How Has Mobile Commerce Changed the Way We Do E-Commerce?

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Mobile devices bring a whole new way of doing e-commerce. Shopping is no longer limited to a computer, but it can happen anywhere and anytime. It means that the customer doesn’t have to search for what they want to purchase in a web browser on their home computer or laptop; instead, they can use an app on their phone. Let’s explore how has mobile commerce changes the way of e-commerce.

What is mobile commerce?

Mobile commerce can be defined as the concept of optimising e-commerce business for the comfort of users to make its best use through their smartphone devices. With the rising popularity of mobile phones globally across the world, the popularity of mobile commerce has sharply increased.

It is estimated that in 2022 alone, the sales of retail eCommerce business are expected to pass the value of $432 billion. This is a multifold increase from $148 billion in 2018. The top countries which are contributing to this trend are the USA, China, and India. Furthermore, as per the forecasts made by Mordor Intelligence, mobile payments are set to cross the mark of a CAGR of 24.5% between 2021 to 2026.

Advantages of mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is tremendously shaping our shopping behaviour and has made it more convenient for us to process payments. With the comfort of a mobile transaction, users can now easily access the product details and can plan their purchases. Mobile commerce offers an easy, quick and reliable means of fulfilling the needs of a consumer. It is for these reasons that they are highly becoming popular. With the rising penetration of the internet and smartphone devices in the other developing countries of the world, this trend will keep up the momentum and is bound to rise in upcoming years.

Mobile commerce is being used for various reasons, from finding out about locations, finding products and websites, and placing an order. The most popular way that people use mobile commerce is for product discovery.

Discussed below are a few of the advantages of mobile commerce. Having a look over them will help you determine how mobile commerce is the future of the online e-commerce marketplace?

1. Shopping Conduct on Mobile Devices

Shopping on a mobile device is different from shopping with a computer. Most people think that they are the only one who shops on their mobile device, but by 2013, more than half of online sales will be from mobile devices. It is predicted to double by 2015.

Mobile commerce makes it easy for customers to use their phones for on-the-go shopping. Even if you are in your house, you can take advantage of this innovative technology that allows you to shop wherever and whenever.

2. Buying Conduct

Purchasing has changed from a static process to action. With mobile commerce, people can’t just walk into a store and get what they need. They must first discover items that are perfect for them. It is the primary reason why consumers turn to mobile devices for shopping.

When purchasing products on a mobile device, customers don’t know exactly how much they will spend until they take their purchase home and examine it. Online retailers need to identify the products that will sell the most and make them available on their websites.

3. Brand Preference

Whether people want to admit it or not, they will usually choose the brand based on their trust in it, which comes from previous purchases. Some customers think that shopping on their phones is a waste of time, but are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?

As mobile commerce becomes more prevalent and easier to use, people will shop for the brands they see and trust. If a company wants sales now, it should encourage customers to find and purchase what they need.

4. Client Experience and Usefulness

People are interested in mobile commerce because they can get products anytime and anywhere. A lot of the products that we purchase each day, such as groceries or clothes, are not found in stores. With mobile commerce, people can get these items whenever they want them.

Mobile commerce gives consumers more control over their purchases because these technologies make it easy to access their data wherever and whenever they want it. It allows them to access information stored in the cloud, giving them more control over how and when they buy.

5. Unwavering Quality

The reliability of a product can be determined by how well the technology works. Mobile commerce is becoming more dependable and efficient because of this new technology. People want to purchase what they need anytime, anywhere, and don’t want to worry about whether or not their credit card information transfers correctly or if their phone will work when they leave work.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it is. If a customer has a problem with their phone, they will return to their home computer, where they won’t be able to use mobile commerce. The technology is so dependable that cell phone providers give users the option to use their phones as credit cards when using mobile commerce.

6. Protection and Quick Delivery

Mobile commerce is a necessity for many consumers because they want to be able to purchase products with the speed and convenience of their mobile devices. Mobile commerce allows customers to order products at the push of a button, which can hugely affect sales.

Most consumers don’t have time to wait in lines, so mobile commerce allows them to avoid waiting in line and get the products faster. It saves them time and, in turn, saves them money.

7. Trust and Confirmation

Confidence is important when purchasing a product on a mobile device because there is no way to examine the product. People want to know if they can trust a company and the products they are getting. Research has found that most people who shop on their mobile devices do not trust businesses that they have never heard of.

Final Words

Companies need to understand that mobile commerce will change the way people shop. Whether it is to purchase things or find out about the available products, people will always have their phones. It is also important for businesses to understand that they need to provide a website where customers can easily use mobile commerce to get maximum sales.

Staying updated with the latest e-commerce features and benefits is thus important if you want to run your e-commerce store successfully on the internet.

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