How Could Schools Benefit From Mobile Apps in 2023?

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Mobile apps have important benefits for schools as they help in making education a more convenient pursuit. The world of education has seen important development in recent times. Especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trends and practices in the education sector have greatly evolved.

The past two years have seen immense growth in the e-learning sector, with the market size of the industry rising a 14.6% CAGR in 2021 ( Furthermore, the industry is expected to touch the $374.3 billion mark by 2026. A lot of technology companies are now offering e-learning services, making it imperative for educational institutions like schools to take urgent steps in catering to the digital requirements of learners.

Mobile apps in this respect present schools and other educational institutions an important opportunity to take the first initial steps to become a part of the changing phenomenon in the education sector. The major advantage of mobile apps is that they do not require the learners to make any major kind of expenditures. Mobile apps can be simply installed on any smartphone and does not require any kind of meticulous setup on the part of the users.

In this manner, mobile apps make learning and education very feasible and accessible. The other significant advantage of schools developing their mobile app is that it can foster greater engagement and participation from the learners.

The following reading talks about the need for schools to have their mobile apps along with the advantages of having them.

Benefits of having a mobile app for school

1. Mobile opens the scope for educational institutions to adopt new learning methods

Mobile apps provide teachers with new and innovative ways of offering instructions. Mobile apps come with a range of exciting features. Their use can help the learners to make the best use of multimedia features like audio and video. This provides for a better form of communication between the students and the teachers. Not just this, with the use of mobile apps students, can have access to features like quizzes and games, which makes learning a fun exercise.

 2. Mobile apps provide 24/7 access to content

Mobile apps are readily accessible to learners. They can be used by learners anytime and anywhere. In addition to this, mobile applications are loaded with fully functional features like storing recorded lectures and classroom sessions. Furthermore, the major advantage of having mobile apps is that the learners can have instant access to learning materials like ebooks. This provides the students with the flexibility to have instant access to learning materials as and when required.

3. Mobile apps help in saving the costs of schools in a big way

Mobile apps help in saving the expensive costs and expenditures on the various activities and processes. Take, for example, the case of a formal notice that a school publishes to give updates to the students on important events. 

The cost of paper involved in printing a simple piece of information can be mitigated with a simple push notification feature of a mobile app for giving the users their update. Thus in this manner, mobile apps help the schools to digitise their lot of services with which they can save their costs.

4. Mobile apps help in providing flexibility to users for miscellaneous functions

Mobile applications provide users with a great deal of help to perform their varying nature of miscellaneous functions, which otherwise are very complex. With a dedicated mobile app for school, parents can submit their child’s fees online. Likewise, teachers can maintain the attendance record of their students with the help of the mobile app.

A mobile app for school can hence solve a range of important requirements of the users. In this manner, both the students and the learners can have the flexibility of performing various tasks in a convenient manner.

5. Mobile apps make remote learning possible

One of the major advantages of making use of mobile apps is that it helps in making remote learning possible. This is especially a relevant case in the times when we have observed schools shifting to online modes of teaching due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

Thus in recent times, we have observed schools shifting to an online mode of teaching with the support of third-party mobile applications. Third-party solutions are, however, not a long-term solution for schools. Schools must eventually start thinking of making their mobile app if not already. This will help the schools to offer their classes and learning programs in the blended – online cum offline mode. Mobile apps hence open up the possibility for teachers and schools to widen their scope of offerings by holding remote classes in an uninterrupted manner.

6. Mobile apps help in improving the performance of students and learners

Mobile apps play an instrumental role in improving the performance of the learners and the students by providing them value added experiences with their learning process. Mobile apps provide an interactive learning experience to the students. They help the students to cover the important gaps in their learning process. Unlike the traditional classroom practices, mobile apps offer the students the opportunity to engage in the online learning experience, which is dynamic and vibrant.

The scope of learning in the typical classroom is confined around four walls. However, with the apps, the learners have the flexibility to offer practical learnings to students by interacting with them in a better manner. This hence makes the highly complex learning process much easier and more comprehensible.

7. Mobile apps make it easier for the teachers to remain focused

The major advantage of having a mobile app for the school is that it helps the teachers to pay equal attention to all the students. Furthermore, the teachers in the online learning mode through mobile apps can focus much better on their teaching than compared to offline teaching methodology. Typically the case with the classrooms is entirely different. 

Teachers and learners in the offline mode can become easily distracted with any nature of the interruption. With the mobile app, on the other hand, a teacher can pay equal focus to all their students and focus on providing quality education services. In addition to this, mobile apps empower the teachers to have full control of the classroom in the virtual mode. Teachers in this manner can achieve better learning outcomes by improving the quality of their classes. 

8. Mobile applications help in driving clarity and transparency

Mobile applications play a major role in overcoming the challenges of transparency by offering a platform for the students and learners to interact mutually. Mobile apps automate all the necessary processes and keep track of data and information. The functionalities of the mobile apps help in clearing the scope of confusion by clearly defining the scope of work and activities.

Mobile apps communicate with the users precisely and present the users with accurate information. Furthermore, they provide the users with a channel of communication in which they can interact and communicate with each other without any hindrance.

Final words

Mobile apps provide the schools with an important opportunity in making use of technology to improve their teaching process and methodology. They help the schools in finding a unique solution to adapt to the fast paced changes in the world. Mobile apps can play an instrumental role in combining the advantages of both online as well as offline learning methods. 

Mobile apps for schools have become increasingly important with the changing expectations of the learners in the new tech age. Also important is to consider that the traditional patterns and methods of teaching are no longer a valuable option to the modern age learners who need dynamic learning solutions for their modern day needs. Having a mobile app for schools thus has its own set of advantages, and the schools must start adopting it sooner than later. 

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