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Video advertising is something with which most of us are familiar. It is one of the most beneficial ways to promote your business in today’s time when almost everything has gone digital. 

The idea of using videos to promote your business on different platforms is known as video advertising. With the help of video ads, you can present promotional content to millions of viewers who are interested in watching videos. 

With the help of video advertising, businesses may reach customers through video formats compatible with several devices and channels. In simple language, video ads are those native video advertisements that are marketed on digital networks, as well as advertisements that begin playing when the user moves their cursor over them. The promotions run at various times and use different targeted strategies.

Should you get video ads created for your business?

  • With the emerging popularity of video advertising, we can clearly state that it is the next big thing in the business industry. It is a fantastic method for interacting with your audiences and consumers. 
  • It is not only beneficial for your business or brand but is also a wise investment approach. Most businesses these days struggle with the decision of whether to launch a video advertising campaign or not. You will fall behind if you don’t incorporate video into your marketing plan because video advertisements are the future.
  • There are a lot of benefits when it comes to video ads for your business, like there are various stats that prove that 92% of B2B prospects consume online video. They help you convert your videos into sales and increase your engagement, as many people can easily share these videos. 
  • Video ads are an excellent source for informing and educating customers and consumers about your business, its ideologies, USPs and previous work. They also help you boost your web page rankings on the search engine, attracting more and more eyeballs for your business. 
  • If these benefits of video advertising aren’t enough to convince you to join the movement, here’s another compelling argument: Your rivals are disseminating video ads and grabbing the interest of your potential clients. You are no longer left debating whether or not to use video in your marketing strategy. Given the need of the hour, you must find creative ways of interacting with your audience that will help you build strong relationships with your audience. 

Types of video ads

The fact that marketers have a wide variety of video kinds of formats to pick from is one reason they are ready to attempt video commercials. Let’s examine a few of the more significant ones.

  • In-stream ads

Most consumers and marketers are likely most familiar with in-stream. These can be seen before, during, or following video content. For instance, YouTube uses in-stream advertisements. Some commercials are interactive, enticing the spectator to click a link or take advantage of an offer.

  • Non-linear ads

These are the advertisements that play in addition to the main video. The video now being seen by the user ends when the user clicks on them. They don’t link to any other stuff.

  • Rewarded ads

Gamers are the target audience for this advertisement. People gain specific incentives and benefits just by watching these video ads. These benefits might include getting an additional life, an added tool, etc.

  • Native autoplay ads

Such ads appear at the end of the content. They have a better probability of functioning when they are pertinent to the material the user has just seen. 

  • Shoppable video ads

These commercials nudge viewers to purchase a particular item. After the advertisement video has finished playing, a link that directs the visitor to make a purchase will appear. Whatever app the viewer is using, it occurs. 

  • Native video

This kind of video commercial is more sophisticated. It gives the spectator a choice and puts them in charge of their viewing experience.

How much do video ads cost?

Your objectives and financial capabilities will determine how much you invest in video advertising. If you are just getting started with video advertisements, scale up gradually. 

Think about getting some professional advice to direct your initial efforts. Even if it is unnecessary, those experts will be aware of the latest developments in video advertising. 

Additionally, they will be in an excellent position to make recommendations for creating video content that fits your brand and aids in achieving the crucial KPIs you decide on.

Recognising the pricing of the production of video ads is a critical component of survival in the Indian market. So here we’ve covered some of the high costs for video ad production in India.

Concept and script

A screenplay is a must before starting your video ad production. Other elements, including cost reduction, are permitted by the script. The screenplay is either written by the videographer himself or by his content writers. The price for the job may range from 15000 to 80000 rupees.

Scripting becomes very important if you are planning to shoot a commercial video. You should hence always pick a strong screenwriter for commercials. You might not require them for event-based recordings because a cinematographer often works impromptu in the circumstances.


The actual expense comes into play at the production stage. The prices are determined by the equipment used, its qualities, the location, the crew’s travel, and the onset’s talent. The cost for shooting ranges from 10000 to 1 lakh rupees every day of the shoot for a single individual with a nice camera.

Transportation fees may be set or calculated per kilometre. It is a burden that can be lessened during the scripting process. However, one should never give in if the level of inventiveness demands an exact match spot.


High-end cameras are reasonably priced, ranging from rupees 5000 to 20000 per day of rental. These cameras can capture 4K movies and more. Additionally, the circumstance can call for a top-notch lens, reliable microphone setup, ambient lighting conditions, stability tools like a gimbal, etc.

When necessary, additional specialised equipment such as cranes, trolleys, tracks, and other movement aid tools are used for the greatest results; an operator often works alongside these devices.

High-end gadgets like drones start at 15000 rupees ($15) for each flight. Sometimes, the cost may not include the drone pilot’s salary.

Actors and crew

One may always employ new faces for a commercial video because they are typically less expensive. They may be concerned about labour for between 10000 and 25000. The cost of hiring more professional models and actors increases as more crew personnel are needed to prepare these performers.


Pre-production and post-production are the three stages. In post-production, the editing process begins after completing all scheduled shootings. Editing is a demanding profession that occasionally calls for editors and specialists.

The hourly rate for expert individuals working with expensive programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut might range from 2000 to 10000 rupees.

In India, the cost of a cinematic-quality commercial ad can range from Rs. 40000 to Rs. 20000 when all the considerations mentioned earlier are fulfilled. 

Factors that influence the cost of video ads

The first thing we need to keep in mind is that not all videos are made equally. The video ad market is much more diverse than it appears. Different films serve different businesses and their objectives. They all have varying degrees of video quality and various business outcomes when used so It is vital that you understand the importance of video marketing so that you can maximize its effectiveness.

The primary elements that will affect your budget when it comes to the cost of producing a video ad for your business:


The cost charged by a beginner will be far less than that of a seasoned professional, but the work quality will also differ significantly.

However, not having high-quality videos is not necessarily bad; explainer, entertainment, instructive, and many other types of videos may work well with amateurish quality. 

However, cutting corners on things like branding the ad, corporate videos, testimonials,s and profiles that don’t seem professional may damage your trust.


The pricing of the video mainly depends upon its length; the longer the video, the pricier it will get. 

For instance, going from two to three minutes for your duration might result in a significant cost rise. No matter what the length of the video is, a lot happens during that extra time, and a lot goes into the video. 

Therefore, the pricing of the video differs depending on its length.

With an increase in length, different concepts are involved in the storyboarding process, which takes time and extra effort. The longer the footage, the longer it will take to edit it into a professional advertising film. As you can see, even a simple 60-second increase in your promo video’s duration may significantly affect the amount of time and money it takes to produce.


While we think that length and quality are the main factors in video ads, the type of video also plays a significant role. For instance, if your subject requires aerial shorts, you need to hire a Drone operator and a Drone to get the necessary video. 

You will need specialised tools and technology to know how to complex a super slow-motion close-up of a product that raises the price. Thus adding any extra things or effects to your ad may lead to hiring specialised individuals.


If all the above factors have prompted you to take action, tread carefully. Keep in mind your business’s interests, motives, and ideologies, and utilise those as your compass. Work with a professional video production business to create advertisements that people will enjoy. Video ads will undoubtedly be the next thing in the world of marketing, and we think that almost all companies should consider them as they will be a boon to their business. Therefore, analyse your company’s targets and goals and the consumer’s interests and be a part of this rising trend.

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