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As a business owner, if you are not using Twitter marketing, you are probably losing out on plenty of potential opportunities. Twitter is among the most frequented social media platforms and is never dull at any given time. Twitter is the place to get the latest news about practically anything and is a powerful platform that can keep you updated even before your morning newspaper read!

It is this up-beat quality of Twitter that can truly help businesses build brand awareness in considerably less time as compared to other platforms and help you align your efforts to boost your business. Read below to learn about how Twitter marketing can work for your business!

Twitter Marketing Tips And Tactics To Help Your Business

Here are some essential Twitter marketing tips and tactics that are useful for businesses and can yield profitable results:-

1. Consumer-Oriented Content Is The Key

Tweets have a limit of 280 characters. So whatever content you decide to post, you have to be extra cautious that it grabs the attention of your audience. Your tweets should focus on your brand but in such a way that the consumer is at the apex.

Creating consumer-oriented content means your content should add value and help your followers in some way. Furthermore, it also means that you need to use elements that can help increase audience engagement such as Infographics, videos, images, and other multimedia that can attract your audience.

2. Fresh And Unique Posts Go A Long Way

No matter how many times we mention this tactic, it would never be enough. That is because unique and fresh posts are of utmost importance and can help you move forward in the competitor game for long. If you give your followers content they have already seen on other pages or platforms then they would rather stay on those platforms and not come back to your profile.

Remember that while it is important to build up a clear social media strategy and plan, it is equally important to come up with a unique marketing plan for each channel/platform according to their individual characteristics.

3. Tweet On A Regular Basis

Another important tactic is to be regular with your tweets and activity on Twitter. Tweeting for three days in a row and then not tweeting for a week shows informal and inconsistency on the part of business and may leave a displeasing impression with your followers. You need to therefore come up with a plan to regularly tweet.

Research has revealed that tweeting at least twice a day can benefit your business in lead generation. Keep an eye on what’s happening and what is trending and create your tweets around this to stay in the loop. And if at any given day, you are left with nothing to tweet, search for relevant and trending tweets and retweet them!

4. Analyze, Evaluate And Improvise

Constantly analyse your Twitter strategies and evaluate the results of implementing these. If your strategies are not giving the desired results, it is time to change them. However, if you are able to get positive outcomes, it does not mean that you do not work on your Twitter tactics.

Twitter is one such platform that has a flow of fast-paced and constantly changing content and to ensure that you are able to match with the ongoing course; you need to constantly improve your strategies. Also analyse and evaluate your competitors’ profiles and try to understand what they are doing that might give them better results. If it is an idea you can implement, work upon incorporating it in your own unique way.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

One of the most recognisable features or elements of Twitter is hashtags. Using relevant hashtags is of utmost importance and we cannot stress upon it enough! Hashtags are simply searchable words or phrases that have the potential to group several tweets together. Hashtags help you increase your posts’ visibility to audiences beyond your followers.

Using relevant hashtags can also help you increase your conversions and sales. Another way you can use hashtags is by creating your own hashtags for promoting any events or webinars your brand is holding. This can help you connect several people together and increase your brand’s presence on the platform as well.

6. Conversations Can Kindle Connections

When the world experienced a collective outage of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter seized the opportunity in bringing the world together successfully. Twitter’s tweet “Hello literally everyone” got not only normal users going crazy with memes and creative comeback but also got responses from big brands across nations! You need to do exactly this! Spend time on your profile and be on the lookout for any opportunity to start conversations in your industry and niche.

Participate in live tweets and chats and post engaging tweets! You can even start your own conversations if you have a huge follower base. Conversations have the potential to increase brand recognition and help you build valuable connections for the future. Creative replies and inputs can also help build an intelligent and witty image of your brand that can help you connect with valuable customers.

7. Use Twitter Ads For Promotion

While using Twitter for your business is free of cost, using advertisements to promote your goals might cost you a certain amount. However, it is a great tactic to and advertising through Twitter can help you bag genuinely interested followers and increase your presence and brand visibility.

Twitter offers several advertisement options for businesses. Three of these most sought after advertisement options are Promoted Trends, Promoted Tweets, and Promoted Accounts. Furthermore, there are some great marketing tools that are designed for Twitter that you can use to amplify your marketing efforts and boost your campaigns. The most popular tools include TweetDeck, Promoted Video and Twitter Amplify.

Some Important Twitter Marketing Statistics

  • According to research and reports by Hootsuite, there are 353 million active users on Twitter as of September 2021!
  • Statista has revealed that 96% of Twitter users go on the platform at least once each month.
  • Another report by Statista has revealed that 38.5% of Twitter users belong to the 25 to 34 age group.
  • According to Twitter Agency Playbook, 79% of Twitter users follow and engage with brands on the platform.
  • Pew Research Center has revealed that 71% of users get their news updates from Twitter.
  • Content Marketing Institute has revealed that 82% of B2B marketers across the world use Twitter for their marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Reports by Twitter for Business have claimed that as compared to other social media platforms, people spend 26% more time when it comes to viewing social media ads.
  • Twitter Agency Playbook claims that using Twitter Amplify can help in increasing brand awareness by as much as 68%.
  • Business of Apps has revealed that Twitter is banned in North Korea, Iran, and China.
  • Google has revealed that 80% of all the traffic on Twitter comes from smartphones and other mobile devices.

Twitter is a platform with great potential for connecting with new people and getting real-time results for your marketing efforts. A well-thought-out plan goes a long way and can help you be successful in your efforts. Here’s another piece of advice for you: Do not buy followers on Twitter! It may seem like a good choice for your brand’s reputation but won’t do you any good because they will not interact with your tweets and will barely add value to your content and efforts!

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