well drawn Email Marketing plan.

4. Effectiveness of your Content Marketing Campaigns.

5. Web Design which makes the user experience engaging.

6. Social Media Marketing plans which engage the audience and support business goals.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

For your one-time spending on this digital marketing option to achieve its purpose of generating repeated customers, you have to make sure that your page ranks at the top in search engine results.

Most people do not look beyond the first page of search results. Hence, the importance of your website ranking high in search engine results cannot be overemphasised.

When your site ranks high in search engine results, the probability that many potential customers will find and contact you when looking for goods and services connected with your business will be significantly high. This can, thus, generate more income/revenue for your business.

If you want your site to rank high, there are a few steps you could follow to do just that, including:

1. Make your website easy to navigate by streamlining the User Interface (UI) for improved User Experience (UX).

2. Your website’s content has to be of unquestionable quality for the pleasure of Users/Visitors.

3. Improve page speed and ensure your website’s code is cleaned up.

4. Gain Backlinks from reputable websites.

2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

If you wish to enhance your rankings in search engine results asap, PPC is your go-to strategy. The moment your ads go live, PPC starts to drive to your site. Your web page is made visible in this way to people searching for goods and services connected with your business.

PPC also has the advantage of being easy to afford. Also, PPC will record zero wastage of money often associated with efforts to get to people who are not interested in the products or services. This is because here, you have to only pay when your ads are clicked on.

3. Email Marketing

With Email Marketing, you can gain up to 44 Dollars for each Dollar invested. Amazing, isn’t it?

Email Marketing provides an interactive platform where you can send information to your customers regarding your products or services that appeal to them and, in turn, receive feedback from them.

You can send informative and educational mail about existing or latest stock of goods or services and offers to your customers, both loyal ones and those who do not purchase from you often.

4. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is another component of digital marketing that will help your site rank high in search engine results. It will equally help you to provide custom information about your products or services to prospective repeat customers. If you are looking to garner more revenue, creating quality content will help you achieve that.

You can create quality content that will make your customers keep coming back to purchase from you by using main keywords related to your business with clarity. Further, your content can ensure that it does not leave your customers asking questions in the end and not getting the desired satisfaction.

You should also consider including the call to action (CTA) in your content that urges your customers to take the next step.

5. Web Design

Do you want your site to rank high on the first page of search engine results and bring more repeat customers to your business? You have to incorporate in your digital marketing strategy a web design style that is fun and engaging.

A greater percentage of people looking for a product or service related to your business will judge your site’s content by how they feel about its front-end features.

For this reason, great care ought to be mustered in designing not just the front-end features of your website, but the back-end features too so that you don’t lose your chances of getting repeated customers for your business.

6. Social Media Marketing

This digital marketing component has the advantage of a wider reach. Many people on social media are not conversant with SEO, PPC, and others.

Utilising social media is the simplest way to reach repeat customers and kick start a relationship with them.

Through social media, you can easily share information about your products or services with them, and if they have any questions or feedback, they can easily be channelled to you.

Some social media platforms allow you to run sponsored ads to aim for and reach your potential repeat customers. Your effectiveness has to be at its peak for this digital marketing strategy to give you a positive result.

You should be able to respond to questions and comments about the products or services you are offering on time and in a way that makes the questionnaire feel like a king. This helps build trust between your business and its repeat customers and encourages them to take the next step with your business/company.

Additional Factors to Consider

Digital marketing

Asides from employing these digital marketing components to boost your customer base, you should consider introducing to your online business environment elements of traditional marketing, which you consciously or otherwise have practised in the Offline business environment, to further your reach to people who do not know that your business or company exists or that you can help them with the products or services they are searching for.

Therefore, for your one-time effort on digital marketing to get repeat customers to count, the following elements shouldn’t be found wanting:

1. Endeavour to make your transaction processes convenient, transparent, and fast. Many customers will not make a return purchase if they observe that doing business with you is boring, lacks transparency, and deprives their convenience.

2. One element you should consider in your one-off digital marketing strategy is incorporating a free delivery offer on the initial order. This can make you stand out and enable you to be spotted amidst competitors by customers who are most likely to come back time and time again to do business with you.

3. You should also consider incentivising your customers with offers of discounts. Giving a discount to your customers for frequenting your store or company or buying a certain quantity of items will encourage them to continue purchasing from you.

4. Make an effort to update your digital marketing platforms (website, Facebook page, Instagram, etc). Having just an online presence won’t send repeat customers your way if you don’t update your posts, web design features, videos, etc.

5. Publish testimonials from satisfied customers is another very useful strategy. So many people will be compelled to use your products or services when they see that someone else has used them before and is satisfied. So, when people sing your praises, don’t hesitate to put it up on your Facebook page, website, and others.

6. Another way to make the most out of your one-time digital marketing strategy is to make your existing customers feel valued. You can do this by giving them the honour to access your new products or services before anyone else does. Before your new product is made available for public use, use your digital marketing tools to inform, educate and allow your current customers to enjoy first access to them.

7. Don’t neglect the digital marketing approaches your competitor’s esteem and try to emulate them to bring your business. Sometimes it costs a lot of time and resources trying to innovate, but instead, it is more rewarding to look at what others are doing and do something in like manner but with an upgraded version.

8. Your online customer service should be top-notch so that your customers won’t find any excuse to switch to another vendor.

9. If you are keen on spending on digital marketing to attract repeat customers, then you have to have good follow-up skills. Customers often need that extra attention to decide whether your business/company is worth taking the next.


There’s no doubt that digital marketing pays more than traditional marketing. In other words, if you are not considering bringing repeat customers to your business through one-time spending on digital marketing, know that you are missing a lot of revenue.

However, note that your expected results will not surface overnight after implementing these strategies. But with time, your return on investment will come.

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