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The digital world has undergone a dramatic shift in the recent decade. People increasingly use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets instead of traditional desktop and laptop computers to do web searches and engage with online content.

Instead, they’re picking up their smartphones and tablets and using them instead of their computers. Since digital technology is now more affordable than ever before, there are no limits on how, when, and when individuals can engage with the material.

Content marketing has evolved as a result of this. Video marketing and other cutting-edge content make it easier to keep up with the shifting marketplace. 

Video marketing support is one of the few forms of online content that today’s consumers require in terms of value, relevance, and adaptability while also meeting their desire for an always-on lifestyle. Everything you need to know about video marketing and why it’s being touted as the future of content is here.

Start Using Video Marketing for These 5 Reasons:

It’s no secret that video marketing is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand marketing forms. The top five Importance of video marketing include:

1. Brand recall is aided by video content.

According to HubSpot, more than 80% of customers recall a video they’ve seen in the recent month. As a visual and auditory medium, video marketing has a distinct advantage over written content in user retention. You’ll see an increase in sales and new leads as clients recall your video marketing campaigns. As a bonus, customers are more likely to share exciting movies.

Make sure your films are by your brand strategy to make them as memorable as possible. When it comes to your video marketing, this means retaining the same colours, fonts, logos, and voice that you use in your blogs and articles. The style and format of your brand’s web films should be identifiable even if they accomplish things that text content cannot.

2. Video marketing can improve your website’s SEO.

After watching a branded video, 65 percent of corporate decision-makers go to a marketer’s website. To optimise your website’s SEO, it’s apparent that high-quality and relevant video marketing material can significantly increase traffic to your homepage. Video can boost your sales as a bonus: If a company has a branded video, 39 percent of business decision-makers are more likely to contact a vendor.

video marketing can improve your website’s SEO value and increase your click-through rates by including videos on your landing pages, website, and content offers.

3. Video content is universally accessible.

Responsive design is a significant force in digital marketing right now. Content that doesn’t work effectively on a particular device or browser system hurts a company’s ability to attract customers and convert them. Fortunately, video material can be seen on various devices, from desktops to smartphones. These changes make the video more accessible and user-friendly, and consumer-focused.

4. Video marketing is a great way to enhance your company’s image.

You have the perfect opportunity to strengthen your brand’s message and drive home your company’s persona when you employ online video in your digital marketing strategy. Video marketing is the ideal tool for enhancing your brand’s identity and ensuring that your customers know who you are. It can do this through simple aspects like design and branding and more advanced ones like voice and content.

5. A video’s primary goal is to get widely shared on the Internet.

92% of mobile video viewers, according to some estimates, pass along the videos they watch to friends and family. This is a significant component, and it outpaces many other sorts of content in terms of usage. According to Simply Measured, video is shared 1,200% more than text and links combined. According to Diode Digital, 60 percent of viewers will interact with a video post before a text one. A brand that wants to reach a bigger audience or increase its internet presence might use the video material.

With video content loaded with information, readily available, and designed for interaction, brands may build a significant online following and improve client memory using it. Headspace, a meditation app that has grown to be a $250 million corporation, is an excellent example of a firm that has done this effectively. 

Gamification promotes user interest in the app’s several stages of meditation. Before progressing, users must finish and master each meditation level. The majority of the sessions are recorded in video format, and the designs and layouts are consistent with the brand. Elegant, logical, and entertaining, with a heavy emphasis on video.

One of the most recent additions to your marketing toolset is video advertising. 

Here are the top eight reasons to start using video marketing immediately.

1. Video Increases Sales and Conversions

You can make a lot of money with videos. You may boost your sales by 80% if you include product videos on your landing page. The use of video can facilitate sales. 74 percent of people who saw an explainer film about a product or service went on to buy it, according to research findings.

2. A strong return on investment may be seen in the video footage shown here.

A whopping 83% of companies agree that video has a positive return on investment, so be ready to get hyped. It may not be the most straightforward or cheapest task, but video production pays off. Because of this, internet video editing tools are constantly improving and getting more affordable. It’s also worth noting that you can already shoot decent videos using your smartphone.

3. In order to build trust, you can use video to do so effectively.

The foundation of sales and conversions is trust. It’s essential to create trust, but that’s not the only purpose. 

The use of promotional videos to build trust is another option. Some customers are still wary of making purchases via the Internet because they are concerned about being scammed. On the other hand, compelling marketing videos use a conversational tone to show your items.

4. Google is a video-loving company.

Make sure your YouTube videos are SEO-optimised. Titles and descriptions that grab the reader’s attention are essential. Your website, products, and services should be linked. Clearly show prospective clients what they need to do next. And don’t forget to try out interactive films, which can help you get people to take action even further.

5. Mobile users are more likely to watch videos than text.

They complement each other. 90% of users use their mobile devices to watch videos. Mobile video consumption, according to YouTube, is growing at a 100 percent annual rate. More and more individuals are using smartphones to watch videos, which means that your video audience is increasing larger.

6. Everything Can Be Told Through Video Marketing.

Please tell us about your company’s newest venture. Make a video to demonstrate the concept. Almost all users have watched an explainer film to understand more about a product or service. Why do 45% of companies that employ video marketing have an explainer on their main page? 83 percent of those businesses said that their homepage video was compelling.

Are you trying to convey a complex idea? Animate your video clips. Text and live video can’t bring concepts to life as animation can. Aside from that, monotonous monologues are no longer sufficient to cut through the congestion. Fun, nostalgia, and simplicity are all wrapped in animated videos. Furthermore, they are effective.

7. Making Use of Video Can Engage Even the Most Disinterested Customers

Video is an excellent teaching tool because it’s so simple to watch. Product descriptions and service descriptions can take up too much time in today’s fast-paced world. These days, customers expect video demonstrations of products they are considering purchasing. One of the most important reasons to incorporate video into your content marketing strategy is that people love watching videos.

Video marketing has the potential to reach an extensive range of potential customers and does it in a variety of ways—even the most sluggish people. Don’t just focus on the eyes, but also on the hearing of your potential customer. Double the potency of your competitive advantage!

8. Video Boosts Social Media Sharing.

Video content was used by 60 percent of social marketers in 2015, and 73 percent of the total respondents expected to use it in 2016, according to the 8th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report. They certainly did.

With the introduction of new capabilities on social media, video content is encouraged. 60-Second Videos & Instagram Stories were implemented by Instagram, whereas Twitter introduced Periscope. And then there’s YouTube, which is the second most popular social media platform in the world.

It’s also important to remember that people communicate feelings rather than facts on social media. 76% of people say they’d recommend a funny branded video to their friends.

9. Using Video Marketing to Its Fullest Potential

Incorporate video into your marketing operations, or learn how to create beautiful videos if you’re interested in digital marketing professions. Is it possible to make a video that is both entertaining and optimised? The following are some pointers to consider.

Use captions for auto play if possible, and keep the video silent if it is being used on a landing page to provide the best possible engagement and accessibility. If they don’t scare away viewers, videos on landing pages will be compelling. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that your video is optimised for mobile devices.

Good SEO practices and traditional metrics audits are essential if you want to know how well your videos are performing. With the help of YouTube, you may build a library of videos that you can use in your blogs and emails. Consider including a minor annotation at the end of your YouTube videos that encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel.


Adverts in videos are becoming increasingly inexpensive. Video use is on the rise, in part, due to technological advancements but also because it’s so easy to disseminate. Creating compelling promotional movies for your company demands both originality and a thorough understanding of human behaviour. In just a few days, millions of people on the Internet can see a video commercial that is emotionally charged and innovative.

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