Here’s How You Can Make Your Black Friday Shopping More Sustainable In 2021!

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The day marking excessive sales and price drops is here, and sellers and buyers are gearing up for Black Friday 2021 with total energy! 

Some buyers are really hopeful that the occasion might extend into Cyber Monday. Because why not?

But while you are writing down your shopping lists and planning what to do this Friday, do not forget to be sustainable in your approach. 

Read below to find out how Black Friday started and how you can make your shopping more sustainable this year. 

How Did Black Friday Come Into Existence?

Going back in time, “Black Friday” as a term was first used in 1869. On September 24 of the year, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk increased the prices of gold so high that there was literally a crash! And the day was – Friday! 

The impact was so severe that the stock market came to a standstill and all kinds of foreign trade came to a halt. The farmers suffered the major brunt as the corn, and wheat harvest value dipped as much as 50%. 

Skip a few years into the future, in 1950, the term was used by the Philadelphia police officers to refer to the day between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy game. This was because countless people had visited the city that Friday and the police were occupied for hours trying to control the traffic and the crowd. 

Several merchants in the city tried their best to change the name to “Big Friday,” but there was no result. The marketers in the 1980’s then adopted the term to denote and describe their sales in the festive season. 

Next, the United Kingdom adopted the concept of Black Friday in 2013. The day is now celebrated in several parts of the world but not all. Yet the craze is undying and is taking the untouched places at a rapid speed! 

Tips To Make Black Friday Shopping More Sustainable 

Not many people might focus on this fact, but in truth, the concept of Black Friday is truly representative of the overconsumption culture prevalent nowadays. It is therefore essential to make sure that the shopping behaviour is positive and sustainable in as many ways as possible:- 

1. Make A List And Follow It! 

Sellers and marketers love occasions like Black Friday because it is the perfect time to make profits. And while it is an excellent opportunity to buy things that you otherwise might not invest in, getting distracted is really easy too! This is when you are likely to engage in impulse buying, which might not be the best-case scenario. 

You might not realize it at the moment, but it does have the potential to have negative impacts. The most obvious is disturbing your budget while overspending. So make sure you make a list of what you need and want and buy accordingly. 

2. Choose Brands With High Ethical Standards

A brand with high ethical standards is considerate towards its employees and the environment, and society. And every now and then, there is news about unethical and exploitative brands. 

You may not get a deal as good in an ethical brand as the others, but the right thing to do is to go with a brand that cares in an absolute sense. Brands that hurt the sentiments and have in any way violated or stood up against any Human Rights issues should be a big NO! 

Brands with high ethical standards are truthful and transparent in giving out information about their products and services. You can also conclude based on their treatment and the satisfaction and happiness levels of its employees. 

3. Buy Eco-Friendly Products 

While this may not be possible for all items and products on your list, go for eco-friendly items wherever you can. You can also do a little eco-friendly Christmas shopping. 

People are appreciative of thoughtful gifts that do good to the environment as well. Also, buy products that you can put to use plenty of times without generating wastes. This will help you save some extra dimes! 

Or you can also buy related products to help you keep the desired item sustainable. For example, if you are interested in cooking or simply eating desserts, you can purchase reusable cake and dessert silicon molds.

4. Give Second Hand A Shot! 

Another product type that is becoming hugely popular is the second-hand products category. If it is suitable and causes no severe damage, go for second-hand items. It does not cost less and saves up resources and costs of raw materials and labor for creating an entirely fresh piece of the same product. 

A great example that never goes out of trend is BOOKS! If you love to upgrade your library and be invested in paperbacks and hard-covers, try buying some second-hand books this time. And this applied to other products as well. 

5. Support Your Local And Small Businesses

The big shots will give you the best discounts because in truth they can afford to. Now we aren’t saying that you do not buy from well-established big brands at all. Participating in their sales spree has its own benefits.

But make sure you support your local and small businesses by buying from them. This is the best time for them to make real profits and create a secure spot for the future of their business. 

This goes out for all types of services and products. You wouldn’t just be doing the owners some good but might land upon really worth-it deals and items if you are lucky! 

So when you head out tomorrow for the shopping of the year, do not forget to put in your efforts to make it more viable. Enjoy the Black Friday sales and bargain but remember to take steps that make your future and the future of the ones that depend on you a teeny bit better by being more sustainable and worthwhile. 

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