Bounce Rate

ounce rate is like a score that tells you how many people leave a website after just looking at one page, without clicking on anything else. Think of it as checking out a website and then hitting the ‘back’ button or closing the tab without doing anything.

Imagine you walk into a library, pick up a book, look at the cover, and then put it back without reading any of its pages. That’s what bounce rate measures, but for websites.

If a lot of people leave the website quickly (which means the bounce rate is high), it might mean the website didn’t have what they were looking for or wasn’t interesting enough to make them stay.

But if not many people leave right away (a low bounce rate), it shows that visitors like the website and want to explore more of it. So, a lower bounce rate is better because it means people are finding the website helpful or enjoyable.

The industry standard for a good bounce rate is less than 50%. A website with higher bounce rate will mean that users are not engaging with it well. For this, marketers and developers come up with engaging strategies for their audience.