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With time mobile apps are becoming an integral part of our lives. Moreover, if you are running a business, then it is essential for you in today’s time to have a mobile app. Indeed in the last few years, we have seen a tremendous rise in mobile apps. 

The Android app launch has exceeded 100 thousand per month, and iOS is 30,000 per month. Moreover, companies or businesses are investing a good amount of money in getting the best mobile app, but still, there are so many apps that are getting failed. 

To get success in app development, you have to choose a language or framework with high performance. Flutter app development is a cross-platform UI toolkit that will help you to build strong and efficient mobile or desktop app for your business. In this blog, we are discussing the details of flutter app development, its benefits, and the top flutter apps in the market. This will help you get an idea of why to get the flutter app developed for your business. 

Earlier, you have to invest so much time in app development. Moreover, you have to learn skills if you want to do it on your own. But Flutter has changed the scenario. With this open-source platform, you can develop a highly efficient app for your business. 

What is the Flutter app? 

Flutter is an open-source platform made by Google to create mobile or desktop apps. Moreover, using this platform, you can create apps with a single code base which means you can run apps made by using this source on multiple platforms. Furthermore, this technology is a goldmine for those who require cross-platform apps. Moreover, this is not a library or framework. Rather it is a UI software development kit so that you can easily create an app based on your business and customer base. 

However, in the library, you will get a piece of code with the help of which you can create an app and perform certain functions. But a framework work as a structure for future app; moreover, you will get tools to create an app as per your requirement. 

Benefits of Flutter app development 

In the above section, we have seen what the flutter app is. In this blog section, we will see the benefits of Flutter app development

1. One solution for all platform 

App development is not an easy task. Moreover, you need in-depth knowledge. Furthermore, if you try another way, then you have to make two different apps for Android and iOS, but Flutter gives you an opportunity to make a single app for both platforms. This is why many businesses use this platform to save time. Furthermore, you will get so many tools to use that you can create an app that will be user-friendly. 

2. Faster to use

Making an app is not an easy task, but Flutter makes it easy with its features. Moreover, if there are any changes in the code, they will be immediately visible in the app. In Flutter, it will be termed a hot reload. This feature of this app helps you to immediately fix all the bugs, try the UI of the app and add features. 

3. High user experience 

While using this app, you will get a high user experience. As a developer, you don’t have to create any features as you will get so many readymade features in it. This platform makes your work easier. The widget technique of this app makes your development easier. You will get a huge collection of widgets to create the best user interface. Moreover, the widgets in the flutter app are organised in a tree which is why it is important to do planning if you are working on a large app. 

4. Made by Google 

One more reason to use this platform is that it is made by Google. As we all know, Google is not just a trusted company but a part of our daily lives. Moreover, the company itself uses this technology, and you will get all the technical support required for this app. Furthermore, if you will come across any bugs, Google will fix that immediately. 

5. Cost-effective 

This platform is cost-effective as it saves you so much money. It is cross-platform so that you don’t have to spend money on creating apps for different apps. If you use another platform, you have to make two apps, one for Android and the other for iOS. But this platform will save you money. 

Top flutter apps in the market 

1. Reflectly 

This app is made by using Flutter. Moreover, it is an AI-based app made for cognitive behaviour and meditation. Moreover, this app also helps users to cope day to day stress and stay positive. Furthermore, Flutter allows the development of high-performance apps with real-time notifications. 

2. Google Ads

You may have seen so many ads on Google. So many businesses use Google Ads for the ad of their business. Moreover, Google Ads is a mobile app of the web version. 

With this, you can run ad campaigns on Google and other social media platforms. This successful application was made by using Flutter. Moreover, there is a huge number of users of this app. The interface of this app is also very attractive. 

3. Postmuse 

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms. Moreover, with the rise of this platform, other apps also developed. With the help of the Postmuse app, you can find templates for posts and stories on Instagram. This app has also been made by Flutter. 

Moreover, it is successfully working, and it has a wide range of users. The user interface is also attractive. 


Try Flutter to create an amazing app for your business. Moreover, major businesses are using apps, and in today’s time, it is very essential. There are so many other platforms also, but Flutter makes your work easy. Moreover, this is cross-platform, which means you don’t have to create multiple apps for different platforms. 

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