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UX or short for User Experience is a multidisciplinary field that is changing constantly at a rapid rate and requires a high skill set. According to Forbes, intentional user experience can increase your conversion rates by as much as 400%. It shapes the products used on a daily basis which leaves a lot of room for upgrade with the introduction of new products and services in the e-commerce world!

It therefore holds a lot of significance for any e-commerce store and if you have not given it a thought yet, you need to do it now. This article will give you an insight on what UX is and why it is important for your online store.

What Is UX?

UX or User Experience refers to the interaction of the consumers with a business’s products or services. On this note, a UXD or User Experience Design refers to the process of designing the mentioned products and/or services to facilitate usability and efficiency to users every time they interact with them.

Here’s some useful information: ClickZ has revealed that about 420 million users globally use ad blockers and ads are the primary cited reasons for a poor user experience.

User Experience design takes into consideration all the elements that are a part of this experience, how these elements make the users feel and how easy these products and services to use to achieve a goal. The products and services are not restricted to the electronic platforms though. They may be physical as well as digital. The user experience design aims to create relevant, easy and efficient experience for the customers of a business.

A common error that people often commit is using UI and UX simultaneously. While both are concerned with a user, they are entirely different concepts. So what is UI?

UI is short for User Interface and refers to the actual interface created for a product or service. Simply, it is the design that a person navigates and explores when the user is browsing on a business’s website and clicking on different links or going through the business’s mobile app. Impact has revealed that a bad mobile experience can be responsible for driving away about 52% of users.

On this note, a User Interface Design is concerned with the visual details of the interface of any product and takes into consideration elements like colour palettes, typography, animation, buttons and scrollbars, and much more.

User Interface and User Experience are not the same but are related in ways. The simplest explanation of this is that your product’s UI is going to have an immense amount of influence on the overall UX. Toptal reports have claimed that first impressions are related to a site’s design as much as 94% of the time.

Here’s Why UX Is Important For Your Online Store

With innumerable novel products and services getting launched in the market simultaneously with the constant and high-speed growth in the e-commerce stores, User Experience becomes a pressing area of attention. For any product or service that you wish to sell online, you are going to be faced with competitors.

Even if your product is extremely unique and never heard of before, there is likely to be competition. It may not be as high as the other more common products and services, but nonetheless, it is there. In such a case, you cannot simply rely on your products to help you reach the top tier. Creating a pleasant and convenient user experience for your potential leads and already existing customers is an absolutely essential process in business development.

According to Weidert Group, as much as 91% of B2B buyers look for a seamless user experience when navigating through websites.

Good UX ensures that your customers are at ease when interacting with your online store as they navigate through your products, find the desired product and buy it through your website. The UX can impact the impression they have of your business and the future engagement they have with your business. A convenient and positive UX can influence their future purchases and they may buy more frequently from your business, thus increasing your customer return rate.

To make sure that your customers are happy with their buying experience, you must pay attention to the UI. It is amongst the primary aspects comprising all the details that are going to shape your user experience. It is therefore recommended that you make good investments in your UI and in turn the UX as it can yield high ROI. App Institute has revealed that 90% of users who stop using a particular app do it due to the poor performance of the app.

Another important aspect while working on your UX design is the safety on your platform. If the users do not feel safe using your platform no matter how seamless and interesting it is, they are highly likely to abandon it. Therefore, creating a safe website where users do not hesitate to share their personal and other transactional information should be one of your top priorities.

Reports published by DesignAdvisor revealed that 46% of consumers will abandon a website if they are not able to figure out what the company does.

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A good user experience can help you increase the order value of your products and services as customers can now discover new products on your website and at the same time find the products that they are looking for much faster. To improve and come up with an ideal user experience design, you need to understand the behaviours and the expectations of your target audience and then you can accordingly optimise your online store.

Tips To Improve Your Online Store’s UX

Here are some tips that you can utilise to improve the user experience for your customers:-

  • Include personalised product recommendations that can guide your customers to the right product or into discovering new products.
  • Keep your website’s structure easy to navigate and organised in a symmetrical manner.
  • Take customer feedback and ask for suggestions for improving your services. Inside Design has revealed that ESPN registered a 35% increase in their revenue after redesigning their homepage.
  • According to Baymard, the average cart abandonment rate is approximately 70%. So, instead of just giving the “save to cart” option, create a “save to wishlist” option.
  • Create a multichannel and unified experience for your customers.
  • Provide social proof through customer testimonials and statistical data.
  • Create product and service transparency and also focus on creating transparency for your business to gain your customers’ trust and confidence.
  • Re-engage and provide special offers and discounts to your loyal and special customers as a means of awarding their commitment to your business.
  • Your transaction and purchase process should be easy and with limited steps to ensure ease and effortless purchasing.
  • Provide all details about a particular product or service and also include FAQs. KoMarketing reports claim that after landing on a homepage, 86% of users want to get access to information about the concerned product or service while 62% of users are looking forward to contact information.
  • Come up with creative error pages as they can decrease the negative impact on the mood of your customers in case of any glitch.
  • Write short paragraphs on your store’s blogs and create value-adding content.
  • Make sure that your platform loads quickly and there is no issue in the navigation speed on your online store. CDNify reports have revealed that 52% of online shoppers admit that they are more loyal to an online store if the pages load quickly.
  • Use Call to Actions as they encourage the user to take the next step and yield positive results. According to Uxeria, more than 70% of small business websites do not have call to action buttons on them.

We hope this article was helpful in understanding what UX is and how it is important for your business’s website. Good UX can contribute to the growth of your business and an increase in your engagement and revenue rate immensely and so you must always aim for the best UX for your customers. UserTesting has revealed that Walmart Canada managed to get a 23% increase on their on-site revenue by tailoring the customer experience. Follow the tips we have provided to improve your UX designs and get closer towards achieving your business goals! 

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