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One of the major objectives of any business is to generate leads. More leads mean more business, which means more revenue and thus, success of the business.

While there are several ways of generating more leads, an interesting way is through content marketing, more specifically, through blogging. Statistical reports have proven that blogging has helped several businesses generate more leads than they did before they started a blog on their online platform.

DemandMetric has revealed that companies with active blogs generate 67% more leads monthly as compared to companies that do not have an active blog.

While there is enough proof of blogging being beneficial for lead generation, one important question that presents itself before us is – how do websites with blogs generate more leads?

And we have the answers for you! There are several tricks and strategies that bloggers and marketers implement when writing their blogs that give them better leads. We have enumerated some such strategies that you can utilise as well when writing blogs for your website to generate more leads.

How do Blogs Help in Lead Generation?

Bloggers do not do anything out of their way or something tricky when using their blogs to generate leads.

They simply write their blogs in such a way that the potential audience visiting the blog is motivated to go through the website and then some of these visitors convert into leads after successful purchase of a product or service from the business.

Simply having a lot of readers or visitors on your blog does not mean all of them will turn into leads. However, to do this bloggers write their blogs using certain strategies such as including CTAs, creating helpful content, creating contests and giveaways, using lead magnets, and more.

A report by HubSpot has revealed that 55% of marketers consider blogging among their top priorities. We have elaborated upon 7 such tricks below that you can use these for your blogging website. Expert bloggers have been using it to generate more leads for their business and it surely has paid them well!

7 Ways in which You can Generate Leads through Blogging

7 Ways in which You can Generate Leads through Blogging-Blogs Generate More Leads

Here’s a list of 7 tactics and strategies you can implement in your blogs for generating more leads and increasing the success rate of your website’s blogs and in turn your business:-

1.    Installing Useful Lead Magnets

One of the most popular ways of increasing your leads is by using lead magnets on your blogs. Don’t know what lead magnets are? Lead magnets are pieces of resources, services, and content that are used by businesses to gather contact details of the visitors on the website. Some examples of lead magnets are e-newsletters, samples, free consultations, and trial subscriptions.

You can create such resources for your audience as well, and gather emails in turn for allowing access to these resources. These contact details are used extensively in sales leads. When you are creating lead magnets, make sure that you pick up the issues that are currently trending among your audience or as you can call it the pain points of your audience. These lead magnets can help you improve your lead generation efforts immensely.

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2.    Sharing Blogs On Business’ Social Media

One of the most effective strategies that you can implement for lead generation is sharing your blog posts on your company’s social media pages. Social media marketing is on the rise and almost all companies are on one or the other social media platform.

The majority of them are using multiple social media platforms for their marketing purposes. Another report by HubSpot has revealed that in a survey conducted globally, about 43% of people admitted to skimming through blog posts.

Not just on the business’s social media pages, you can also get your company’s employees and colleagues to post it on their accounts as company updates. Not only will it get you more audience for your blog, it will also give you a global audience and get you potential leads from places and groups, you were not able to reach otherwise.

However, you need to make your blog and the content truly engaging and captivating because innumerable companies are using this trick. Use attractive click-bait pictures, memes and videos to attract visitors to your blogs.

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3.    Using Actionable Keywords

The articles you write are based on certain topics, questions, and keywords. Keywords play an important part in search engine results, so don’t be too picky and choosy with them.

Make sure you include the right keywords in your blog and use them wisely and in the right places. While you should not be too narrow with them, you should also not flood your readers with keywords! Find the right balance. Reports published by Ahrefs have revealed that as many as 13.53% of keywords that have about ten searches monthly are made up of only one or two words.

Remember to use actionable keywords that have a positive impact on your readers. Do research before sitting down to finally write your blog to make sure the keywords you are using can help you target as many people as possible.

Also do not simply focus on lead generation when selecting the right keywords because that does not happen immediately. Aim to create brand awareness and get as many visitors you can on your website and your leads will eventually grow.


4.    Blogs With Call To Actions

One of the most useful elements that you can add to your blog for generating leads is a CTA (Call to Action) button.

Whether you include just one CTA or 4 CTAs, just make sure you do add a CTA button on your blog as it can really help you boost your leads. CTAs are action-oriented and act as visual persuaders for the visitors to go further into your business and well-used and well-placed CTAs can be pretty useful. Now you might wonder what a CTA is going to do in a blog. Blogs are for reading right?

Well, yes, technically blogs are for reading, but think about it. A person who is reading a blog on your website is already on your platform and is clearly interested in knowing what you have to offer. All you have to do is give them easy options to know, explore and do more and a CTA does exactly that for you.

A statistical report published on Linked revealed that personalised CTAs are responsible for as many as 42% more lead conversions as compared to CTAs that are untargeted. You can add CTAs like ‘download’, ‘sign-up’, ‘install’, ‘buy now’, ‘subscribe’ and many more. You can add the CTAs at the top of the page, within the content, as a popup, at the bottom of the content, in a sidebar, and more.

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5.    Quora Marketing

Quora is a platform where people are genuinely looking for answers for their queries and by answering their questions; you can generate more leads for your business.

While some bloggers say that it seems like a complicated procedure and they are not sure about its results, Quora does actually work and you can open plenty of opportunities for your business with that. A report published by Foundation has revealed that Quora has as many as 300 million active users per month and 27% of marketers have plans for investing in Quora advertisements.

And no – it really isn’t as complicated as it seems. All you need is an active account on the platform and you are good to go! Look for questions related to your industry and to products and services you are offering.

Further, write their answers as a blog post. Once you have posted your blog, simply add the link of the post as an answer to the questions. If you are able to solve problems or give further information through your blogs, you can considerably increase the visitors on your website, and you never know, some of them might just end up being your customers!

6.    Hosting Contests, Surveys, and Giveaways

Another useful trick is conducting online contests, surveys and giveaways on your blog. You can host contests and surveys through giveaways. Get your visitors to participate in some interesting contests and surveys. Now, don’t go all crazy on them, okay? Keep these surveys and contests fun instead of making them too serious or ones where your audience would need to have a lot of knowledge or information.

Your audience will not engage in such contests. However, fun contests and surveys on popular trends from your industries and ones related to reviews, with some exciting giveaways and prizes are definitely going to give you more engagement and in turn some leads as well.

A report published by Outgrow has claimed that contests have the highest conversion rates as compared to other content types with a total of 34%. Furthermore, the data gathered from these surveys can help you plan your upcoming content and other marketing strategies and get more leads, so it is a win-win situation for you!


7.    Creating Helpful and Value-Adding Content

Writing content that adds value and is helpful for your readers, you have a good chance at generating leads through your blog. To do this, you need to start thinking like your customers and identify their interests and needs.

Formulate your content in such a way that it solves their queries and answers some popular and pressing questions related to your business’s niche. According to a report released by Content Marketing Institute, about 89% of content marketers claim to primarily use blogs in their content marketing strategy.

The more useful your content is, the more your audience will read it and appreciate it. Write on topics that are directly in line with your industry and instead of just writing on anything and everything related to the industry, shift your focus to problem solving.

Create content about your products and services and structure it in such a way that your audience understands how it can help them and why they should buy it, and you just might convert some of your readers into permanent leads!



We hope this article was helpful for you in understanding how blogs can contribute to lead generation and how websites with blogs can help increase your sales and revenue. Lead generation can be a tricky task and while some strategies and practices may work and some others may not, blogging has given positive results with regard to lead generation.

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